Bracelet of life 2.2 OS+ (fairing+stoppage)

Bracelet of life 2.2 OS+ (fairing+stoppage)

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Combo product: 2.2 + Stoppage + Fairing + new way of "charging".

Since the "Fairing" is created as a special product and inside it is a tricky module to steer the correct interaction of the products with each other, it is, as it joined the system as a whole. Stoppage formally included in the fairing, but in the new version the stronger it is updated separately, and 2.2 is applied as the device is closer to a snapshot of the processes and physics of the cocoon that gives the most simple in the here and now.
The result is a BJ 2.2 OS+ (fairing + stoppage), which is very effective as a progressive display, and does not interfere with your creative interaction with the outside world. Plus the technique is "drawing" all three products are more powerful and efficient (analogue broadcast).

Well used pair (two arms or two legs) that can be used and beginners (as a first product).

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