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The sounds of nature treated with a special sound processor for configuration of the body at the natural frequency of the Earth's ionosphere, which varies with specific frequencies (called resonant frequencies Schumann) under the action of the solar wind.


The CD HEALING: Along the Magic River "presents sounds of nature (the sound of a stream, rain, wind, birds, cicadas) with the overlay of special healing music.

The sounds of nature are processed by a special sound processor to tune the body to the natural frequency of the Earth's ionosphere, which oscillates at certain frequencies (the so-called Schumann resonance frequencies) under the influence of the solar wind.

And also to synchronize the bioelectric activity of the cerebral hemispheres to tune the body to work with healing music.

Healing music, superimposed on the sounds of nature, contains modulated high frequency sounds, plus precisely selected (using unique modern electronic equipment) binaural rhythms, which contribute to entering special meditative states in which the human body self-heals. The musical material is built on the basis of fractal mathematics and the Golden Section, which prevents physiological addiction.

As a result, the program not only promotes the body's self-healing from various ailments, but also harmonizes energy, ensuring optimal energy balance, and also trains and stimulates the brain for highly productive activity.

High frequency sounds directly interact with specific areas of the brain, causing biochemical resonance in the production of hormones and neuroregulatory peptides, which results in significant improvements in the implementation of various brain functions and, as a result, improved health.

Electromagnetic pollution of the environment (television, radio, microwave, electrical wiring in the walls of buildings) can knock the human body out of its natural rhythm. As a result, various cardiovascular disorders, decreased immunity, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. may occur.

The sounds of the program literally protect you from various electromagnetic pollution of the surrounding space, since the organism throughout its evolution tuned to this rhythm and very quickly returns to it in the presence of even a weak pacemaker.

These are deeply meditative and healing sounds that allow you to rest very well after heavy physical, emotional and mental stress. The need for sleep is reduced by 1-3 hours (depending on the debt). Athletes who listened to this disc immediately after intense training or competition noted the absence of muscle pain and weakness on the second day. On the contrary, there is a high vitality and pleasure from movement.

People who regularly practiced this disc for about a month noted the following changes:

• increased capacity for self-healing;

• strengthening the humoral and energetic immune system of the body;

• detoxification of the body;

• disappearance of ringing in the ears;

• getting rid of hypersensitivity to sounds;

• improvement of short-term and long-term memory;

• improving the ability to concentrate;

• improving the ability to simultaneously perform various tasks;

• increasing creativity;

• ability to think faster than before;

• expanding the range of sound perception;

• improving the ability to learn and understand foreign languages;

• increasing self-confidence, reducing anxiety and getting rid of unreasonable fears;

• experience of guided dreams;

• improvement of fine motor skills and general ability to control your body (professional musicians, dancers, martial arts, car drivers);

• increasing vivacity and energy during the day and improving the quality of sleep at night (reducing the need for sleep);

However, it should be noted right away that any improvement occurs after a more or less short period of exacerbation of negative symptoms (generally speaking, this phenomenon is typical for all natural methods of healing).


Organize yourself as comfortable and calm as possible. Turn off the radio and TV, turn off the phone (or turn down the ringer volume as much as possible). Ask your loved ones not to distract you during class. It is highly recommended to remove pets from the room (If during deep relaxation your favorite cat jumps on your chest or a dog suddenly barks nearby, you will experience very unpleasant sensations)!

Drink a glass of plain, clear water. Place the second glass of water next to it during the lesson and drink it right after the end of the lesson. Water plays a huge role in our life. Improper nutrition leads to partial dehydration of the body. As a result, the intercellular potential shifts, which prevents the normal passage of nerve impulses. This is a fairly common cause of headaches.

Due to the strong polarity, water molecules are able to form various structures. These structures will be complementary to electromagnetic, acoustic, thermal fields affecting water. Convincing Request - for your own benefit, always follow the rule of 2 glasses of water!

Starting position - lying on your back. Hands - along the body (palms down, fingers bent - brush like a hut), or crossed on the chest, palms under the armpits ("pull yourself together!"). The surface on which you lie should not be too soft, as it is difficult to relax the muscles on a soft surface, and not too hard, because a hard surface strongly presses on muscle tissue (optimally - a mattress on the floor). Clothing should be loose (especially at the waist).

A slightly pressing soft bandage on the forehead and around the head (preferably pure woolen - for example, a ski hat), on the contrary, improves perception. If you prefer to exercise while sitting, make sure that your feet are fully resting on the floor and your hands are resting freely on your knees. These recommendations make it easier to achieve the necessary conditions and a more complete and faster effect.

The greatest effect of exercise is manifested when using stereo headphones in combination with closely spaced speakers. You can listen simply with headphones, setting an acceptable (comfortable) volume level. There is no direct relationship between loudness and efficiency, so always select a loudness level based on your comfort.

