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A professional psychologist will guide You through your inner world, using archetypal images.


Why do we turn to ourselves last? Probably because in fact, somewhere in the depths of our soul, we do not want any changes...

A professional psychologist will guide You through your inner world, using archetypal images. Images play a very important role in our lives. Often a very complex idea can be easily explained, creating a beautiful image. Archetypal images reflect the structure of the human psyche. This structure in the process of working with the disk You fill it with your specific personal content, so it is important to set a specific goal just before the audition.

First very carefully read (and reread) the instructions clearly finding out all unknown words and highlights.

Remember that ourthe subconsciousalways carefullyguardsus from the slightest of annoyances and dangers and to do this alwaysselectsbestavailable at his disposalways.

And even the most absurd, at first glance, and destructive behavior, including the most terrible disease, have a "secondary (more important for the subconscious, compared with inflicted damage) - benefit" andcontrolledsubconscious. So, when in doubt about the presence of the slightest threat to the "secondary benefit" (without adequate replacement) the subconscious mind uses its entire Arsenal of torpedoes and successfully all our good intentions,forcingconsciousnessto invent a thousand reasons why we abandoned the planned.

This program is not able to make You something not to do (thereby, perhaps, depriving You of the only thing You have available at the moment). On the contrary, here is the algorithm, how constantly and systematicallymoreeffectivelyto learnmore effective and successfulmethodsanythingto do and find a decent selection.

Believe me that,havingself-sufficient and worthychoice,the subconsciousalwaysfindsthebestmethodresponse, depending on the situation, and considering the balanced needs of all the particles of the soul, any part of the person and any cell of the body!


Before starting the meditation session, define your goals, ideally in writing. You can make a long list, but every lesson put in front of a one — two.

At the beginning put a small, very specific (the result) and achievable (at this stage of Your development) goals. Having achieved success in one narrow area, You will notice how Your skill extends to other areas. For example, the first three classes, it is recommended to set a goal: "to quickly attain, essential for meditation the state of attention the mind and relax the body."

Organize yourself as comfortable and calm conditions. Turn off the radio and the TV, unplug the phone (or maximum turn down the ringer volume). Ask your family not to distract You during lessons. Don't put the alarm clock so You Wake up automatically at a desired time.

Starting position — lying on his back. Hands at your sides (palms down, fingers bent brush shalashikom) or crossed over your chest, hands under his armpits ("pull yourself together!"). The surface on which you lie should not be too soft because a soft surface is difficult to relax the muscles, and not too hard, because hard surface is hard on muscle and bone (the best — mattress on the floor). Clothing should be free (especially in zone). Weakly compressive soft bandage on my forehead (preferably pure wool), on the contrary, improves the perception.

The greatest effect is observed if to do in the period from 16 to 18 hours (preferably strictly at the same time and at least three hours from the time when you usually go to bed). But if You have limited time, you can put the disc directly before bed. In this case, make sure to do the relaxation phase (at the beginning of the disc) — the quality of sleep from that is greatly improved.

If You prefer sitting, make sure that Your feet fully rested on the floor with your arms lying on his knees.

These recommendations facilitate the necessary conditions and more complete and rapid effect. If You are very ill, or for some reason You find it difficult or don't want some of them to perform, can do so, as the most convenient for You.

Before class and right after it it is useful to drink a glass of clean water. Water plays a significant role in conducting nerve impulses. The lack of water in the body can lead to headaches.


The greatest effect is manifested with the disk when using stereo headphones. Install the minimum appropriate volume level. Take the initial position (try — always the same). Highly recommended at the beginning of class to draw attention to the fact that Your language was the most relaxed. Eyes closed and pointed at the eyebrows.

In the beginning of the program, remaining with eyes closed, tense all the muscles relax and dramatically, then take a deep slow breath through the diaphragm to inflate the stomach (through the nose, on the count of 3), small break (on the count of 3) and exhale slowly (through the closed,but not tightlips, on the count of 6), take a break (at the expense of 4); 3-5 times repeat whole cycle to get Your body tuned into the right rhythm, and then allow the body to maintain this rhythm automatically (without conscious effort).

