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Кристаллические эссенции – это один из способов настраивать и совершенствовать свои частотные характеристики (“вибрационные качества”). Каждый кристалл “специализируется” на определенном органе или системе тела.


The very phrase"essence crystal" at first glance may seem a little strange. Everyone knows that the production of essences involves dissolving, distillation – that stones can be done. Initially, experiments with the technology of production of essences was conducted on vegetable raw materials. But in the course of observations revealed that the frequency and environmental change on Earth over even the last 5-10 years has led to a significant decrease in the strength of biological components.

In other words, those sources of energy that have successfully sustained the man until recently, now I can't so effectively to perform this function for the reason that their frequency characteristics (7,4 – 8,5 Hz) are below the necessary in modern conditions of man.

The crystals were noticed in the process of observation and research work with bio-resonance modulators. To improve the quality of direct human interaction with the crystal developers began to use structured water with crystals. When testing even a simple product began to appear and other interesting effects, increased efficiency, improved concentration, vigor, etc., with regular use – stable quality changes, but such "water essence" of the crystals contains only about 10% of its properties.The internal structure of the crystals determines the unique frequency spectrum of from 70 to 280 Hz.

These unique "vibrational" properties of crystals knew and used in many ancient cultures and tried to create the essence that contains 100% properties of the crystal (Theophrastus, Paracelsus, Avicenna, Geber, etc.) It became possible only recently, by combining the experience of ancient technology and special processing of the crystals.

There are Givens such as parents, family, time, and place of birth, the space of living and personal Givens that define our lives. These Givens also have their level of vibration. Someone feels these Givens as fertile land, someone as a brake, but in any case they are restrictions. That is why any developing a person goes through a period when all the hard and difficult when everything is easy and fast, and when everything seems to rests on the invisible wall.

Within its entity - a specific vibrational level person gains experience and passes a certain development, but sooner or later the need arises to move on to the next stage. And here are two ways: either to engage in long and sometimes fruitless struggle with facts, or change their frequency characteristics, i.e. just to get out from under the influence of entities.

So, the crystal formula is one of the ways to customize and improve their frequency characteristics ("quality of vibration"). It is important to understand that the crystal essences have nothing to do with supplements. The principle of operation of crystal essences is fundamentally different from the actions of BAA — receipt with food of certain substances. Crystal essences will provide a softer impact when applied to the skin, and at some distance from the body.

The principle of operation of crystal essences best described by the concept of "setting". The man is constantly on the geophysical, social and other factors. The man himself, his work, lifestyle and everything that surrounds it, is not only as a private set at certain frequencies, though not always has the ability to change at will (otherwise everyone on Earth would be rich and happy). Crystal essences are carriers of certain frequency (vibration) characteristics, allowing you to change its configuration at will, as we do, for example, catching the right wave in the radio.

The use of crystal essences can be called "absorption energies of perfect geometric forms to customize and improve the quality of consciousness." Crystal essence is available for absorption by the human carrier of the energy of perfect crystal forms. To fully understand the principle of operation of crystal essences refer to the geometric model.

We live in a three dimensional space – a given volume. We can't see the volume, but physically unable to perceive it. Any volume has a shape and a certain circulation of energy, given form. We can Express this principle as "the form determines the content". This principle, for example, used in the construction of sacred structures such as temples, dolmens, pyramids, etc. All the diversity and difference of the forms and their qualities is determined by the dynamics of the circulation of energy forms, namely three indicators: size, strength, and effort.

The crystal forms are called perfect, because they have a certain balance of these parameters (see "Platonic solids"). The crystal on the one hand, is the most ordered structure on Earth, on the other hand, he is always in the process of constant movement and transformation ("lives"). But you must be able to perceive the circulation of energy forms, it is not enough just to be in it. In the crystal essences perception of the perfect forms of man brought almost to 100% due to the universal and close to human media – water.

