Noopendant «Source of masculinity». Male beginning

Noopendant «Source of masculinity». Male beginning

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To strengthen the strength of male energies.


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«Source of masculinity» - is a set of tools for strengthening the power of male energies.

Noopendant «Source of masculinity» includes:

1. A package of basic programs (Questions and Discussion

2. A package of specialized programs:

  • Leader (leadership qualities, determination, shown strength, ability to understand the true state of affairs)
  • Potency (sexuality, emancipation, pleasure and creativity in sex, attractiveness to the opposite sex)
  • Multi-orgasmicity
  • Earthing (internal support, material well-being, stability, ability to take responsibility)
  • Manipura opening (qualities of will and stamina)
  • State of Yang-polarity
  • Power of Fire (the qualities of activity, activity, swiftness, expansion of personal space)
  • Sunny face (synchronization with social rhythms, source of masculinity)
  • Seal of Mars (masculine, initiative, activity, ambition, purposefulness)
  • Favorite of the Gods (increase in awareness of actions, expansion of perception of the world, strengthening of consciousness, development of vision, acceptance of oneself and one's body, self-love)
  • Personal power (increasing energy-massiveness, strengthening social status, calm dignity, emotional stability, self-confidence)
  • Creator (active creative force, mastering skills, adapting external space for oneself, ingenuity)
  • Dominance (energy power, ability to convince, self-confidence, ambition)
  • Social level (charisma, style, eloquence, sociability, relaxation, nobility, connection to the egregor of elite families, social status)
  • Master over the Coin (success, self-realization, strengthening the material side of life, business algorithms, removing blocks of relationships with big money)
  • Mental (strength and adequacy of information perception and processing, strategic and analytical thinking)
  • Ancestral force (connection with the Family, improving the relationship between a man-woman and a man-child)
  • Winner (tuning for victory, qualities of the 7th lasso)
  • Warrior's talent (strength, courage, quick reaction, invulnerability, protection and capture of space, stability in stressful situations, justice)

3. Individual domain I level  

Domains can be called a structural part of the GEIF (Global Energy Information Field), having both a physical component and certain patterns of the hierarchy of software packages, hierarchies of access levels to certain structural parts of the GEIF and other interactions of the structural parts of the GEIF. The entire information part of the work of the process is located in the domain, in this sense it can be called the most important part of the entire work of the noopendant.

The formation of such a structural part of the GEIF as a domain became possible due to a huge array of statistical material of the information component of natural natural processes and their correlation, such as: plant growth and development, water flow, changes in geomagnetic activity, information component of some aspects of human life, including social, observation of processes in the Earth's ionosphere and much more.

An individual domain corresponds to a dedicated information channel, which corresponds to the identifier number supplied with each noopendant.

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