Listening carefully and following the instructions at the beginning of class, relax. For quick and easy entry into the state of heightened perception and recreation without the disk in any place and at any time very useful if You start to submit any image (always the same), such as a clenched fist gradually decompressed (give space to your living imagination, and it will tell you the most expressive way, perhaps symbolic).

Further, depending on Your condition, you can use one of two ways (or in combination):

1. Passively listen to the voice (voice sound), pondering the meaning of each sentence. Let all that is said, spontaneously unfolding on the screen of Your mental eye. If You suddenly find that Your attention has shifted to everyday thoughts and problems (first is fine) — calmly and gently return your attention to the voice (sometimes it helps if You repeat each phrase in the first person, — substituting "I").With each lesson Your ability to concentrate and creative thinking increase.

2. The second way is to relax and focus on thoughts that you relax and fall asleep, not paying attention to the voice (volume removed to a level below the meaning differed only with attentive listening).

For healing enough to do every third day, but regularly, since the "path of sensations" quickly grow. The first time it is recommended to just listen carefully to the entire program (without relaxation) to make sure that everything that it says, safe for You and satisfies You with a moral and ethical point of view.The only limitation in the application of this methodology is that Your unwillingness to change.

The image of the "Creator" referred to in the beginning and at the end of the program, does not depend on denomination and generally, on whether You believe in God or not. For example, at the end of last century, scientists established that DNA has a mind of its own, and learned to enter it in direct contact, using simple psychological techniques. So choose for yourself what suits You best.

During the class, except for the very beginning (before zero), it is not necessary to maintain complete immobility. Take that stance and You, in the moment, all I wanted to take. Leave aside all the fabrications about the crossed arms and legs. The universe is holographic. Part of the universe, so there's no point in meditation is to go upwards, or "open", taking any special posture. "Know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and gods", "as above, so below" (Hermes Trismegistus).


During meditation it is not necessary nor something to fight with, to push myself, and draw the necessary detachment to follow their thoughts and images or what not getting involved. During meditation there is a processing problem for the brain that operates sensations, emotions and images. Those that he currently need, even if, at first glance, quite unrelated to the issue among themselves, and in particular needed for this sequence. For those who used anything and everything to control it, you can and should try to do what is said in meditation.

The text on the disc carefully checked from the point of view of security. There are no threat for the values of the words, expressions and semantic structure. To comply with Your internal ecology are only "technological instructions", whichYour brainfillsYour own specific content.

If during class You suddenly have an uncomfortable status because You, as You seem too entered another reality (identified with it), stay calm. Remember that You are in control of the situation, and in Your power to stop the effect of being in another reality. Remember that without Your consent nothing can possess You. You and only You create this effect — a product of Your brain.

Tell yourself firmly: "I wish to go back to reality, I return to the familiar surroundings". Several times with the power squeeze and release the fingers, open your eyes slowly. Intensely (painfully) massage the area between the eyebrows, between the nose and the upper lip between thumb and forefinger.

But, remembering that You're completely safe, it is better to "win" (survive) the situation to the end, because otherwise it will return (this is Your internal problem, requiring a solution that does not depend on whether You are listening to the program, or not).

Being fully conscious, You might find that it is not able to move hand or foot. Stay calm — it triggered a defense mechanism that keeps us from walking in their sleep and provides deep relaxation to the body. You can just wait for a while, enjoying the rest — the ability to move will soon be restored. If You are in a hurry, say to yourself confidently: "Now I stand, I stand, I got up(and)". You suddenly find that You have stood up. Be sure to stretch, straining the muscles along the spine, and continue to act according to the situation.

If You have felt pain behind the breastbone, or You elderly people not do the exercise of "tension — relaxation".

Don't listen to the disc in parts (regularly), since the effect of this is impossible to predict.