The systematic use of crystal essences soft start the transformation process, which gradually leads to the desired result. The crystal formula is effective as a standalone tool for positive change, and in combination with any basic method of exposure, aimed at harmonizing and restoring the integrity of the person. Essence does not act immediately, but incrementally.

Crystal essences can be used for:

1. Tuning and improving the frequency characteristics. In this case, the essence is chosen for the task.

2. Improve interaction withcrystal BRMand, as a consequence, improve the effectiveness of BRM. In this case, the essence is chosen for the type of BRM.

Thus, the crystal essences can be used in combination with bioresonance modulators or as an independent means of self-development and work with the structure of space, and as the power of action in combination with other primary method of exposure.

Main use of crystal essences:

1. Tuning (resonance) for high frequency extension and spectrum of individual frequency characteristics

Our space and those of energy, with which every moment interacts with people and its subtle fields, most of them are low frequency (1,8 – 12 Hz), and as a consequence, the interaction with them, active or passive, lowers the frequency of the person. Thus, the high quality of modern life is only possible with some effort to improve the frequency characteristics.

In the past a person engaged in self-development (e.g., spiritual practices), became a hermit and practiced in the mountains and other geoactive areas that support its frequency characteristic to eliminate low frequency impact from the outside. Modern man has no need to become a hermit. Crystal essences can display a person of under vibrating dependencies on external energies, and regardless of where the person with whom he interacts, he is protected from outside influence and is configured for high frequency. Adaptation to any change and stressful situations is quick and soft.

2. Improving the efficiency of interaction with crystal in working with bio-resonance modulators (link to BRM)

As shown, when using crystal essences significantly increases the efficiency of the use of bioresonance modulator through better interaction with the crystal BRM. In this case, the essence is chosen for the type of BRM you can use the essence crystal of the same internal structure (within the same code). For example, to configure withBRM Smoky quartzvalid is to use the crystal essences of Amethyst.

3. The transformation of negative crystallized forms (fears, negative patterns of behaviour, of inferior emotions, etc.)

The geometry of a person, in contrast to the geometry of crystals, is not perfect, its formation begins with the earliest periods of life under the influence of those or other vital (external) circumstances. It's not always that formation is positive and as a result, any adult person has a negative crystalline forms – fears, imbalances (geometric asymmetry), inferior emotions (anger, aggression, insecurity, anxiety, irritability, etc.) and other negative behaviors that impede development and improve its internal geometry.

Crystal essences, being a native of certain perfect forms, restore the integrity and symmetry of the internal space of the man and gently transformerait low frequency energies that keep us stuck in negative patterns of behaviour.

4. Improving the functioning of the brain and the nervous system. Strengthening of the ability of concentration, the impact on the environment improve mental abilities.

The possibility of absorption of the concentration properties of a crystal is determined by the similarity of the structure and principle of operation of the crystal and of the human brain. The force generated by a crystalline form that correlates with the conscious effort of brain and the entire nervous system of the person as a whole. Different crystals stimulate specific parts of the brain in the first place, and then apply to other systems of the body.

Roughly speaking, it looks like this: the hypothalamus and other glands of the head react to the vibration of a particular essence, then they are transferred to the bone and spinal cord, and then, so to speak, all diverge in different directions and tasks. Therefore, the crystal formula is able to improve the brain, sense organs, consciousness.

In the process of research impact, were especially highlighted in the ability of the essences to relieve consciousness (streamlined thought processes), to improve the perception of new information, enhance analytical skills, to improve concentration. The process of assimilation of the essences is instantaneous, but to feel the result, you need some time.

5. Increased mobility (fluidity), and continuity of consciousness

At a certain stage of self-development of people faced with the need of synchronization (adjustment) of the conscious and subconscious (instincts). Mode of consciousness is much more powerful to humans than the level of innate or unconditioned reflexes. But the wise mother nature has put in us a mode of "energy saving", which means that the consciousness included in the work is not always and only at certain times of need.

