When Photosonix introduced a new way to get pulsating light with the Mind machine Luma 10, it was a big leap forward compared to everything that was available earlier with Mind machines.

But no one could truly describe this new technology or explain for what purpose it was actually intended.

In the market of the light-sound industry every year there are great innovations. Many of these new technologies look much more attractive on paper than they can be of benefit to anyone.

When Luma 10 with the new Light Weave technology became widely available, a squalling wave of excited phone calls rolled in all directions among the old-timers in this area - this is Christofer Oliver, Michael Landgraf, Andy Dolan, Ed Courtney (Ed Courtney) ... "did you see these amazing images?", "I can't believe what I was watching with Luma 10 now."

So, what is Light Weave, and what distinguishes this technology from other Mind AVS machines? Usually, mind machines use pulsating light signals, flashes that appear, then disappear (turn on / off). Light Weave uses pulsating light, flashing in intensive mode, so that the light ripple never turns off completely.

The flickering light softens the eyes, allowing them to remain in a more relaxed state, unlike a light source that turns on and off alternately. The more relaxed your eyes are, the faster and deeper you will progress during the session.

From many users, I heard that they get real pleasure from sessions precisely because of visual images, and they never get bored with sessions with mind machines. Observing the users of Mind machines for many years, I noticed that the more interesting and unusual visual images, the visions created by machines, the more people use them.

Physicians, including hypnosis specialists, who use this equipment, also report that interesting visual images help their clients quickly move away from the outside world, bringing them to a state that is conducive to the perception of audio recordings that simulate behavioral patterns.

Hypnotherapists prefer the images created by the device Luma 10, because The spiral and constantly changing nature of these images quickly captures the user's attention and makes it much easier for them to enter a state of hypnosis.

Light Weave and Luma 10 are still new to the general public, and it will be very interesting to see how, in the end, people will apply this new technology.

Jeff labno