NOOCANAL of noopendants I level (without physical carrier)

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How to connect a nooсanal:

If you are already registered in, then log in using your account. If you have not registered yet, do so. Choose a username and password in English letters, confirm the registration from your e-mail.

Click "Noocanals". Select the desired and press the "Buy" button.

Confirm your purchase, go to your shopping cart and pay for your order online. After payment, the order will be turned on automatically and the procedure for obtaining a vibration signature will become available to you, if you have not received it before.

Click on “Get Vibrating Signature,” and follow the instructions. At the end of the procedure, you will receive a vibration signature and an individual mantra. The vibration signature is your unique identifier for connecting resonances.

If you previously received a vibration signature, then it will be used to connect noocanals. You do not need to receive a vibration signature again.

In the personal account, the control of noopendants and their NOOCANALS is available. Ability to switch modes: Auto - Medium - Power - off.

DESCRIPTION of noopendants I level

Resonance noocanals are a fundamentally new format based on the principle of action. Noocanals have differences from both physical products and resonances. The resonance noocanal is not shown in our reality and is not a connecting link between the operator and some object in our world. The noocanal works “from within”, that is, from the EIB itself (the energy-informational body), through an individual personality code, as well as resonances. But unlike resonance, which opens up access to an energy source, a noocanal is a kind of active (acting) information that does not require processing, processing and interpretation.

There is a certain area in the GEIF (global energy information field) architecture, where the transfer of information occurs without the transfer of energy. This is a key point in the operation of resonant noocanals. We can say that inside the energy-informational structure of a person, qualitatively new structural elements appear that resonate with the level of reality called the “zero point”.

Resonance noocanals are one of the ways to transfer information. Imagine a space of options where there are “elevations” - the most probable areas, and “lowlands” - less likely variant events and opportunities. One or another option is more or less likely due to the presence of resistance from the outside world. The zero point is a special interesting area in the space of options where all events are equally probable due to the void (vacuum, absolute virtuality) in this area and the lack of environmental resistance.

However, with the visible emptiness of the zero point, it is as information-rich as possible, that is, we can say that all available options exist in this area and you can access them through the noocanal — between our world and the zero point area. At the same time, the noocanal is not shown in our world, in other words, it is not in our world. Noocanal sets certain quantum parameters of a person as a structure, due to which there is either the creation or change in the parameters of the EMF. If a physical product is a tag that uses EMF, with which a certain region of the integral (software) field resonates, then the resonance noocanal is not manifested at all in our world, and EMF in this case is an intermediary.

From the standpoint of effects, changes in external reality and the event flow, the noocanals act in a different way than physical products and resonances. Noocanals and physical products work at the same level, but in different ways. Noocanals and resonances have similar connection paths, but different levels of work. If the power of intent in a physical product is the driving force that activates the software resource of the product upon request, then in the noocanals, intent allows a person to appear in an already created or changed world. If in the first case we can talk about sequential creation, then in the other - about the movement to the already created.

All that is needed is to reduce the internal noise of the system, or neuro noise, and allow yourself to be, or to keep (“highlight”) yourself in the created new world. When using physical products, changes are similar to the gradual expansion of reality, its boundaries, actualization of the reality model, awareness of the potential of variant possibilities, the emergence of new opportunities in current reality (more precisely, its models). When you connect a noocanal, something similar to the operation of a radar occurs, where the radar is attention, the goal is to create a new reality (more precisely, its model, which already exists at the zero point), and moving towards the goal is to stay in a stream that allows the plan to come true. Practical work with resonance noocanals is more similar to interaction with BRM, that is, it happens through the “responses of the world”. Through the presence of responses and their density, the operator can navigate in his presence in the noocanal.

For new users, it’s worth repeating that the responses of the world are repeating “random” phrases, songs, books, information on the Internet ... information from all sources that we do not specifically, consciously seek, and which the world offers us “by chance”. All that is needed is to keep the “set course” while moving in the noocanal.

If in the case of working with a physical product it is recommended to consciously work with goal-setting, that is, actualize goals, move towards the goal, then it is recommended to send the goal to the depths of the subconscious with the noocanal, to concentrate not on the desired, because it is already there, actualized, but on finding in the flow and responses of the world.

Easier or harder, everyone decides for himself. The effects of a physical product and a resonance noocanal are different, and sometimes a combination of these two paths in one software package is possible.

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