Program - Meditation Learning

Program - Meditation Learning

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Software package for meditative States


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Learning social demand important program. At the program level to describe the learning as increasing the ability to search and connect to the right programs. Not surprisingly, the choice was intuitive. Usually, the training people in the best case, realizes the ability to store a large volume of information.

The paradox is that learning primarily involves information discharge, that is, the release of "RAM" for fundamentally new mechanisms (reaction, perception, General, of constructing new neural connections). Therefore, the program refers to the meditative section of the programs. Learning is a slow and difficult process that requires a global restructuring of time, mental, social processes.

Package includes the following aspects: the direction of learning and spatial interaction, increasing the lability of the nervous system, information handling, recovery the scope of secondary images (field of images and imagination, including the emotional aspect), activation of the beta range of brain waves, the package restore mental functions, and some others.

This program is highly recommended to combine with emerald essence or essence of beryl — the desired frequency settings that will prevent "information breaking".

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