«Sarcophagus». Shielding and product storage

«Sarcophagus». Shielding and product storage

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The shielding box is for storage of various artifacts.


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Shielding box "Sarcophagus" is intended for storage of products, the operation of which the operator wishes to suspend.

First, the artifact storage box provides shielding at the physical level. Manifestations of products at the physical level are of an electromagnetic nature, and the walls of the box, made of 0.3 cm thick steel, provide reliable protection against active radiation in a wide frequency range (including background radiation). Since the effect of artifacts is directly related to the electromagnetic wave processes in the GEIF, the shielding properties of the box body, made of thick steel, provide artifacts with protection from the electromagnetic background of the GEIF.

Secondly, a 3D media with access to the "Lock" program is installed on the cover of the box, which makes it possible to significantly limit the energy-information exchange with the environment at a certain distance from the product. That is, if you want to partially (informationally) block the action of any product, it is not necessary to put it in a box, just put it next to it. Presumably, the action of the "Lock" program applies to all energy-information products, we propose to check this on your own, guaranteed shielding - products of SHEMM technology and Bioresonance modulators.

It should be noted that the "Lock" program does not affect the inertial action of products, although it reduces them, that is, "Sarcophagus" does not imply a complete cleaning of data on the operator's tasks, it limits the interaction with the surrounding electromagnetic (wave) and energy-information (GEIF) environment . The “Sarcophagus” is modeled in such a way that information about the items stored in it earlier is not saved.

Who and in what situations require the use of "Sarcophagus":

1. Basically, a shielding box for storing products can be useful for operators who have an impressive arsenal of energy information tools. More does not always mean better, a large number of active products can lead to imbalances, some of which are recommended to be periodically stored in the Sarcophagus.

2. When adapting to the action of powerful products, hypersensitive operators are advised to periodically store them near the Sarcophagus. This will significantly reduce chatter and overload and adapt to powerful products gently.

3. There are a number of products that do not require constant use, their work is the fulfillment of certain goals. Upon reaching the goal, when the operation of the product in the new changed conditions is not required, store it in the Sarcophagus until the next need for use.

4. It happens that the effects of the product turn out to be quite powerful only with respect to a specific operator, due to the fact that he is not ready to work with him, and periodic detuning from the product is simply necessary to accumulate intermediate experience and prepare for working with the artifact.

5. For the "purity of the experiment", when using new products, it is required to separate its action from all others used by the operator at the moment. To do this, all products, except for the one being tested, are temporarily placed in the Sarcophagus for storage.

Material: steel 3 mm

Size: 10х10х6 cm

Weight: 970 gr

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