Noopendant «Concentration»
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Noopendant «Concentration»

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To significantly increase magical abilities.


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Nookulons are one of the most popular and effective technologies of the Technomagy direction. To understand the essence of the action of technology, we can give an analogy: there is a monitor that displays the world of dense material objects that ordinary people perceive. The world of energies in which the Mage operates can be compared directly with the processor as a control element. The computer operator is the Mage, who through special manipulations makes changes in the physical world with the help of the world of energies. In this analogy, the noculons are carriers of utility programs that form a specific interface that significantly expands and gives new opportunities for managing physical reality.

It is important to note that the noculons do not interfere with the ongoing subtle processes, but simply remove some energy-informational constraints that interfere with their natural functioning. What the Magician perceives is significantly different from the narrow strip of reality that he is able to perceive, and as a result, which the ordinary person is able to influence. Nookulon programs expand this information range in one area or another and activate the natural abilities of the Creator of his own reality, inherent in nature. In this vein, the noculons do not affect a person in any way, they give a person the opportunity to change his life and his reality independently and at will.

One noculon contains not one, but several similar programs combined into packages. In other words, one nookulon gives you a whole set of magic tools for change and development. These software packages determine the scope of a particular noculon. If there are requests and interest in a particular area, a significant expansion of the assortment and the creation of new software packages for noculons are possible.
Nookoulon is designed to significantly increase magical abilities.

Nookulon "Concentrator" includes:

1. A package of basic programs (questions and discussion - here
2. A package of specialized programs:

- Increased sensitivity to subtle energies,
- Activation of vision,
- Fractal (volumetric) vision,
- Increased ability to concentrate,
- Discovery of innate “sleeping” abilities,
- Building additional energy channels of interaction with external forces,
- Connection to additional natural energy sources,
- Increased impact on the outside world,
- Improving the accuracy of exposure,
- A set of personal strength,
- Increasing the power of Thoughts,
- Increasing the power of the Word,
- Strengthening the energy of Intent.

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