Svetlitsa GOLD FISH AU. Strengthening the realization of intentions

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The most effective solution of tasks of any complexity.


Use GOLD FISH opportunities:

• To articulate the true desire

• Quickly determine the best strategy of action

• To save time, avoiding unnecessary actions

• Efficiently solve problems of any complexity

• The shortest way to come to the goal

• Interpret the full picture of events in the context of lack of information

• To solve their own, not someone else's problem.

Over the years our team with full responsibility and persistence approach to creating a "magic wand" that will allow people without heavy resistance and difficulties to realize their true desires. First devices have been created to simplify the realization of the desires of different levels. These levels are operational desire, tactical objectives and strategic goals.

Then we have developed many devices for specific local purposes and normalization in many areas of life.

Goldfish is one of the advanced developments of EMCS. It will allow You to fulfill dreams and desires, regardless of their level of complexity and resource intensity. In working with Goldfish You should clearly realize their true desires and to see the desired end result. Then You will be able to use all the possibilities of materialization, not thinking about what resource needed to implement Your goal.

People always dream about the materialization of your desires. Tales of the Cloth-Samobranka, a magic wand, the Jinn and the well of wishes - the favorite stories of different peoples. In the ancient epic we find the tale of the Golden Fish that can fulfill the wishes. In the tale of the fish was carried out only four wishes, and later took a careless old woman all that she begged fishes through her unfortunate husband.

The fact that morality tale not only in the operation of insatiable greed. Important in the Tale of the fisherman and the Fish are following the details. First, the fish granted wishes through an intermediary, and the old woman tried to "someone else's hands raking fire". Secondly, all that he had asked the old woman - wasn't her true desires, and whims was not satisfying. Third, the fact that she won without difficulty, is of no value. Golden fish from the fairy tale has been kind to the old man, who let her go, she was ready to carry out his wishes, but the old man was free from the whims and the single most important desire for him was the happiness of the couple.

Fish helped to carry out an altruistic desire of the fisherman, as long as the whim of his wife did not become absurd and harmful to the wants of the whole world. Whether the desire of the old woman is reasonable, real, and brings good, the fish happily carried them, giving the elderly a long happy life in abundance and joy.

If You are not aware of their true desires, "Golden Fish" will help You to better understand yourself through the soft implementation of secret desires. "Goldfish" will tell you how to make the right choice.

The structure of a Goldfish eliminates environmental distortions on the way of formation and realization of Your desires. Thus, intent becomes a force of pure action, without the resistance of the medium. The stronger and brighter Your intention and the clearer the goal, the sooner and brighter it will be done using Goldfish. The free energy of space goes to approach You to Your purpose, and the structure of a Goldfish contributes to a precise vector to implement the plan. This improves the efficiency of solving any task.

For the implementation of the planned purpose, You may use their usual algorithms, and new techniques. If You prefer to consider all the details, then the intention will be carried out according to Your plan. If You prefer improvisation, where there is no clear framework, the solution of the set task You can be greatly surprised by the speed and efficiency.

Getting what you want with the help of Goldfish can seem just wonderful. You get what you want without the usual accumulation of the resource and estimate the needed cost, and as if by magic. No cash or temporary investments do not play a role if You use Gold Fish. Material possessions, the "right" people, knowledge, events that are part of a series of necessary objectives will appear in Your life almost instantly at the most appropriate moment. You just have to act decisively and quickly to emerging circumstances successfully to "don't miss your luck".

Boldly experiment with the use of a Gold Fish and their desires, just remember that the realization of Your goals should not bring harm to others.

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