Headband Navigator. Management of states of consciousness and protection from «intrusions»

Headband Navigator. Management of states of consciousness and protection from «intrusions»

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Designed to control their States and the protection of consciousness from all sorts of intrusions.


Patch Navigator is designed to manage their conditions and protect the consciousness from all sorts of intrusions.

1. Module: "Transformation of negativity"

The biggest stress on consciousness is a negative state and negative attitude. It is known that the range of positive States is much narrower than the range of negative conditions, and their strength more. Negative States are very easy to produce, this has plenty of hooks.

If someone does not need you thought, acted, moved in that direction enough to pull one of the hooks, and all, our attitude has changed, we broadcast the vibrations of denial.

The positive state is easily changed to negative, and how would not like one to move in the selected direction, its own state will it prevent. You don't even need to build any obstacles, the man himself will create obstacles, such is his status, and related settings emotional and mental plane.

Another important aspect is karmic. The problem is that the modern man negative States are often expressed in actions. Negative state down to the fact that the person gets the satisfaction of having made someone ill.

And it is inevitably followed by "the return". This requires an important module of transformation of negative States to positive, the module significantly extends the range of positive and constructive to say of conditions, increases possibilities to search for new ways, new solutions, automatically solves many of life's difficulties related to negative attitudes towards different people or things, contributes to the outbreak of the nodes from the negative attitudes, the nodes formed due to the mechanisms of generalization, when one negative attitude leads to another, the module allows to come to its true self, expands the possibilities of constructing personal reality.

2. Module "Meditation"
Stop VD, raising vibrations, subtle concentration (can be called pre-concentration when attention is drawn, but not a certain object or process, consciousness works in a mode of heightened awareness and contemplation - registration of all occurring internal and external processes), receiving information.

3. The state of "I can"module internal reference. Some "smart motivational" books you can read and some wise people say: man can do everything. It is a good installation, but installation does not work if the person really does not feel that he can do anything.

If one can not, for example, the second day to take out the trash or hang a shelf in the apartment, then imagine how many don't say, "I can do everything", the installation will not work, people do not feel that it is in other States. I can do a real sense of its resources, including deeply hidden. There is not only material resources, how many resources, mental, or spiritual – it depends on the level of being of consciousness, what resources it is connected.

Module “I can do anything” suitable for planning, setting goals, finding an inexhaustible energy resource to new, large undertakings, both in terms of external action and inner work. Module I gives the connectivity status of the resource potential.

This module is not for daily use, as energy-intensive, and gives a powerful energy extension, but you don't always need to be energy huge.

Use as needed when urgent need to have confidence in yourself and your strength and plug in to achieve the objectives of the maximum resources, and early planning, goal setting, and thereafter as necessary, if the settings are not saved and we begin to feel that you do not pull conceived that the goal again is difficult or unattainable.

4. The security module
An additional module to the overall protective properties of the bandage Navigator to protect the consciousness from all sorts of intrusions.
Some properties of the security module: protection from psi-initiation, maintaining the distance from the source of exposure, creating a double camouflage, protection from sexual influences, creating a dead zone around the operator, the breaking of the “fetters” (induced motor blocks), inhibition of the death program, etc.

5. The Module "Reset"
The resting unit, fast fill active force and mental energy, deep relaxation, improved sleep. Allows the nervous system to relax, clears the internal screen, enhances the capacity for sensory perception and subsequent concentration. It is recommended to alternate energy intensive state with a Reset module.

6. As A "Hunter" –module achievements and active interaction with the outside. Intensification of intuition,no doubt, vysmatrivaya, “hearing” space, the maximum activation of all the senses, the accumulation of psychic forces for a powerful focused shots, patience, anticipation, and energy savings for lightning fast operation, the ready state, search the means and tools to achieve the goal.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from business processes to creative searches.

7. The state of Holographic memoryart example of state of holographic memory - film “fields of darkness”. The status of the assimilation of information, linking information, the method of free Association, a departure from the reactionary, creative ecstasy, getting insight.

As the holographic memory can still be called a state of no-mind, or true knowledge of the world, when the resulting experience expands and transformerait picture of the world unlike normal everyday cognition, when we put information into the existing picture of the world - the existing system of reactions.

8. Module Leader –the state Manager. Confidence, charisma, vitality, vigor, performance, communication, activation of Vishuddha, a comfortable stay and resolve conflicts, short of the energies of space itself, an easy immersion of others into a personal reality.

9. The Module "Comfort".The module "Comfort" gives a good physical and psychological condition, a state of balance. Light, smooth without excessive emotion of happiness, satisfaction and wellbeing. Finding consciousness “here and now”.

The Comfort module has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect, a feeling of lightness and clarity in my head.

10. The writer States. Module feedback, activated the mental command “Record”.

Package contents:

Patch "Navigator" Standard (+ 6 modules: Transformation of negativity, Meditation, Restart, Leader, Comfort, the state Recording)

Patch Navigator VIP (+ all 10 modules)

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