Noopendants are the first product in the SHEMM integrated technology line.

The principle of operation of noopendants is based on a simple fact: a person, as you know, builds his own reality himself, as well as builds limitations for himself (for happiness, good luck, health, etc.) In other words, the Real World is huge and diverse and theoretically There is much that is possible in the “space of options”, but in order for people to somehow exist in it and interact with each other, some conditional concepts, principles, and laws have been created.

Being a certain kind of tool for existence, they are also limiters. Modern information technologies are an amazing development of these restrictions, under the guise of principles and conditions convenient and comfortable for a person, they exploit their free will, driving them into a very narrow spectrum, where any choice is essentially the absence of a real choice.

Noopendant works on the principle of expanding the current "reality" of a person and gradually removes some of the restrictions that block the natural abilities of a person and are needed not so much for his successful existence as for successful management. In this vein, the noopendant do not affect a person in any way; they enable a person to change his life and his own reality. Noopendant give you a set of tools for independent change and self-development.

Any person who has realized the need for self-development in the modern world is looking for these tools, but on an intuitive level. In addition to the fact that in the modern world surrounding us there are not so many of these necessary tools, you still need to clearly know what to look for.

Each software package operated by a particular noopendant is a comprehensive and balanced set of similar tools of various ranges in a given area. These “spheres” also arose not by chance and were not “invented”; these are structurally informational areas that exist as a given in the energy-information space and have been forming for a long time.

So, directly a noopendant, as a physical product, does not carry those qualities and properties that can be read in the description for each noopendant. The fundamental difference between noopendants from other products is that they do not have any effect on a person, and as a result, they do not have a period of adaptation, side effects and are combined with any other way of life chosen by the operator, thinking, work, practices, energy-informational, correctional and others products and devices, etc., that is, with its integral field.

On the contrary, the noopendant will introduce a certain structure into the operator’s integral field, which is necessary even for “positive” influences, and this, in turn, allows balancing the numerous inconsistent or not timely effects on the operator.

Noopendant directly as a product is the carrier of a set of algorithms (“automation”), providing the direct feedback of the operator with software packages on the server. Automation of the pendant takes into account the features of “operator firmware” (innate abilities, character traits, current psycho-emotional state, and much more) and generates the corresponding codes, which are the initial data for activating / stopping a particular package and/or certain parameters for their operation.

When purchasing a noopendant as a product, the operator actually receives a certain set that ensures the operation of software packages corresponding to a particular noopendant. Software packages do not work all at once all at once, numerous internal and external conditions set constant dynamics: what is very useful here and now for a particular operator is completely useless in a day, from another operator or in another space.

How does he work then?

When purchasing a noopendant as a product, the operator actually receives a certain set that ensures the operation of software packages corresponding to one or another noopendant:

1. The noopendant itself, as a physical product, which is preferably worn constantly during the day to ensure continuous receipt and processing of data through direct feedback channels, and optionally at night.

2. A package of basic programs, which includes a functional set of “tools” for a complete, efficient travel in the space of options. These are the basic system capabilities that are necessary in order to generally navigate the space of options anywhere. Activated packages become part of the operator’s experience structure, that is, they are saved regardless of whether the operator is currently using the noopendant or not.

3. A package of specialized programs that determine which direction, scope and range of possibilities the operator can master using a specific noopendant and a set of tools, which is a package of basic programs.

4. Group domain

5. Individual domain

Domains can be called the structural part of the GEIF (Global Energy Information Field), which have both a physical component and certain regularities of the hierarchy of software packages, hierarchies of access levels to certain structural parts of the GEIF and other interactions of the structural parts of the GEIF. The entire informational part of the work of the process is located in the domain, in this sense it can be called the most important part of the entire work of the noopendant.

The formation of such a structural part as a domain was made possible thanks to a huge array of statistical material of the information component of natural natural processes, such as: growth and development of plants, water flow, change in geomagnetic activity, information component of some aspects of human life, including social, observation of processes in the ionosphere of the Earth and much more.

An individual domain corresponds to a dedicated information channel, which corresponds to the identifier No. supplied with each noopendant.

As it becomes clear, the noopendant does not directly affect the operator and is not a carrier of the described qualities and properties. The entire complex described above, including the noopendant as a physical product, allows the operator to connect to real programs - a set of tools and capabilities for both the external and internal space of the operator, expands its integral field and performs some “cleaning” (structuring) in it.

What are the effects of using a noopendant?

Many probably know the “single field theory”, which became popular thanks to the books of V. Zeland, who introduced convenient definitions of “space of options” and “variant lines”. It will be convenient to explain the effect of the noopendants using this theory and terminology.

A complex of tools - software packages - allows the operator to "travel" in the space of options, choosing one or another variant line. It is important that when using a noopendant, the choice is left to the person himself. That is, real changes occur not so much in the external space (although some external changes can certainly be observed) and not so much in the “firmware” of the operator, but rather in the controlling aspect of the relationship between these two components.

If earlier the path in the space of options for the operator was more like moving at random, blindly or even under the influence of the operator being pushed in one direction or another, and that zone of real changes along which the operator could “move” was limited, then the noopendant expands the scope of available options and opens up the possibility for the operator to independently manage movements along variant lines. “External” and “internal” changes with this approach are practically inseparable, do not cause dissonance, and for the most part I can even not be noticeable.

