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Device to improve the quality of Love.


Device for improving the quality of Love.

"About Love don't talk about it says it all", sung in the famous song. However, the subject of love is inexhaustible at all times. We talk about Love from the point of view of Light and structural relations.

If Love is Light, the ability to love – the ability to share that Light. Any person, any living creature glows. Part of this light can be measured using equipment operating on the Kirlian effect (for example This measured Light is the manifested part of the Light of love.

That gets the cardholder of the Potential of Love? What's going on?

- Increases expression of love in the life of the user;

- Increases self-esteem and self-sufficiency in the relationship;

- Significantly better reveals the ability to love and be loved;

- Reduced fear of rejection;

- Decreases tension in the relations between people;

- Establish new relationships as the possibility of mutual support and vzaimodejstviya;

- Enhanced sensation of proximity and contact in the relations between people;

- There is additional ease in the relationship, contributing to strengthening of relations.

Why is all of this is possible with the use of the card the Potential of Love?

Every person has a need for Love, as the possibility of Union with something (someone) outside of himself. This need fills each in their own way. Objectives of this Association is to be set. On this subject, written countless artistic, philosophical and scientific books.

We note only that the ordinary physical world and physical relationships do not solve this problem. Go back to the idea that Love is Light. It would seem that if man, as the being of light is able to share light with others, Ammannati own Living Light is the solution to the problem of unification.

However, various factors can interfere with the exchange of Living Light. They weaken and distort the Light. It can be as external factors– physical fields of different nature, violations of space-time structure, etc., and internal – fears, phobias, stereotypes of perception, conditioned by your upbringing, etc. these factors lead to large losses of energy, and the weakening of Living Light.

In addition, the structure of time Living Light people different. As a result, individuals have different potential function expressions.


Consider the following model. A phenomenon known as homeostasis. Any living object or a system tends to equilibrium and countered that they are removed from this equilibrium.
Consider the potential function V, which describes the change of the potential depending on some parameter of the order of H. Homeostasis can be represented on the graph of the function with the minimum at the point X1. (Fig. 1)

Any deviation from the value of X1 will require some efforts and create tension in the system 1.

Therefore, the system 1 will oppose such changes.



For another person there will be a different function with a minimum at the point x2. (Fig.2)

The difference in the values of X1 and x2 is due to individual variation. This is a manifestation of the different views of the structure of time.

If one person tries to build a relationship with another person from the standpoint of the ruleitStates, it looks on the graph as the offset of another graph (for example, V2) in the area of X1.

For example, forcing to submit to his demands (the type of attitude become such as I want, etc.). Such relations can be called "passion power." The second person such relationship will result in stresses that are inevitable in the future, will lead to the breakdown of relationships.

That is, if at the beginning of the relationship, the person agrees to comply with the requirements of the other, such relationships are likely to be short-lived. (Such willingness to obey the call relationships of the type "the power of passion").

This extreme manifestation of the structural incompatibility of time, leading to difficulties establishing the connection between people in time. Usually in life, we observe many intermediate States of such inconsistency.

In order to relieve tension, it is necessary to createthe General structure of timethat would include both state - V3 (Fig.3).

However, the structure time graphics V3 harder than V1 иV2. Therefore, to overcome the contradictions in the relations of people need to show a potential function of greater complexity. That is, the Luminous characteristics of loving people is to have greater dimension.

Device Capacity of Love creates the conditions for:

1. Reduced noise, distorting the Light of Love between people. Increases the number and brightness of the Light. The user begins to intensively illuminate other people, creating the conditions for the manifestation of their Light of Love. Growing appeal.

2. Increase the dimensions of the Light Characteristics. The light begins to unite people across time, not just in space. It promotes growth of appeal.

Light relationship with such characteristics become more harmonious and stable. Reduces the level of mutual claims and requirements. There is less interdependence and control each other. Increases the degree of trust between the people with whom You build relationships.

Increasing the dimensionality of its own Light by the Potential of Love, you can feel a new state of Love, previously unavailable, to realize their potential to love and to show them in new relations.

The perception of the person using the Capacity for Love begins to change in the direction of greater objectivity and adequacy. As a result, the reduced number of illusions and distortion of information introduced into the dialogue with a partner.

Relationships become more sincere, open. Partners begin to trust each other and hear each other. The influence of Personal ambition, to a lesser extent determines the nature of the relationship, reducing the dissonance. Your partner becomes more responsive and You also start with more understanding to respond to his desires. To the fore of the relations out common goals and common interests.

Paired partners are beginning to actively promote each other, exercising their creativity and creating a General aura of love. Love is the note that gives the sound system option life time without distortion of the intermediate flows.

Structure the POTENTIAL of LOVE embodies the diversity of human relationships in a multidimensional display. This structure allows to include in the manifestation of a new, previously unknown relationships that can be likely to display a trace of the light matrix of a person in a Hyper space of opportunities.

Such relationships begin to change the nature of man's relationship with reality, creating a range of opportunities and phenomenological relations. A condition of gaining freedom relationship is a functional connection of stable ties with their life time .

The longer the relationship and the deeper the relationship, the higher the potential of love and the higher versatility and freedom of action in the manifestation of this potential.

The user of the Potential structure of Love begins to feel a deeper connection to the World and to realize its importance to the World. His responsibility begins to be based not on fear of error or punishment for a wrong action, and the feeling of closeness and understanding of fidelity's actions.

His ability to love be a revelation to others, as a manifestation of the game of the highest order. The novelty of the manifestation becomes easy and relaxed, involving others in the wonderful world of svetovalcev.

To interact with the map POTENTIAL LOVE users can apply various simulations, visualizations, and affirmations.

For example:

Take the card between the thumb and the fourth finger of the left hand and try to feel the appeared POTENTIAL.

Next, imagine it as a glowing sparkling plasma, which begins to envelop the wrist, then the arm and then gradually spread all over the body. It is a glowing "plasma cloud".

Feel it in myself and far from myself. Then the cloud can be expanded to the other person, creating a common cloud.

It is interesting to observe how the person's attention to You and what You do and say. This plasma can mentally send to those not near, but with whom You want to establish a relationship. Try, as an example, the affirmation of the methods of Ho'oponopono (the book Joe Vitale Life without restrictions). "I love you. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Thank you." Refer to the Light within You.This affirmation was strengthened by the Potential of Love is a very powerful tool to establish relations with other people and with the World.Love and be loved and happy with the Potential of Love!

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