Bracelet of life "Panacea" (ebony)

Bracelet of life "Panacea" (ebony)

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This product combines the following qualities:

-function 2.9, which is the combination of skills 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8 in a single product. These are also that one of the qualities can be chosen and enhanced by a team that will create from Panacea "software" obtained an analogue of the corresponding version of the BZ (2.5, 2.6, 2.7 or 2.8 ).

This is the analogue power will be similar to the original bracelet the appropriate version, but may differ slightly in shades quality (versions 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8, these qualities manifest more natural and natural way).

To switch qualities needed mental team. The mental switch requires advanced skills of working with the right version.

The switching conditions of the Panacea is of two types - permanent (not off spontaneously) and temporary - can be switched off under certain circumstances. See full description of Panacea.

It is also possible switching Panacea mode 2.9, without selecting a specific version 2.x. There is a matrix posted on the forum. Similarly, the return to a Panacea.

- another useful feature of the Panacea is an extension of the "recovery" mode БЖ2.1, shown in the Cure-all is stronger and tougher. This function first strongly manifested in the case of switched operation of a bracelet (or pendant) a Panacea. This mode is called "Panacea". In this mode, is not only the regeneration of the cocoon, but active recovery is genetically inherent in human extraordinary abilities.

For many the first experience with the regime panacea marked "horror films" in dreams, vivid and memorable, but this episode is the use of the panacea it usually passes quickly, the brightness of the dreams of most remains, but the negative scenarios they practiced and followed by normal dreams.

Dreams the Cure - one of the most powerful mechanisms of recovery themselves and control reality.
Mode a panacea coached in the statement of the man, restoring his ability is as defined БЖ3.0, pre - (before silver bullet) long work monitoring using 3.0, showed that they are mainly small time can be in the mode of consciousness 3.0, and mostly 3.0 works for them rather a means of improving the quality of life by displaying the Standard properties This unfortunate moment helps to fix Panacea.

another important mode of operation of a Panacea is a cure - USB flash drive, in this mode, the top can be written training program, similar to those used in the series of educational cartridges Vx (training vision), with the same success can be recorded and other effective and needed types of information and settings, energy channels and more. In this mode, the Panacea is the perfect billet for temporary or permanent creation of something new. Possible easy and quick "preparation of homeopathic bracelet" - recording of the residual trace information with anything using this function panacea.

The Panacea, as БЖ1.0 (a Lite version) and 3.0(version Lite) is a lightweight matrix accelerated establishment, available free of charge. Thus, a simplified ("lightweight") version of Panacea, You can do yourself. Many have tried initially just the effect on themselves of a paper sheet coated with a matrix. This version is simplified but has the full functionality of a Panacea.

BJ is a Panacea, a replacement for the entire line 2.x?

Started with BJ desirable softer 2.0 or 2.1, familiarity with the qualities 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, preferably not through a Cure, but directly with their carriers (BZ corresponding version), but if it is impossible (financially) to have all these BJ - panacea is the perfect replacement with many additional properties.

Is the Panacea an important BJ in your collection - it's definitely YES.

This is the best product line-up, with most developed properties and the most flexible programming environment for cellular technologies, where bearing her to the operator the maximum management rights.

The panacea comes in the option of the bracelet (on different carriers, the preferred variant for black tree) in the version of the pendant. Pendant (or keychain) is more powerful than exhibits the properties of a Panacea, and it is more expensive.

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