Bracelet of life 2.61 (ebony)


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2.6 - kind of the opposite of 2.5, the manifestation of a quality of stability and permanence (the principle Homo). What keeps you from chaos. From the point of view of the operator bracelet 2.6, is the ability to be ground, to guide, to push, and it can be both internal quality and external (broadcast to others). People in 2.6 to a greater extent recognized as leaders, they can do to influence events. Even remotely they are identified as "VIPs", so, one of the buyers 2.6, described that of his old car started to miss on the way from the meeting with the courier who brought 2.6, which may be associated only with non-verbal change in the reading qualities of others.

For wearing, 2.6 increases the stability, the quality is able to remove the extra "bounce" in health, bringing the overall normalization (removing the random deviation on the informational level).

2.6 is a good defense and powerful support. It is perceived by some at first contact, as a more extreme version of heavy for the first days of use.
Using 2.6 leads not only to the growth of your influence on the world, but also to the fact that you spontaneously influence in a wider radius than usual. In view of this, the first few days of use 2.6 a report on the strange events on the verge of chattering beside him (PE, fights, weirdos, etc.) - this point needs careful to wait, your subconscious adjusts to a new kind of impact on the world and the anomalies will cease.

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