Noopendant «Circle of female power»
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Noopendant «Circle of female power»

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Opening, the use and improvement of the female energy.


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Neocolony is one of the most popular and effective technologies in areas of Technomagic. For understanding the action of technology can lead to an analogy: there is a monitor which shows the dense world of material objects which is perceived by ordinary people. The world of energy in which the Magician can be compared directly with the processor as the control element. Computer operator - Magician, who by means of a special manipulation produces changes in the physical world with the world of energies. In this analogy neocolony are carriers of utility programs that form a particular interface, which significantly expands and provides new opportunities for managing the physical reality.

It is important to note that neocolony not intervene in the delicate processes flowing and just take some energy-constraints interfering with their natural functioning. That which perceives the Magician, is significantly different from narrow strips of reality, which is able to perceive, and as a consequence, which can affect ordinary people.Program neocolonial expand the data range in a particular area and stimulate the natural inherent nature of the ability of the Creator of your own reality. In this vein, neocolony does not affect a person, they allow people to change their lives and their reality independently and at will.

One nookular has not one, but several similar programs are bundled into packages. In other words, one nookular gives up a whole set of magical tools for change and development. These software packages and describe the scope of work of neocolony. If there are requests and interest in a particular area, there may be a considerable extension of assortment and development of new software packages for neocolonial.

In every woman's hidden Goddess, perfect woman that every woman is an individual path of inner search and interaction with space. Magic power woman hidden in the female energy or the female force basic natural force that is stored in a precious vessel, the female body, the center of which is the uterus.

Energy structure allows women to absorb and absorb energy from the surrounding world, about a woman, filled with energy, they say "blooming", such a woman is able to attract and inspire, has a soft power and manages effortlessly.

A package of 19 programs neocolony "Circle of female power" is a set of tools aimed at the discovery, use and improvement of the female energy.

Nookular includes:

1. The package of basic programs (questions and discussion here

2. The package of specialized programs:

- The mirror of Venus (source of soft power, relaxation of the body, femininity, and attractiveness),
The mark of Aphrodite (sexuality, liberation, pleasure and creativity in sex, attraction to opposite sex)
The face of the moon (sync with women's rhythms, the source of female energy),
- Women's knowledge (intuitive perception, netting situations, the fixation on the high-frequency conditions, the transformation of gross energy),
- The state of Yin polarity,
- Jewel (energy opening of the uterus),
- Grounding (connection to Earth's energies),
- Power of Water (quality yield, enveloping, flexibility, consciousness),
Wbernie (allows you to suck energy out of objects or processes),
- Red rose (self-acceptance, love of self, management of emotions, harmonious expression of emotions, the quality of the rest),
Connection with forces of nature,
Connection with the elements,
- Hearth (harmonization of the relationship man-woman and woman-child),
- Algiz (out on the cults and female egregors, support of a higher power, search for female teachers),
- Ansuz (the giving of yourself, eloquence, picking up attention, magnetism),
- Tigress (women's combat magical aspects of magical feminine protection),
- Master (shown women's creativity, the discovery and development of talents, the search for ways of self-realization, monetization of creativity),
The art of Masks (the search for and formation of the external images through the woman's body and face, makeup, hairstyle, and clothing style).

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