The operator may note:

1. Some oddities in the behavior of others. The sensation of events as if not truly on the playing field, or vice versa, not being included in external events, the sensation of what is happening either in the theater or on the screen. These sensations are a direct consequence of the work of software packages and movements along those variant lines that were previously inaccessible to humans, and therefore, may be a little unusual at first.

2. Small coincidences of one’s own thoughts, reactions and actions of other people or regularities of current events. This is a consequence of the fact that if earlier movements along variant lines were more likely a consequence of a reaction to external stimuli, then with a noopendant the operator gets into his hands a functional for conscious movements and changes.

3. A sense of calm, lack of fuss, a sense of confidence that "now everything will be as I want." This feeling is a direct consequence of the expansion of the integral field and the receipt of real freedom of choice.

4. Changes in the frequency characteristics: either a sensation of viscosity, ductility, slowness, or vice versa, quick resolution of current affairs and increased activity of both oneself and others. These sensations are the result of the work of one of the programs of the basic package, and it is the establishment and retention of their own internal rhythms, while usually the modern person’s own rhythms tend to constantly change under the influence of external rhythms or in other words, internal rhythms are simply absent.

5. Changes in the mode and duration of sleep, vivid, lucid dreams, sensations of unusual activity, or vice versa, the desire to relax. This is due to the work of the basic packages “Vertical Energy Saturation” and “Horizontal Energy Saturation”. The work of these packages is the primary restoration of human energy and the emergence of additional energy sources. The work of these packages can be called “equipment” before traveling on variant lines. When observing these signs, it is recommended to listen to yourself and follow your needs (in a dream, food, rest or activity, etc.).

6. Certain patterns in the occurring external events, “responses” leading to a particular line of behavior. Such “accidents” can be called a “recommendation service” of the noopendant. To follow it or not - each operator decides for himself, you can try to follow once, once not follow and see what happens.

What is the difference between noopendants and how to choose your own?

All noopendants have a common, identical part - a package of basic programs and a different part - a package of specialized programs.

A package of basic programs can conditionally be defined as - “due to what we are moving”, a package of specialized programs - “where are we moving” in the space of options. Any changes must occur in accordance with a specific system, otherwise they will be either untimely, not having the necessary basis (base), or temporary and will not be fixed by their own experience. The package of basic programs is responsible for this system base.

A package of specialized programs is responsible for what opportunities the operator receives, where and in which direction in the space of options he can move. A certain direction should be, that is, the expansion of opportunities should also occur in accordance with the system.

Of course, most often the list of tasks and goals of the operator has not one direction, but many, but thе noopendant called “all at once” would only lead to the fact that consciousness would simply be drowned out by potential possibilities.

All real changes that remain at the level of consciousness and experience of the operator should occur in stages.

The choice of one or another noopendant can occur both at the level of logical conclusions about the need, and at the level of intuitive sensations. If we compare travels in the space of options with travels in different countries, then the choice of a country by a traveler also occurs at the level of searching for information-research-intuition-sensations-representations. Despite the fact that the traveler was not in any of the countries, he is still more attracted to some country. To base your choice on the study of information or intuition is each individual choice. All the noopendants of the same level are combined with each other, so if the choice is difficult to make, then all combinations of 2, 3, 4 ... noopendants are possible. When using several noopendants, you can immediately wear them both simultaneously and sequentially, depending on current tasks and sensations.

User Modes:

User modes of operation of the noopendant differ in access levels to the “firmware” of the noopendant or the ability to consciously control some parameters of the algorithm.

1. Auto mode. The most optimal mode, in which all parameters are completely controlled by the “firmware” of the operator, in other words, his subconscious, and some software of the operator of the program level, for example, behavioral programs.
-  there is no operator control option.
All noopendants work in Auto mode by default.

2. Medium mode. The average level of access to control the firmware of the noopendant.
-  operator speed control. This refers to the speed of the ongoing processes (frequency characteristics) at the micro level, mainly the speed of direct-feedback data exchange. This is the main parameter for controlling the operation of the noopendant, it is the “gas-brake" of the process. The default speed is set to average.

3. Power mode. High level of access to control the firmware of the noopendant.
-  operator speed control.
-  operator control of conjugation density. Changes in coupling density affect the amount of incoming data. And this, in turn, determines how subtly the algorithm will respond to real-life processes. The default setting is medium pairing.
-  operator control of the access level to the integrated field. Relatively speaking, through the operator the pendant gets access to the control programs in which the operator is currently included, or its integral field. In practice, this means that, indirectly, the noopendant gets access to the entire sphere of operator interactions, from relatives to colleagues, but not to their “attributes of an individual official control program”. In other words, if the operator wants to expand the scope of the noopendant (for example, the manager wants to expand the work of the software package on his subordinates), the access level can be increased if you concentrate locally on your loved one - set the lowest. The default setting is low.

Personal account for automatic switching of noopendant modes.
To switch modes, you need:
1. Register
2. Bind product identifier to registered name
3. Change the mode for the corresponding product in the corresponding section

Switching the operating modes of the noopendants in automatic mode does not occur immediately, on average it takes 10-15 minutes. (in some rare cases - up to 30-40 minutes.)