The allocation of the astral body I, II, III

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Сборник из всех 6-ти программ серии "Выделение астрального тела" (1, 2 и 3)


This disc is a compilation of all 6 programmes in the series "the Allocation of the astral body" (1, 2 and 3), the factory edition which came to an end.

The total duration of the drive - about 3 hrs. 35 min.

The allocation of the astral body

Выделение астрального тела

Disk will help You develop the skills allocation of the subtle body. The technique is based on the work of the famous masters of astral travel by Robert Monroe. Exercise is quite complicated. It is recommended to perform it when You are able to retain consciousness in a state of “body asleep/mind awake”.

The allocation of the astral body II

Выделение астрального тела 2

The disc contains two additional exercises:
1. Feeling Local 1:
Entering the focus 12, You will get acquainted with your energy body - energy field surrounding the physical body. And will learn to manage it.
2. Immersion in Local 1:
Exercise 2 allows you to start a global study Local 1 by expanding the energy body in focus 12.

The allocation of the astral body III

Выделение астрального тела 3

The disc contains two additional exercises:
1. Starting point:
Your goal - to bring the energy body out of phase with the physical body. You will again move into focus 12, translate consciousness into the energy body and turn it 180 degrees. This is the starting point for all astral travel.
2. Invisible friends:
In the course of research at the Monroe Institute found that experimenters usually helped some invisible beings, who leave the physical body or in any other way contributed to the achievement of the task.

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