Candle "Universum"

Candle "Universum"

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The runes created in this candle are unique and universal. The combination of these runes gives strength in achieving your goals in reality.


Action- free video consultation Daria Mironova the purchase of three candles.

The power of magic is so great that we transfer that power to the items, to relieve the tension. People call it artifacts, candle magic is the most effective.

Created in the candle the runes of the unique and versatile. The combination of these runes gives strength in achieving goals in reality.

This is the alchemical process of spell power and spirit. The action is based on the power of runes, the power of the candle flame and Your personal magnetic energy power your DNA (saliva).

To activate the candle You light the candle and say: "the power of runes, candle power and my strength." And by swiping your finger on Your DNA (saliva) over a candle that clearly speak their desire, time and intention: love, finding a spouse, the recovery or refund of the relationship, monetary success, debt, fast money, health....

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