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DreamStalker Ultra

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The device is created based on user feedback and expert recommendations. The entrance to lucid dream has never been so easy.



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DreamStalker Ultracontinues the series of modern devices for lucid dreaming, based on years of operation experience of previously issued instruments "DreamStalker" and"DreamStalker PRO"

The device is created based on user feedback and expert recommendations. The entrance to lucid dream has never been so easy.

The device "DreamStalker Ultra" use of the former sensor design movements of the eyes as instruments, the "DreamStalker" and "DreamStalker PRO".The analog data from the sensor is received at the integrated ADC of the microcontroller with 12bit bit depth. It should be noted that in devices of "DreamStalker" and "DreamStalker PRO" ADC bit depth of 10bit. Increase the resolution of the ADC allows you to more accurately track the slightest changes of the input signal.

On the upper end of the housing of the device, which is accessible through the open upper part of the mask, there are: slot for microSDHC (microSD) memory cards up to 32GB, mini USB connector (for charging built-in lithium battery), - audio Jack 3.5 mm Jack for headphones (internal speaker automatically switch off), green and red indicator LEDs.

On the left side of the instrument housing "DreamStalker Ultra" is the microphone hole, which can be used for automatic recording of dreams, to record messages on the recorder, overwriting the message "before" and "after" tips, scenario dreams. The other four holes is the sound output from the speaker.

For fans of using vibrations as hints (or full awakening) to the device "DreamStalker Ultra" sets the vibrator (vibration motor), the power of which can be adjusted in the system settings of the device.

Device "DreamStalker Ultra" has "on Board" built-in Wi-Fi module, which works in access point mode. That is, you can connect to it from any laptop, tablet or smartphone, and any computer with wifi adapter.

Thus, all the settings and buttons control the functions displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. No apps to install, control all settings and functions of the device is made directly through the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

A new device for lucid dreaming "DreamStalker Ultra" is designed to eliminate all "weak points" of legacy devices of the line "DreamStalker". Many buyers devices "DreamStalker" and "DreamStalker PRO" would like to see in your device built, lightweight and compact, a modern rechargeable lithium battery instead of batteries of format AAA (ALKALINE), which constantly have to buy and change. Now the device "DreamStalker Ultra" is set Li-Pol (lithium-polymer) battery capacity 900-1000mA, which can charge from any standard charger with a USB outlet or from the USB port of the computer.

The red led signals that the device DreamStalker Ultra charger is connected.Flashing green led means that the charging process is finished, the green led will light steadily.

Information about the device:

Full instructions DreamStalker Ultra (pdf)

Manual - quick start (eng) (pdf)

Update the firmware on iOS11 (pdf)

Creating quality audio-files with messages (pdf)

How to get rid of the terrible and nightmarish dreams (pdf)

Set of files to the memory card of the device (zip)

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