Set of stickers "Panacea-Avto"
Set of stickers "Panacea-Avto" фото 1 —

Set of stickers "Panacea-Avto"

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Security, optimize routes and track time in General, optimization of a car as a system.


Performance -kit of 10 stickers.

The label modification of the program "house" with significant improvements. Profiles improvements — safety, optimize routes and track time in General, optimization of a car system (at the information level it will create the defining trends of movement to a stable optimal operation of the machine by minimizing the cost of maintenance thereof, while maintaining comfort and safety).

Recommendations for drawing — all glass (so not to interfere with the review and not conspicuous), i.e. usually it is a 4 door, front and rear. You can use one sticker on the center rear view mirror, if it will not prejudice the review and safety.

One sticker would be nice to put on the gas tank, if it has easy access. Can be placed in the area of the filling neck. One on the air filter cover. And one for the fuel hose if able to find it. Otherwise — on any heating element under the hood.
Activation time — immediately. The time of adaptation of the operator — about 10 days.

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