Shielding box «Sarcophagus»

Shielding box «Sarcophagus»

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The shielding box is for storage of various artifacts.


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Shielding box "Sarcophagus" is intended for storage of products, which the operator wishes to suspend.

First, the box to store artifacts provides shielding on the physical level. Manifestations of products at a physical level, is electromagnetic in nature, and the walls of the box, made of steel with a thickness of 0,3 cm, provide protection from the active radiation in a wide frequency range (including from background radiation). Since the effect of artifacts directly related to the electromagnetic wave processes in GAAP, the shielding properties of the housing box, made of thick steel, the artifacts provide protection from electromagnetic background of GAIP.

Second, the lid of the box installed 3D media with access to the program "Castle" that gives an opportunity to significantly limit energy and information exchange with the environment at some distance from the product. That is, if desired, partially (information) block the effect of any product, not necessarily to put him in a box, simply put next.

Presumably the "program Lock" applies to all energy-products, we propose to make, a guaranteed screening products technology SEM and Bio-resonance modulators.

It should be noted that the program "Castle" does not affect the inertial effect of the products, though, and reduces them, that is the Sarcophagus does not involve a full wipe of data about the tasks of the operator, it limits the interaction with the surrounding electromagnetic (wave) and energy information (GAAP) environment.

The sarcophagus is designed so that the information stored in it previously, products not saved.

To whom and in what situations we should use "Sarcophagus":

1. Basically the shielding box is for storage of products can be useful for operators that have an impressive Arsenal of energy-funds. More isn't always better, a large number of active products can lead to imbalances, some of which are periodically stored in the Sarcophagus.

2. Hypersensitive operators in adapting to the powerful effects of the products periodically to keep them near the Sarcophagus. This will greatly reduce chatter and overloads and to adapt to powerful products gently.

3. There are a number of products that do not require constant use of their work — implementation of certain objectives. The goal, when the action of the product in the new changed circumstances is not required, store it in the Sarcophagus until the next need to use.

4. It happens that the effects of the product are sufficiently powerful only with respect to a particular operator, due to the fact that he was not willing to work with him, and the periodic detuning from the product is necessary for the accumulation of intermediate experience and training to work with the artifact.

5. For "cleanliness of experiment", when using new products, you want to separate its effect from all others used by the operator at the moment. For this purpose, all items except the one under test, are temporarily placed in a Sarcophagus for storage.

Material: steel 3 mm.

Size: 10х10х6 see

Weight: 970 gr.

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