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Mirror «Universum»


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This multifunction device to control (concentration or dispersion) the most well-known "thin" radiation.


The mirror Universe is a semitransparent concave mirror with a special coating energotrader and applied directed structuring a form of "Balance+".

This multifunction device to control (concentration or dispersion) the most well-known "thin" radiation.

Energotrade coating partially reflects and due to the form of concentrates or dissipates almost all known radiation:
- electromagnetic
- infrared
bioizluchenie (including mental, emotional, etc. frequency above 10 Hz.)
ion flows
and some other that determines the versatility of the device.

The mirror Universe has two surfaces with different properties, but communicating with each other by the translucent properties of the coating. One side of the Mirror Universe (concave) coating is the main working surface. On the other side (convex) have been directed to structure a form of “Balance+”.


This openness and the info-system of the Mirror Universe ensures the safety of its use.

Energo-geometry mirrors a Universe is a pyramid with a height equal to the base diameter of 65 mm. the ratio of the diameter inscribed in the pyramid of the sphere to the focal distance is ?=1.6 and is the proportion of the Golden section. This geometry and directed the structuring form allows for a harmonious concentrate (collect) or dispersing (protective) effect.


The focal axis OF a plane and focal length F'are the main “working areas” of the Mirror Universe.

The main parameters of the Mirror Universe:
- Mirror coating – a special coating energotrade
- Structuring the form of "Balance+" - 17% gold.
- Diameter plane mirror – 65 mm.
- Focal length – 65 mm.
- Mount jewelry noble bronze. Has a special attachment for convenient work with objects, fastening and Assembly system of the two mirrors.

The parameters of the Mirror Universe define somethe basic scope of its use:

1. Control of subjective time.
2. Strengthen its own impact/protection against external influences.
3. Picking up favorable flows and fields/protection from adverse flow and radiation.
4. Concentration (transfer) properties of the material
5. The development of power structures and the alignment of the human bio-field.

Consider each of the areas of application read more....

Control of subjective time using the Mirror Universe:

It is believed that physical time is a kind of energy. All of the processes on earth occur with the release or absorption of time. The temporal coordinate is directly dependent on the functions of the movement. There is no movement no time. We are able to control your movement - slow down or speed up - so, we already know how to manage time.

Of course, this is not a “time machine” in its usual sense. With the help of a Mirror Universe to speed up or slow down subjective (personal) time due to the acceleration/deceleration of the soliton-holographic processes of brain field of human activity. In the process of working with temporary flows of people abides in the light ISS.

First activation device, which is described in detail in the instructions. Activating the Mirror Universe, you can work with convex or concave face, depending on the purpose. The parameters of the Mirror Universe allow to compact/diffuse subjective time 2-4 times. For example, being late somewhere, it takes 15 mins to travel, which takes about 30-40 min. Or on the contrary, being in the circumstances of the forced wait, you can spend 1 hour as if it's been 15 min.

Greater compaction/dispersion of subjective time involves unusual for the average person high or low frequency range of the brain that can adversely affect physical and mental state unprepared. The manuals provide detailed techniques of control of the subjective time.

Concentration (gathering) of various favorable flows and fields/protection from adverse external influences, the various streams, fields and situations. Strengthening its targeting:

Every second we are exposed to many different fields, from planetary to the fields of other people and objects. This leads to a natural desire to be “positive” for us the fields and protected from “negative”. But it is impossible to say that a particular field is clearly harmful or helpful for everyone.

As current astronomy picture of the will be favourable for some and unfavourable for others. All of the external energy, which currently interact with humans, are either out of phase (positive impact) or in phase (negative impact).

There are no “bad” or “good” places, people, influences and energies. There are just fields that are either compatible with a specific person or not. The question of compatibility (absorption energy) is a matter of degree of development of the brain and the entire energy mix man.