Don't get up abruptly, immediately after the end of the program, first stretch, straining back muscles and do a few easy physical exercises with hands.

The expected effect.

Improving health and relationships with others. The way out of the doldrums. Increase self-esteem and self-worth.

More successful purposive activity, with less energy consumption. Quick recovery after (and during) stress, illness, and severe physical and mental stress.

The development of creative and psychic abilities. Regularly SHAPED MEDITATION, You get a key to keep calm in stressful situations and fast, but a rest. Further, in order to calm down and relax, You need to imagine Your mental image of the rest and make a relaxed deep breath.

The words "aim," "wholeness" and "healing" have the same root, therefore, more visible and more rapid effect on employment will be people who have realized that they have problems with health and relationships with ourselves and others and want to resolve them in the best way, or want to improve their performance in sports, creativity, business etc. in other people, amid the General prosperity and the absence of important purposes for them, the effect may be less visible (but no less significant).

On average, improvement is noticeable after 10 — 15 regular classes. Usually 20-25 of these lessons is enough to start the healing process. If You put the program before sleep, for a noticeable effect, sometimes want a little more time (very individual person).

Is recommended recurrence after 3 months, or in case of any problem. The technique is compatible with any forms of therapy (more — significantly increases their efficiency and reduces harmful side effects).

To achieve the other goals required daily classes, preferably in the morning, immediately after awakening (usually at this time most people just "lying", lazing in bed), and evening (from 16 to 18 hours), or at bedtime (re activities provide a very tangible result). Before each class, You should clearly formulate the goal.

The method has no contraindications or habituation effect. The more You train and gain experience, the more noticeable and lasting results. Soon You will learn to start the mechanism of healing and solving problems automatically by simply setting a goal and taking a deep breath (then You will need first once in three months and then once a year to refresh the skill). Remember that in any case, it is first necessary to clearly formulate the goal.

Another recommendation is to record at the end of each session all your experiences, feelings, findings and considerations. Write down everything You experienced during the meditation, even those thoughts, memories and feelings that have no apparent connection with Your problem. Perhaps You will see them in a new light. In any case, using the records You pave the way to direct their creative resources and the harmonious state of body, soul and personality, which is self-healing (if for some reason You can't record with the same success can be your experience to tell a story to the recorder, or tell a close person).

Side effects.

With the General dehydration of the body and not the rule of two glasses of water can be a headache. Despite the special techniques used in the text, in very rare cases, mild pain occurs, usually immediately after listening to or the next day, and means that beneficial changes do occur. This pain can be easily removed following exercise: drink a glass of clean water and about 5 minutes in a quiet environment, imagine how the warm waves flow from the head to the hands and feet. Hands and feet becomes warm and round head appears cool.

A variety of sensations in the forehead are also very common (for this meditation) and suggests that the process is going in the right direction. If they continue after the meditation and somehow disturbing, or unpleasant, it is necessary to apply a simple exercise: sitting with a straight back (no voltage) to imagine (with closed or open eyes), that some elastic luminous body (substance, energy, etc.) leaves You out of the center of the forehead (where the maximum feeling), and stretching, goes to infinity, then, under the action of elastic forces is returned and, passing through the head, goes to infinity already ago.

Then she comes back and goes forward again... And so 5-15 minutes (You will feel that enough). A strong recommendation is the lack of a trajectory of movement of this substance in humans, animals and plants (in the visible region), Rivne and don't forget to breathe deeply. This exercise is versatile and helps with the appearance of unpleasant sensations in any chakra.

When listening to the program early in the morning (just waking up), or repeatedly in a single day, some people can appear distracted. So, avoid such listening, if your work requires more attention, or linked, to one degree or another, with dangerous machinery.

Stay healthy and happy!

Note: This program is not intended to replace any treatment. The program can cause unpredictable effects on a background of reception of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs. In no case do not listen to this CD while driving and while operating other potentially dangerous machinery.

The optimum listening mode, 1 time in three days. After 15 times you need to take a break in two weeks. Any number of auditions in one day counts as one time.

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