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Management of subtle energies.


The energy body (EB) would be more correctly called the energy-informational body (EIB). We use both concepts in different contexts to set a particular emphasis.

The energy body determines the real operation in the energy-information space, regardless of the person's ideas about EIB, as well as existing and created illusions about this. EB and EIB are rather speculative concepts. It is not uncommon to come across these concepts based on one's own experience of sensing "energies", as everything that is felt or imagined to go beyond the boundaries of the physical body, which in fact, for the most part, is a sensation of energy clots and seals - the result of temporary imbalances or surges (losses) of energy due to work virtual programs.

In order to create an energy body, we first deal with energies. The energy body is multidimensional, but we are only able to perceive a 3D projection of our multidimensional body. Therefore, for the most part, the development of the Energy body shows what we really feel in our physical body, and not what we imagine, speculating with various "subtle" sensations. That is, for the perception of the operator, the Energy body is more physiological than esoteric. There can be no energy axis with a crooked back or open knots with tight muscles. This is the first and most important thing to understand about the Energy Body.

EIB cannot appear on its own, being a desire or a mental construct. It must be created. You can know a lot about EB and broadcast this information to the outside world, feeding the corresponding cluster of the mental plan, but not have a created energy-informational body. EIB is created through the work of the built-in control programs with the participation of the mental plane and can be temporal or timeless (crystalline).

That is, the form of EB is not just any form (any person already has some kind of linear form), but strictly defined resonant frequency characteristics of energies, which ultimately makes it possible to reduce the physical body into an energy one, that is, to achieve energy-informational immortality. If the built-in control programs are not active, then the energy body cannot be created. Therefore, the package of programs for designing EIB is extensive, diverse, and the work of the programs of the package sometimes refers to deep individual studies, and, as it seems, does not relate directly to EB.

The created EB determines the structure - the created form. Stages of EIB formation: knowledge (created mental structure), internal attention, concentration, knots, energy effort, energy-informational connections (several types), external attention, integrity, volume, structure of the GEIF. The created EIB determines the understood process of interaction of the microcosm with the macrocosm.

The legacy of pre-Columbian civilizations that has come down to us - civilizations that had one of the most extensive practical experiences in operating EB and achieving energy immortality, that is, one might say, lived (although why in the past tense ... living) in an energy body - can give an idea of the possible variety of schemes of the energy body, but to begin with, the basis necessary for its creation must be developed, and later, with the help of the mental plane, you can delve into the sophistication of various schemes of EB.

But these are delights, albeit practical in their field and for certain purposes. The main thing that the EIB structure gives is the ability to create a main control channel (MCC). More precisely, not so much to create, but to return control over it, it already exists, but is used in the opposite direction, to control a person.

Getting control over the MCC gives a lot, but one main thing is the ability to program, that is, create new programs, I mean exactly the control programs of the GEIF, not to be confused with the materialization of intentions, mental field structures, etc.

Often the energy body cannot be created or is too weak to become structural due to energy wastage. There are 6 main channels through which information losses occur and 6 main channels through which energy losses occur in EIB.

Therefore, being in conditions of energy losses, one should pay more attention to the efforts to create EB than to the mental plane: the energy, being spent on the mental plane (that is, the thought of the created EB), will not be enough to create it directly and the created EB will be replaced by its virtual design. Virtual, that is, created exclusively in the mental plane of EB, does not have 7 basic qualities, because not synchronized with the controlled level - the physical body and its energies.

The visual series actively participates in the creation of a virtual EB, and its virtual structure, not being synchronized (linked) with the physical body, is tied to the virtual programs existing in the integral field, which leads to the weighting of energies. In this case, the formation of EB goes one step further - the decoupling of virtual EB from virtual programs (the action is so energy-intensive for heavy energies that it is difficult to perform under conditions of energy shortage).

The energy body is fed by 7 body systems that can conduct energy in different frequency characteristics and which correspond to 7 qualities of EB:

1. Volume - is created by the volume body (circulatory system).
2. Mobility - created by a body of revolution.
3. Structure (information links) - created by the body of the gathering.
4. Fullness - created by the body of tension.
5. Information component - filled with the nervous system and the brain (resonant body).
6. Support - created by the stress body.
7. Centeredness - created by a truncated body.

The structure of the energy body has 7 spatial parameters that can be expressed in the form of diagrams that the ancients drew in large numbers: axis, angular characteristic, nodes, connections, tension, proportion, integrity (at the energy level, this is the linkage of the energies that make up EB). Integrity can be clearly observed in the example of cats, living 70% in the energy body and only 30% in the physical.

It is more difficult for a person to collect the integrity of EB because of the complexity and overdevelopment of the brain relative to the rest of the body, so the task of integrity can be set as synchronization (linking in work) not only of the right and left hemispheres, but also of 8 main parts of the brain.

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