Brain development is the perception of the frequency bands as unusual high, unusual still low. The larger the range, the greater the degree of brain development and structures in General, the higher the compatibility. The mirror Universe allows us not only to gather (concentrate) the favorable, the right moment of the external energy flows (in antiphase) and to dissipate unfavorable (in one phase), but also to expand the frequency range of the brain and improve energy structure. But more on that later.

So for the gathering (concentration) human-friendly threads (place, person, environment, situation), that is, evoke positive emotions, a sense of comfort, mirror is a concave side to the body.

For example, being in nature, you can accumulate positive vibrating qualities of natural places, or being in the Bank – cash flow. This is the main location for the gathering and distribution of energy in the physical body and the subtle fields. In this position recharge, rest, and concentration, due to the structuring of the form “Balance+”, redistribution and accumulation of positive energy.

The concave side will be from yourself while in the unfavorable fields (locations, situations) and when it is necessary to strengthen their own targeting. For example, when a person is in the negotiations and he needs to convey their thoughts to the interlocutor.

In this position, the Mirror Universe works, on the one hand protection, on the other hand, as “energy horn”, repeatedly reinforcing their own mental, emotional and other subtle radiation with a frequency higher than 10 Hz. The action of the Mirror Universe this is a complex protection + suggestion (the effect).

The development of the energy structures and align the biofield:

One of the areas of use of the Mirror Universe as a universal hub of a lens is the concentration or dispersion of energy in different areas of the biofield.

If you need to open and enhance the work of an energy hub, compaction of energy in a certain area of the biofield it is necessary to hold the device the main working surface on the focal length (65 mm.), and make small translational motion, approaching-distancing the Mirror Universe from the body, working through, so the inner or outer zone energy hub.

Similarly, you can work with a Mirror Universe if you want to minimize activity and reduce the density of energy in any energy node or the area of the biofield, place the device with the concave side of the body. You can work with the aura or their own feelings.

Even insensitive people feel the explicit action of the Mirror Universe on the most sensitive energy knot (the chakras, the centers of palms). Determining located the body concave or convex side of the Mirror Universe with your eyes closed, you can develop sensitivity of the energy structure. You can start with the hands or the upper energy center in the area between the eyebrows, as the most sensitive energy centers.

After the unmistakable feeling of the focal plane, you can move on to more subtle sensations – the feeling of sensations of repulsion from the surface of the Mirror and guessing the convex-concave surface.

In the same way by using the Mirror Universeit is possible to direct certain areas of the brain:

1. (frontal lobe) – structuring of body and mind. Strengthening of the consciousness.
2-3 (top and area around the crown) – the awakening and awareness of energy experience.
4 (occipital lobe) – controls bio-energy. Accumulation, filling with energy.
5 (cerebellum) - synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain. The realization of the illusory nature of the material world, the energy management of objects of the material world, a real feeling of subtle energies.
6 (the area between the cerebellum and the brain stem) – the attainment of harmony and discovery of creative abilities.
7 (center of brain) – clairvoyance, the direct vision of the brain.


Concentration (transfer) properties of the material:

This property is a continuation of the basic properties of Mirror Universe, like the hub of a lens of subtle energies. The difference is that focus of favorable fields, streams and other external energy, the owner can not only for yourself, and on any material object, which becomes the carrier concentration of the collected properties. The object itself disposable so that it, or most of it was in the focal plane of the Mirror Fштрих (approx. 6,5 cm).

The easiest is picking up vertical (upward/downward) flow. This is the basic flow of the earth-ionosphere (about which you can find a lot of information). The location of the Mirror Universe so that the axis ° F the focal length was perpendicular to the ground, with the concave side up or down allows you to focus downward or upward ion flows.

The downward flow carries quality rest stop for the upward movement and activity, in all the multifaceted manifestations of these qualities. For example, with the qualities of the downward flow can lower the pressure, the upward – increase.

Mental stress can be concentrated (to collect) on the objects of their intentions. For this you first need to activate the device (see “Activating Mirror Universe”). The subject is also located in the focal plane, and activated the Mirror Universe, the user holds in his hand, guiding through the focal axis ° F the intention.

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