If you put these periods in a line, then the work of consciousness is a kind of dotted line, long or short gaps, but still intermittent. Many people don't realize how they move, for example, from home to work or to the store, because the task "to move from friend A to friend B" is a waste (reflexive). This "discontinuity" of consciousness leads to excessive involvement in domestic problems and of rigidity of consciousness, and the ability to obtain experience necessary to move on to the next phase.

In this case, the crystal formula to be "catalyst of development", helping to move away from unimportant details, and facilitating concentration on the Essentials, giving a real depth of knowledge. Creative people have essences can stimulate the emergence of new ideas, unconventional approaches to different tasks, expanding the horizon of opportunities.

6. The restoration of bioenergetic processes

Itself crystalline form will determine the possibility of improving "energy structure" of a person. The lattice sites can be correlated with the energy nodes of the internal structures (some of the nodes are known as "chakras").

But here we are not as important nodes, but the presence of a perfect form of the crystal. By equilibrium of forces of attraction-repulsion between the atoms (ions, molecules) of a crystal lattice there is a static relationship that, assimilating in the form of essences, restores the symmetry, integrity, and communication between nodes, the energy structure of the person.

7. Rejuvenation (external crystallization, preservation)

It has long been noted that the external form, or a person looks like, for the most part, reflects what the person represents. Conversely, any subtle psychological manifestation appears on a person's appearance. On this principle, in particular, is the principle of physiognomy. This principle (the form determines the content) correlated with the geometric model of the circulation of energy inside the shape.

Aging is, in fact, one of the manifestations of entropy - a gradual transition of an ordered inner structure in a state of chaos. The crystal formula is very interesting and valuable person from the position of conservation of energy: even if the crystal itself is destroyed, his energy keeps its spatial form, which is inaccessible to man. Crystal is a very ordered structure on the Ground and do not accept chaos.

The use of crystal essences carries a rejuvenating effect by reducing the phenomenon of entropy in the human body and the gradual approximation of the internal structure of man to perfect form. Perhaps the dosage of the crystalline skin, add essences in the cream, water for washing, etc.

8. Improvement and maintenance of those or other systems of the body

Every organ and system of the human body have their own vibration characteristics. Crystal essences to balance and normalize the body the whole person, by restoring integrity, but each crystal "specializiruetsya" at a certain organ or system of the body.

Muscle – beryl, emerald
Visual apparatus – amethyst, beryl, chrysoprase, emerald
Circulatory system – Jasper, emerald, tourmaline
The skeletal system rauchtopaz
The endocrine system – citrine, rock crystal, Topaz, chrysoprase
Light – rhinestone, chrome-diopside
Liver – beryl
Kidney, urinary system – the chrome diopside, chrysoprase

9. The elimination of vitamin and amino acid deficiency

In recent years, almost every person, especially those living in urban areas, is experiencing a vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiency, while intake of vitamin preparations is not always able to solve the problem. Of course, there is the quality of the products themselves, but for the most part the problem lies not in the lack of vitamins in products, but in a low degree of absorption by the human body.

The use of crystal essences promotes the conversion enters the body energy into higher frequencies, as a consequence, the release of human potential.

Production technology of crystal essences

For the production of crystalline essences are selected by the crystals, grown in certain areas (see "Geokristal of the Earth"), where the frequency is higher, since the spatial formation of the crystal takes place in accordance with the qualities of energy in which the crystal grew.

The three-dimensional space in which we live, can be described by temporal and nontemporal parameters. Timeless main indicator is the voltage, which on Earth are the crystals. In our space 13 is formed of the degrees of tension. They are caused by angular characteristics of our planet. According to this principle, formed as the crystals themselves, and their impact on our space: the larger the angle, the greater the stress and, consequently, stronger impact.

For essences are mostly selected energetically activated crystals, i.e., having the internal structure of a certain angle of inclination in three axes (angle of torsion energy). Such crystals can be called "energy generators," this structure when interacting with a person able to generate the energy. Figuratively it can be represented, if you place the crystal in a cone and start to rotate.

Different crystals will perceive different stress and to Express different degrees of tension. Of course, even a single crystal may have different variation and shall be based on the conditional power voltage, which fit into one or another corner.

