Headband Navigator. Management of states of consciousness and protection from «intrusions»

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Designed to control their States and the protection of consciousness from all sorts of intrusions.


The Navigator headband is designed to control your states and protect your consciousness from various kinds of intrusions. You can use several modules at the same time - close states.
With the simultaneous use of all modules, the consciousness will tune in to those states that are more harmonious with current goals and needs. The rest of the modules will not be used.

1. Module "Transformation of the negative"

The biggest burden on consciousness is negative states and negative attitudes. It is known that the spectrum of positive states is much narrower than the spectrum of negative states, and their strength is greater. It is very easy to cause negative states in a person; there are a lot of hooks for this. If someone does not need you to think, act, move in some direction, just pull one of the hooks, and that's it, our attitude has changed, we are broadcasting vibrations of denial.

A positive state easily changes to a negative one, and no matter how much a person would like to move in the chosen direction, his own state will prevent this. There is no need to even build any obstacles, a person will create obstacles for himself, such is his state, and the accompanying settings of the emotional and mental plane.

Another important aspect is karmic. The problem is that in a modern person, negative states are often expressed in actions. Negative states lead to the fact that a person receives satisfaction from what he did to someone badly.

And this is inevitably followed by "reverse". This requires an important module for transforming negative states into positive ones, the module significantly expands the range of positive and, so to speak, constructive states, expands the possibilities for finding new ways, new solutions, automatically solves many life difficulties associated with a negative attitude towards different people or things, helps to unleash knots from negative attitudes, knots are formed due to generalization mechanisms, when one negative attitude clings to another, the module allows you to come to your true self, expands the possibilities of building personal reality.

2. Module "Meditation"

Stopping the VD, increasing vibrations, subtle concentration (it can be called pre-concentration, when attention is focused, but not on a specific object or process, consciousness works in a mode of increased awareness and contemplation - registration of all ongoing internal and external processes), receiving information.

3. Module "I can do anything"

Internal support module. In some "smart motivational" books you can read and some wise people say: a person can do anything. This is a good attitude, but how the attitude does not work if a person does not really feel that he can do everything.

If a person cannot, for example, take out a trash can or hang a shelf in an apartment for the second day, then do not say to yourself: “I can do everything”, the installation will not work, the person does not feel it, he is in other states. I can - this is a real feeling of my resources, including deeply hidden ones. This means not only material resources, but also mental or spiritual resources - it depends on the level of the consciousness, to which resources it is connected.

The “I can do anything” module is suitable for planning, setting goals, searching for inexhaustible energy resources, for starting new, big undertakings, both in terms of external actions and in terms of internal work on oneself. The I can module gives the connection status to resource capabilities.

This module is not for daily use, the state is energy-intensive, it gives a powerful energy expansion, but it is not always necessary to be energetically huge. It is used when necessary, when you urgently need to gain confidence in yourself and your strengths and connect maximum resources to achieving the task, as well as at the beginning of planning, setting goals, in the future - if necessary, if the setting goes astray and we begin to feel that we are not pulling our plan, that the goal again becomes difficult or unattainable.

4. Protective module

An additional module to the general protective properties of the Navigator bandage for protecting consciousness from various kinds of intrusions.
Some properties of the protective module: protection from psi-initiations, maintaining a distance from the source of influence, creating a camouflage double, protection from sexual influences, creating a dead zone around the operator, breaking the “fetters” (induced motor blocks), inhibiting the death program, etc.

5. Module "Reboot"

Module for rest, fast active replenishment of strength and mental energy, deep relaxation, sleep improvement. Allows the nervous system to relax, clears the inner screen, enhances the ability for sensitive perception and subsequent concentration. It is recommended to alternate power-hungry states with the Reboot module.

6. Module "Hunter"

Module of achievements and active interaction with the outer space. Activation of intuition, lack of doubt, looking out, “listening” to space, maximum activation of all senses, accumulation of mental strength for a powerful targeted throw, patience, waiting and saving energy for lightning-fast action, a state of readiness, search for means and tools to achieve the goal. Suitable for broad purposes, from business processes to creative pursuits.

7. State "Holographic Memory"

An artistic example of the state of holographic memory is the film “Regions of Darkness”. The state of assimilation of information, linking information by the method of free associations, avoiding reaction, creative ecstasy, getting insights. The state of holographic memory can also be called the state of no-mind, or true cognition of the world, when the experience gained expands and transforms the picture of the world, in contrast to ordinary daily cognition, when we fit information into the existing picture of the world - the existing system of reactions.

8. Module "Leader"

manager status. Self-confidence, charisma, vigor, cheerfulness, efficiency, sociability, activation of Vishuddha, comfortable stay and resolution of conflict situations, closing the energies of space on oneself, easy immersion of others in personal reality.

9. Module "State record"

Module with feedback, activated by the mental command “Record”.

10. Module "Comfort"

The module gives a good physical and psychological state, a state of balance. A state of light, smooth, without excessive emotionality of happiness, satisfaction and well-being. Finding consciousness “here-and-now”. The Comfort module has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect, a feeling of lightness and clarity in the head.


Standard (headband + 6 modules: Transformation of negativity, Meditation, Restart, Leader, Comfort, the state Recording)

VIP (headband + all 10 modules)

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