Card Chronos Delta. Clipping the root of the negative situations of the past

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Trim ballast variant lines, causing negative emotions and States.


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The main purpose of the Chronos delta card is to cut off ballast variant lines that cause negative emotions and states, leading to blocking the possibilities of change, expansion, gaining new experience and perception.

Some "side" effects:

  • Elimination of blocks (bodily and psycho-emotional), incl. chronic (a block is essentially a defensive reaction of both the physical body and the energy body to a traumatic experience that served as the beginning of the ballast version of the line).
  • Purification of the mental and subtle bodies (most of the parasitic internal dialogue is the repeated scrolling of the ballast variant lines and the situations accompanying it in subconscious attempts to “unwind” it. Such repeated repetition with the experience of situations leads to persistent formations in the subtle bodies corresponding to the initial impetus for the emergence of the ballast variant of the line ).
  • Changing attitudes towards people and the world around. Transforming negative reactions into positive ones.
  • Increasing energy levels, eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome (attention-grabbing past literally sucks energy from the present).
  • Expansion of the program area (cutting off ballast option lines expands the range of behavior, actions and reactions of the operator and makes it possible to switch to those option lines that were previously blocked).

Functionally and technically, the map is divided into two parts - detection and clipping.

The root of negative emotions and reactions, the inability to fully realize one's natural data, to reveal dormant opportunities, the root of all problems and failures lies in the past. The past is our experience. At the level of neurophysiology, human experience is stable synaptic connections between neurons - neural networks. The neural networks of the brain shape our perception of reality, help to navigate information flows, but they also make us "step on the same rake".

When choosing one or another variant line (and as a result, in thoughts and actions), we often rely not on the present, but on the past - on the burden of both positive and negative experience. During the day, we repeatedly return and scroll through the situations of the past, and, as you know, where attention goes, energy goes there. For example, sometime in the past, a person acted in a certain way and received an unpleasant experience (for example, negative emotions and states, such as fear, shame, excitement, insecurity ...). In a similar situation in the present, attention tends not to look for new paths each time, but to project the past onto our present, and on the basis of already existing experience, and not reality, the choice of a variant line takes place. For example, a timid and insecure boy in the past was afraid to talk to a beautiful classmate. Having become a seemingly successful, wealthy and self-confident man, in the present he begins to avoid communication with women of a certain type in order to avoid repeating the unpleasant experience.

This fixation on the past is due to the fact that repetitive situations form stable synaptic connections in the brain - neural networks. The more often our choice is based not on a conscious choice that forms new synaptic connections, but on the load of the past, the more stable neural networks become. The steady activity of neural networks causes a set of biochemical reactions in the body, which also affects the physical state - the appearance of blocks, chronic clamps, posture, facial expression (happy or unhappy), appearance, etc. You can call this the concept of "the past is there."

On the one hand, the reflexes of consciousness are needed in order to save energy and not approach every little thing with a conscious choice, on the other hand, they significantly reduce the range of our choice and our possibilities of action and thinking, since they fix us on one variant line, preventing us from crossing to others.

There is such a thing - the attention of the past. It is not so much we-the-real ones that go back, but rather the past-me draws attention and energy to itself, thus, the past through us-in-the-present influences the choice of one or another variant line, that is, it also influences us-in-the-future. The attention of the past burns the energy that is given to us for the implementation of new variant lines - the search for new paths and new opportunities. But the fact is that all the variant lines that existed with one or another choice (actions, thoughts, behavior) in the past continue to exist. The past is as multi-variant as the future, therefore, clinging to the fixed situations of the past (the burden of the past), we cut off a whole range of variant lines (opportunities) in the present.

The attention of the past is especially strongly drawn to situations that affect the sphere of strong emotions and states, causing dependence on these emotions and states. This is one form of "software addiction".
The attention of the past influences the attention of the present in this way: for example, in the present a person has formed a positive intention and realizes, that is, pays attention and energizes the variant line of intention realization. The attention of the past begins to attract people and events in the present that resonate with the emotion and situation fixed in the past, a person in the present, due to the activation of stable neural networks, reacts (fears, annoyed, carried away, offended, emotional, etc.) to this persistent external stimulus and begins to be distracted from the favorable variant of the line, giving attention and energy to the attention of the past.

The attention of the past is one of the main factors hindering the processes of self-development and self-improvement and preventing you from realizing your potential: becoming richer, more beautiful, more successful...
The Chronos delta map is a software package that implements one of the options for preventing energy losses in the present, which interfere with the freedom of choice of actions - cutting off the attention of the past from the present self. That is, the situation continues to exist as a memory, but the energy outflow stops.

Of course, experience and knowledge about the world are our capabilities and our guide in the infinite universe. Therefore, not all situations should be cut off from the attention of the present, selectively only those that are ballast weight and prevent us from living and developing in the present, looking for new ways and opportunities, in a word, prevent us from creating our own reality and putting our goals and intentions into practice. The Chronos delta map allows you to do this pointwise and selectively, purposefully working with a specific situation.

For the Chronos delta card, binding to the personal account is not required, switching is controlled by means of a shielding layer on each of the "windows" independently. The whole process is described in the instructions.

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