The famous stages of production of crystal essences, 6:

1. A preparatory stage. Heat treatment of raw crystals. Selected crystals are heated in a furnace to a temperature of over 1000 degrees.
2. Grinding of raw materials up to the size consumed by the cell particles (CA. 0,4 MK.)
3. Cooking essences (each crystal is brewed at a certain temperature)
4. Cooking essences with alcohol
5. Settling, filtering
6. Spill in bottles with a special blue that protect from radiation, glass.

There are two more stages that is technological know-how, and we can't disclose.

Selection of crystal essences

You can build a conditional hierarchy of vibrational levels of crystals in accordance with the perfection of proportions of the internal crystalline structure (70 to 280 Hz). It is recommended to start with basic or universal essences, to avoid "overloading" and the development occurred sequentially rather than in leaps and bounds. But it has value and the level at which at the moment is people.

For the selection of the most effective at this stage of essence is enough to make a mental adjustment to the image of the crystal.

Quartz code (base) – Amethyst, Chrysoprase, rock crystal, Topaz, Jasper, Citrine.
Tourmaline code (universal) – Tourmaline
Peroksisomy code (outputs) - the chrome Diopside
Beryl code (perfect) – Beryl, Emerald

The earth (cube) is a Topaz, Tourmaline, Jasper
Air (octahedron) – Amethyst, rhinestone
Water (icosahedron) – Chrysoprase, chrome Diopside
Fire (tetrahedron) – Citrine
The ether (dodecahedron) – Beryl, Emerald

Application system crystal essences

It is best to use the crystal essences regularly.

Crystal formula should be used at least hour before or hour after a meal, due to the low vibration qualities of the ordinary food of modern man, 3-4 p/day 1-2 sprays.

The first appointment in the morning, before eating. You can take crystal essence, mixed with 100-200 gr. suitable host:

Amethyst – dry red wine (grape juice, if you don't drink alcohol);

Chrysoprase – mate;

Rhinestone – mineral water, green tea;

Rauchtopaz – coffee;

Jasper – water, black (gradation Chinese red) tea;

Citrine – warm water;

The diopside – mate turquoise blue tea (Oolong tea),

Beryl – mineral water, coffee, Yerba mate;

Emerald – mate, coffee, green, blue tea (Oolong);

Tourmaline, coffee, tea.

The same dose of essence can be applied on the body and at a distance from the body (the external field or the so-called "cocoon").

The outer zone of influence:

Amethyst – chest, center of the throat.
Chrysoprase – head, centre of throat
The rhinestone center of the throat, the eyebrows, the crown of the head.
Rauchtopaz – center of the throat, the eyebrows, the crown of the head.
Jasper - chest
Citrine – solar plexus, belly.
The chrome diopside, the solar plexus, the stomach.
Beryl is the head, nape, forehead.
Emerald – the face, forehead, crown.
Tourmaline eyebrows, the crown of the head.

Recommendedone of the techniques to produce at the time of maximum absorption of vibration of the crystal:

Amethyst evening after 16.00;

Chrysoprase – from 08.00 to 10.00;

Rhinestone – from 01.00 to 07.00;

Rauchtopaz – from 23.00 to 06.00;

Jasper – c 22.00 to 02.00;

Citrine – from 05.00 to 07.00;

The chrome diopside from 20.00 to 22.00;

Beryl – the first half of the day till 14.00;

Emerald – from 12.00 to 16.00;

Tourmaline – from 06.00 to 12.00.

If the effect was too strong, you can soften the action of the essences, spraying on the skin or a short distance from the body.

The process of assimilation of the essences is instantaneous, but to feel the result, you need some time.

One bottle will keep30 ml.essentially, this amount is enough for about a month of taking the standard scheme.

Some other visible and clearly felt the effect of the essences, which can occur after some time of use: normalization of sleep, relieve unnecessary physical and psychological stress, exacerbation of chronic diseases and injuries.

Store crystal essences away from sunlight.

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