Axis Meditation

Meditation on a candle flame. It is advisable to carry out in a semi-dark room. We light a candle. We build a straight back, open all parts of the spine, preferably by consistently feeling each vertebra, from the coccyx to the top of the head, as if building a tower of cubes in succession, building one on top of the other. We concentrate on the flame of the candle, which maintains an upright state without effort. We are trying to feel the force that easily holds the candle flame in a vertical state. We transfer the sensation to the spine, we feel the vertically directed energy that flows from the coccyx to the top of the head, maintaining the vertical effort of stretching the back without effort. Relax the anterior muscle wall (abdomen, solar plexus, chest, throat, face). We hold two multidirectional efforts - traction of the spine and relaxation of the front of the body at the same time. We feel how the vertical flow pulls us by the top of the head, stretching the entire back from the coccyx to the top of the head, without any muscle effort.

Meditation for time

Meditation on the rhythm of burning. Meditation is desirable to carry out, eliminating the factors of external influences, such as cell phone calls, sudden business, or when you may be disturbed by other people. We light a candle. We calm all bodily and mental processes, we achieve a state of peace. We focus on how the flame sets the rhythm and speed of burning. We enter a state of deep contemplation. Mentally and in sensations, we connect the rhythm of burning a candle with internal processes. We observe how internal rhythms and mental activity affect the rhythm of candle burning. Through the dormancy-activation of internal processes, we control the burning rate of the candle. We establish a comfortable rhythm and stay in it for as long as the state of internal energies allows.

Meditation on Intention

Wax Meditation. We light a candle. We calm all bodily and mental processes. We form an intention, concentrate on what is desired during the entire meditation. We feel ourselves in the field of candles. We connect the process of realization of the intention with the process of burning a candle, and melted wax with the physical realization of the desired. We continue meditation and concentration of intention until the state of realization is reached. We extinguish the candle and follow the solidification and shape of the wax, crystallizing the realized intention. We continue meditation until the wax solidifies completely, connecting its frozen form with the realized intention.

Meditation on the Outer Sphere

Meditation on the candle field, expanding your personal field. Meditation is best done in a dark room. We light a candle. You can pre-meditate on the axis. We concentrate on the visible flame of the candle. We connect the feeling of the field of the candle with the feeling of expanding the boundaries of our body. We feel the space a little further than the physical body (about 10 cm beyond the body). If possible, we feel a 3-dimensional spherical field. We turn our attention to the second, colorless field of the candle. We combine the feeling of expanding the field of the candle with the feeling of expanding our outer sphere (up to half a meter beyond the border of the physical body). We turn our attention to the third field of the candle. Thus, expanding, depending on the degree of immersion, we feel up to 7 fields. It is important to keep yourself within the framework of physical or near-physical sensations, without the presence of visualization and illusory representation. We do not force the expansion of the outer sphere, we reach our current maximum. We complete the meditation with a gradual grasping by the sphere of all the achieved sensations, returning to the sensations of our physical body. We finish by concentrating on the yellow flame of the candle and scanning the holistic sensations of the physical body, from the toes to the top of the head.

Burnout technique

Working with blocks with a candle. We light a candle. We relax the whole body as much as possible. We concentrate on the visible yellow flame of the candle. We focus on the continuous combustion process. We concentrate on the expanding aspect of combustion, from the center, the wick, to the periphery, the edge of the flame. We feel ourselves in the field of candles. We connect with the candle flame and start a cyclic wave-like process in the body from the center of the body - the center of the abdomen to the periphery - the limbs. If 3-dimensional attention is developed, the movement can be started in three directions at once, forming a torus, or sequentially - from the center of the abdomen up and down along the axis of the body, forward and backward, to the right and left to the limbs. Movement can be physical or energetic. We follow the undulating process with attention and allow the flame to reveal those places where movement is not felt, is inhibited, or passes with effort. With the help of the light energy of burning a candle, we dissolve the blocks, following the natural wave-like movement. The densest and oldest blocks can be passed by mentally moving the flame of a candle to a stagnant area and working through the block directly with the energies of the flame. After passing one cycle, we close the movement and return it to the center. It is important in the process of performing the technique to keep the mental at rest, not allowing emotionalization or mental interpretation of the processes and following the natural inertia of the flow of movement with attention. We complete the wave-like movement in the center of the body, assimilating the experience gained by the body. It is possible to combine the technique of burning blocks with meditation on the outer sphere, increasing the amplitude of wave-like movements beyond the boundaries of the physical body.

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