Healing-2: Rainy Noon (electronic version)

Healing-2: Rainy Noon (electronic version)

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The disc represents the sounds of nature with the imposition of a special healing music. Disc provides deeper relaxation and in the background Delta frequency (deep sleep), the body produces the growth hormone somatotropin.


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The "HEALING-2: Rainy Afternoon" program presents sounds of nature with the imposition of special healing music.

Just like the Healing 1: Along the Magic River disc, this disc, when practiced regularly, provides the following changes:

  • increased capacity for self-healing;
  • strengthening the humoral and energetic immune systems of the body; detoxification of the body;
  • disappearance of ringing in the ears;
  • getting rid of hypersensitivity to sounds;
  • improving short-term and long-term memory;
  • improved ability to concentrate;
  • improving the ability to simultaneously perform various tasks;
  • increasing creativity;
  • the ability to think faster than before; expanding the range of sound perception;
  • improving the ability to study and understand foreign languages;
  • increasing self-confidence, reducing anxiety and getting rid of unreasonable fears;
  • experience of guided dreams;
  • improving fine motor skills and general ability to control your body (professional musicians, dancers, martial arts, car drivers);
  • increasing vivacity and energy during the day and improving the quality of sleep at night (reducing the need for sleep);

Any natural healing processes are usually accompanied by a more or less short period of exacerbation of negative symptoms. There is a so-called "burnout". There is no need to be afraid of this, but you must remember that it was not the disc that caused you unpleasant sensations, but that your old (or fresh) sores were activated in order to leave you forever. Usually this activation (fading) lasts no more than three days. It is very helpful to read the dedicated forum thread before using the disc.

The Healing-2 disc has absorbed, in fact, all the technologies of the Healing-1 disc, so you can read more about this in the description for the Healing-1 disc.

The main difference of the Healing-2 disc is the frequency range it uses. If the Healing-1 disk worked only in the alpha range, then the stimulation frequencies in the Healing-2 disk decrease from the alpha to the delta range and even lower (J. Thompson calls this range "Epsilon"). Thus, the Healing-2 disk provides deeper relaxation. As you know, against the background of delta frequencies (deep sleep), the body produces growth hormone somatotropin.
Unlike the use of a synthetic drug, stimulation with sound cannot lead to overdose and does not cause negative side effects. Thus, compared to the Healing-1 disc, the Healing-2 disc is enhanced the following functions:

  • restoration of mechanical tissue damage (enhanced recovery after surgery and physical injuries);
  • rejuvenation and restoration of the body;
  • enhancing the effect of sports training;
  • immunostimulating effect;
  • reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits; accelerated body growth in children and adolescents;
  • improvement of mental abilities;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • cleansing the skin from papillomas, warts and age spots;
  • improving the condition of hair and nails.

After lowering the stimulation frequency to the lowest values and a short shutter speed, the frequencies start to increase, and rise to the gamma range. This allows you to avoid a half-asleep state after listening to the disc (except in cases of large sleep debt), stimulate memory and attention, as well as improve your mood.

As a result, Disc Healing-2 can be used as a mild antidepressant. Unfortunately, high stimulation frequencies cannot be adequately organized through binaural beats, so amplitude modulation had to be used. Amplitude modulation does not work at low volumes, so please do not make the sound too loud at the very beginning, as at the end of the program, the sound volume will roughly double.


Organize yourself as comfortable and calm as possible. Turn off the radio and TV, turn off the phone (or turn down the ringer volume as much as possible). Ask your loved ones not to distract you during class. It is highly recommended to remove pets from the room (If during deep relaxation your favorite cat jumps on your chest or a dog suddenly barks nearby, you will experience very unpleasant sensations)!

Drink a glass of plain, clear water. Place the second glass of water next to it during the lesson and drink it right after the end of the lesson.

Water plays a huge role in our life. Improper nutrition leads to partial dehydration of the body. As a result, the intercellular potential shifts, which prevents the normal passage of nerve impulses. This is a fairly common cause of headaches. For this disc, the rule of 2 glasses of water is more relevant than for the Healing-1 disc.

