Universal structurer space «Home»

Universal structurer space «Home»


Short description

Harmonization of space.


Energoremstroy: the form determines the content.

Currently living and working space completely subordinated to utilitarian and economic purposes and absolutely ignores such requests, as a condition of the person in the room.

Today, few people have the luxury to choose the location, size, shape, materials, in short, the energy performance of the space in which the person lives or works.

The influence of Energoremstroy can be seen in detail, but not necessary, each person reads and feels the energy parameters of the space on an intuitive level.

It is enough to visit one of Stalin's skyscrapers, round the house or the temple so clearly feel the influence of the energy characteristics of the space. It is if you take the lowest level, and city or country too is another space level, which also affects everyone in this space.

This is familiar to travelers to people who say that when you travel to another country like you removed a “information dome” – comes other thoughts, it is possible to look at yourself and the situation from the outside, to find ways and exits, which haven't seen before.

For example, in these spaces, man is in different States (energetic and physical indicators):

Like this:

In ancient times people were able and could change Energoremstroy space from the creation of temples, spravleniya rites and cults, to built system of Feng Shui and special structures application properties.

Based on the accumulated experience of creating these monumental structures, which aim at the transformation of the energy space for different reasons: the concentration of the energies of the Earth to transition to other dimensions, formed a system of sacred geometry.

But all these methods can be called by change of the physical level to transformations at the software level that requires high power inputs, long time of energy transformation, and not always successfully due to the lack of desired information resource (access codes) in the transition to the upper levels.

The main purpose of the device- management of indicators (qualities or energomashservice) space and as a consequence the formation and change of Energoremstroy space. The operation of the device cannot be reduced only to the effects on “external”: the outer space affects the inner space of a person just as a change of the geometry of the internal space (or world model) people can affect external space (process of creation).

So the US should always be considered a match key macro - and microcosm.

In other words, the functionality of the device reads the characteristics of the space not as a static external linear indicators, using provider data, and being immersed in this space-time.

Purpose and capabilities.

Structurer space is multi-dimensional and multi-functional product is currently presented in the basic version, further various modifications are possible based on it with more focused functionality.

Speaking of versatility, you can divide the tasks WHISKER-like device on two successive global challenges: the creation of structures or forms (static) and expression (dynamics).

The creation of space-time structure is a very specific action, in order to form the key nodes of space and building connections between them. In other words, each program of the device corresponds to one or the other multi-dimensional shape – space geometry.

Then created energy volume can be filled with those or other qualities (performance space), which represent the energy circulation in this form. For example, for the home and office require different quality – the best would be different shape and different circulation of energy.

One geometry of space perfect for concentration and one for relaxation, one for meditation, another for action etc. the Entire range of conditions and operator requests that correspond to the different geometric models.

Physical space depend primarily on the frequency characteristics. It is clear that the frequency range in which there can exist people, much wider than the visible range of frequencies, and different people have this range varies.

Therefore, another important indicator for filling the space, which operates the structurer isintegrationman in space, as is the ability to resonate with a specific frequency range.

In the basic version of the work programmes attached to the place and the location of the physical products in the future, it is possible to create modifications without reference to the physical location of the product.

If you compare surrounding us a space with a musical instrument that allows US to harmoniously adjust the instrument (the basic program) and to play on it any melody (custom modes).

First thing a man feels being in a space with a versatile outliner comfort and energy saving as UE is configured to the base harmonic frequency, in this way you can call it a harmonizer space. Clearly there is a cleansing of the space from nesootvetstviya built the harmonious geometry of energies.

In this space, good to think, work, plan, rest, practiced...depending on the tasks. You can compare the harmonic space with the morning meadow, configurable natural rhythm of breathing you want to breathe deeply (pull the air).

The energy form of structurer is a creative form which includes all possible harmonious structural shapes with certain features, features settings allows you to configure the thin space under itself, and current problems.


Setting frequency operation Universal Structurer:

Available in models:
House Standard
Building Advanced

Mode Autо

8-12 Hz (frequency of "Lemurian": rest, physical and mental relaxation, trance States, deep meditation, internal processes (look inside yourself), self-awareness)

12-20 Hz (frequency of "Temple": the active meditation, visualisation, improved focus and memory, full of energy, learning, wellbeing)

105 Hz (the frequency of "Earth": rejuvenation, restoration, grounding, balancing the psycho-emotional sphere, improve sleep, resonance with the internal organs, the accumulation of energy, anti-stress)

130 Hz (frequency of"Palace": a higher sensitivity, opening anahata, creativity, balance inner energies, well-being, inspiration, the synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain, spiritual guidance)

135 Hz (frequency Olimp: willpower, strong-willed control over physical strength, power, confidence, recovery of energy, optimism, planning and goal setting)

160 Hz (the frequency of the Dragon: increased concentration, increased reaction speed, increasing the density of the energy body, concentration, activity, willingness to act, no fear)

180 Hz (the frequency of the Newton: increase of intuition, a connection to the realm of ideas, getting insight, a full understanding of the processes, the knowledge of the rhythm, finding innovative variant lines)

240 Hz (frequency Nirvana: vibration processes in the body, happiness, harmony and unity with the surrounding world, astral projection, the awareness of spiritual experience, the reduction of biochemical dependencies)

250 Hz (the frequency of Kristall, OOO: ultra high frequency space, conscious effort of the brain (forming the nonlinear structural relations of the brain), degeneration, inhibition of processes depending on time)

Not to be confused with the frequency of operation of the human brain, the planetary frequency, etc. of the space Frequencies are the frequencies to which it resonates to the specified form (structure), although at the physical level it is the brain responds to changes in the frequency characteristics of the space.

Formative program:

Building Standard.
Home Advanced.

- Creation of structural points (ARTICLE) space
- The building of a harmonious structural relationships
- Support space
- Flexibility of space
- Energy redistribution in the structure
- Integration into the space (Resonance)

The basic program:

Available in models:
Building Standard.
Home Advanced.

- The volume
- Adjust the flow rate
- Action and reaction
- Movement and elasticity
- Void
- The balance
Force energy feature space

The standard program of the structurer of the space "Home"

Available in models:
Building Standard.
Home Advanced.

- 7 conditions for the formation of a harmonious space
- Rainbow (Spectrum)
- Natural attunement
- Protection - filter
- Normalization of sleep
- Rest
- Cleaning the space from the emotional pollution
- Space clearing mental debris
- Reboot
- Protection from lower frequency
Field meadow
Space mountains

Advanced program structurer space "Home"

Available in models:
Building Standard - it is possible to buy the extended package.
Home Advanced.

- Child
- Microclimate
- Plant growth
- Stop the conflict
- Lead chains
Neutralizing the adverse symbolic and graphic information
- Fireplace
- Ecology of space
- Purification from negative sound vibrations
- Essential space
- Pet
- Stop time
- Protection Of The Fortress
- Structuring and harmonization of the substantive level

Size 10 cm

Weight 300 gr.

Additional programs included in the advanced package may be purchased separately. Purchase the advanced package will cost less than buying the programs individually at a later date. Managing structurer is carried out in the personal account.

Available on-off mode of the generator, frequency selection and start-stop programs.

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