Bracelet of life 2.4 (ebony)

Bracelet of life 2.4 (ebony)


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Technology containing a special component - FOR (cell cloud). Regeneration, activation of reduction potential, more strength and energy to restoration itself.

Why do I need TO (cell cloud)? It not only increases the efficiency of the BZ, but also connects all of our items (not only BJ) in a single system interacting among themselves and with the operator of the device.

This is a unique technology with the power of the manifestations of which can be found in the opinion of people on the forum regarding the use of a variety of our products. For example, many well-known "authorization system", often launching "future purchase" to work with the operator (the person making the decision to buy one of the products) - the system authorization, the essence of the program on KO. Automatic consequences and clear reactions can be traced and repeatedly confirmed by the tens and hundreds of user reviews where tracked key events demonstrating timely response authorization system.

Thus - the power TO special technology to increase the efficiency of the BZ, the ability to integrate all products together in one powerful unit.

Due TO, You can more fully interact not only with those products that directly with You, but those that stayed home or somewhere else.

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