Take the starting position (try - it's always the same). It is highly recommended to keep your tongue as relaxed as possible throughout the session. The eyes are closed, you can direct your gaze to the between the eyebrows (if this does not cause you an unpleasant tension of the eye muscles).

If during the lesson you suddenly have an uncomfortable state because, as it seems to you, you have entered another reality too much (identified with it), remember that you yourself are in control of the situation, and it is in your power to stop the effect of being in another reality. Without your consent, nothing can take over you. You and only you yourself create this effect - the product of your brain.

Tell yourself firmly: "I want to return to reality, I am returning to my usual environment." Squeeze and unclench your fingers several times, slowly open your eyes. Intensively (painfully) massage the areas between the eyebrows, between the nose and upper lip, between the thumbs and forefingers. But, remembering that you are completely safe, it is better to “play out” (survive) the situation to the end and try to find a way out of it (any, even the most fantastic - as in a dream), because otherwise it will come to you return (this is your internal problem that requires a solution, which does not depend on whether you have listened to the disc or not).

In full consciousness, you may suddenly find that you are unable to move either arm or leg. This triggered a defense mechanism that prevents us from walking in sleep and provides deep rest for the body. You can just wait a little while enjoying the rest - the ability to move will recover soon. If you are in a hurry, say to yourself confidently: "Now I will get up, I will get up, I got up (a)." You suddenly find that you have already got up. Then proceed as appropriate.

Some people suddenly discover that their consciousness seems to be separated from the body and observes their own body from the side, hovering under the ceiling or over the very floor of the room in which they began to study. These are completely natural sensations for deep relaxation - as soon as you think about your own body and try to move, you will immediately return to your usual state.

Brief description of the applied technologies. Studies carried out by the National Center for Metrology and Research "LIDO" and the Institute of Cell Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Pushchino, 1997, using a spectrum analyzer in the 5-mm wavelength range, made it possible to obtain amplitude spectra of modulation signals emitted by cells of living organisms (research).

Analysis of the spectra of demodulated signals showed that the spectra of signals from cells with pathology differ from the spectra of signals from healthy cells. The frequency components of the harmonics of modulation (information) signals lie in the region of infra-low frequencies (tenths - hundredths of hertz). A biologically significant harmonic is normally detected in the range of 0.01-0.03 Hz.

Taking into account the results obtained, the parameters of the modulating signals of the Minitag apparatus (8000 rubles) were selected, which is very successfully used in information-wave therapy for the treatment of various diseases. Since high-frequency signals are already decoded by the upper layers of the skin and transformed into sound frequency signals (which are distributed in the body), this technology has found application in the creation of this audio disc.

In the 50s, the electroencephalography (EEG) method was developed, which makes it possible to record and study the electrical potentials of the brain. At the same time, it was found that the brain is able to synchronize the frequency of its bioelectric potentials with the frequency of various rhythmic stimuli, for example, specially organized sound stimuli (clicks, binaural beats), if the repetition rate of the stimuli is within the natural frequency range of the brain's electrical potentials - 0.5-42 Hz (vibrations per second). This discovery made it possible to create an effective system for training the brain to achieve the necessary states.

Another interesting category of sounds was discovered in his research by the French otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis. He was the first to systematically investigate the effect of high frequency sounds (above 5000 vibrations per second) on the human psyche.

Tomatis discovered that the ear not only hears, but the vibrations it perceives stimulate the nerves of the inner ear, where these vibrations are converted into electrical impulses that enter the brain in various ways. Some go to the auditory centers, and we perceive them as sounds. Others create an electrical potential in the cerebellum that controls complex movements and a sense of balance. From there they go to the limbic system, which controls our emotions and the secretion of various biochemicals, including hormones that affect our entire body. The electrical potential created by sound is also transmitted to the cerebral cortex, which controls the higher functions of consciousness. Thus, high frequency sound stimulates the brain, and with it the entire body.

Another discovery of Tomatis was a direct connection between the range of a person's auditory perception, the range of vibrations of his voice and his level of health. Tomatis developed a special recording process called the electronic ear. In this process, the high-frequency and low-frequency components are cut alternately from the normal sound.

When a person listens to such a recording, the muscles of his ear are trained by alternating tension and relaxation; this expands the range of auditory perception, and as a result, many disorders disappear. There are many documented studies showing, in particular, that as a result of the application of this method, creativity is enhanced, memory and concentration are improved, and coordination of movements is significantly improved.

It should be noted that at present, these technologies have been introduced and successfully applied in virtually all major training centers around the world.

Stay healthy and happy!

Attention:This program is not intended to replace any treatment. The program can cause unpredictable effects on a background of reception of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs. In no case do not listen to this CD while driving and while operating other potentially dangerous machinery.

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