Starting position - recommended lying on your back, or half-sitting. The surface on which you lie should not be too soft, as it is difficult to relax the muscles on a soft surface, and not too hard, because a hard surface puts a lot of pressure on the muscle tissue. Clothing should be loose (especially in the waist). A slightly pressing soft bandage on the forehead and around the head (preferably pure woolen - for example, a ski hat), on the contrary, improves perception.

It's a good idea to practice wearing the Palantir mask (who has one). If you prefer to exercise while sitting, make sure that your feet are fully resting on the floor and your hands are resting freely on your knees. These recommendations are not dogma, but following them facilitates the achievement of the necessary conditions and a more complete and quick effect. The greatest effect from exercise is manifested when using stereo headphones, at a comfortable volume level. There is no direct relationship between loudness and efficiency, so always select a loudness level based on your comfort.

Take the starting position (try - it's always the same). It is highly recommended to keep your tongue as relaxed as possible throughout the session. The eyes are closed, you can direct your gaze to the between the eyebrows (if this does not cause you an unpleasant tension of the eye muscles).

If during the lesson you suddenly have an uncomfortable state because, as it seems to you, you have entered another reality too much (identified with it), remember that you yourself are in control of the situation, and it is in your power to stop the effect of being in another reality. Without your consent, nothing can take over you. You and only you yourself create this effect - the product of your brain.

Tell yourself firmly: “I want to return to reality, I am returning to my usual environment.” Several times firmly squeeze and unclench your fingers, slowly open your eyes. Intensively (painfully) massage the areas between the eyebrows, between the nose and upper lip, between the thumbs and forefingers. But, remembering that you are completely safe, it is better to “play out” (survive) the situation to the end and try to find a way out of it (any, even the most fantastic - as in a dream), because otherwise it will come to you to return (this is your inner problem that requires a solution, which does not depend on whether you have listened to the disc or not). Being fully conscious, you may suddenly find that you are unable to move either arm or leg. This triggered a defense mechanism that prevents us from walking in sleep and provides deep rest for the body. You can just wait a little while enjoying the rest - the ability to move will recover soon. If you are in a hurry, say to yourself confidently: "Now I will get up, I will get up, I got up (a)." You suddenly find that you have already got up.

Then proceed as appropriate. Some people suddenly discover that their consciousness seems to be separated from the body and observes their own body from the side, hovering under the ceiling or over the very floor of the room in which they began to study. These are completely natural sensations for deep relaxation - as soon as you think about your own body and try to move, you will immediately return to your usual state.

Often, upon reaching a fairly deep relaxation of the body, various effects begin to appear, which Schultz (the father of autogenous training) called autogenous discharges: itching, tickling, pulling sensations, cold, warmth, vibrations in various parts of the body, an apparent change in body size, or parts of it, you can hear your own snoring, or / and your heartbeat (some people think that it is too strong), it may seem that you have completely stopped breathing, etc. These are natural states that you will have to get used to at first. and then they will gradually disappear on their own. The optimal time for practicing with this disc is from 4 pm to 6 pm.

In any case, avoid listening to this disc before bed - to avoid trouble falling asleep. The maximum is 4 hours before the time you go to bed. Optimal listening mode: once a day, listen for 15 days, rest for 15 days, listen for 15 days. You can continue in the same mode for up to 3 months (in this case, you need a break of at least 3 months). The disc is not a pill, but a brain training, and although it works great situationally for minor problems, you can expect stable results no earlier than after a full listening cycle (15/15/15). To achieve a lasting effect, interruptions in listening are allowed for no more than two days.

Warning: This program is not intended to replace any treatment. The program can cause unpredictable effects while taking alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs. Never listen to this disc while driving a car or while operating other potentially dangerous machinery.

To pay and download the e-version (original .WAV file)

Price: 350 rubles

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