Sun wind (+ audiostrobe)

Sun wind (+ audiostrobe)

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A powerful tool for self-development and self-inquiry.


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Disk"Solar Wind: color-sound patterns in music for deep relaxation and meditation"was the result of many years of psychophysiological research, in which we were able to determine the exact values of sound frequencies and colors (or rather, radiation), corresponding to each chakra. In addition, each chakra corresponds to a certain rhythm and shape of sound waves. The combination of all these factors, plus the sound fractal construction is allowed to make the album a very powerful tool for self-development and self-inquiry.

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In yoga there is a diagram of a 7 -, 9 -, and 13 chakras. In the visible spectrum person produces 9 colors (excluding black and white). There is a separate yellow-green color (in the light of the eyes is perceived as gold) and two red color (that's well-known artists and professional designers, and, in addition, in the spectral range red is a wavelength range of double width, relative to other colors). That's why we used the 9-chakra scheme. Besides Pythagoras himself in his conversations with disciples called nine is the number of God, and about seven contemptuously said she, they say, for mobile.

Each chakra is in direct interaction (exchange of energy) with the other two strictly defined (paired) chakras. It's like rays of light, the amount of which should give (ideally) white light. Thus, since in each chakra there are always rays of different colors and different intensities, this has given rise to a very wide range of compliance of any chakra is a specific color. On the cover image shown of a 9-ray star, a scheme of interaction of the chakras. The star our ancestors called star life. The vertices of each beam (chakra) corresponded completely to a particular God from Slavic mythology.

Disk program sequence:

1.Solar Wind

2.9 chakras from the bottom up (to activate the effects of Kundalini)

3.Song Of Chakramov

4.Solar Wind

Solar Wind —the vibration of sound, corresponding to the pulsations of the Earth's ionosphere by the solar wind. Helps to relieve fatigue and stress of the working day, in order to prepare the brain and entire body for meditation and to provide a good rest after a heavy physical and mental stress. It is literally a protection from electromagnetic pollution of the environment, as the body adjusts to the natural frequency of the Earth's field.

MULADHARA(the sacred number 4) Specific Specific (Substance, Body). Electromagnetic matrix of the body (innate health, physical health). Communication with Earth. Contour biovigilance. Programs the perception of the here and now, with a focus on the survival of this body. Control over pain. Color —green. Interacts directly with ANAHATA and VISHUDHA. Position the crotch.

SVADHISTHANA(the sacred number 2) Private to a Specific (Substance, Body). Magnetic energy necessary for the operation of electromagnetic matrices of the body (the reliability of physical health). The emotional path. Ego is the awareness of a mammal of their status (consciousness of its own significance or lack of significance) in the pack or tribe. About sexy contour (according to Gurdjieff). Control of the vascular system. Color —blue. Directly interacts with VISHUDHA and AGNOY. Position on the palm below the navel.

MANIPUR(the sacred number 9) General to Specific (Substance, Body). Manipulative-character outline. This so-called "mind", i.e. ability to perceive, integrate, and transform the idea of the incoming information. The ability to control and to give concrete content to his speech. Color —blue. Directly interacts with AGNOJ and BINDU. The position of the navel.

HRIT — the Heart of Christ(the sacred number 7) Specific to Private (Driving Force, the Soul). Sociolology circuit. Adult personality. The link with his race. The energy healing. The love of God. Trust and sacrifice. Faith healing. Inspiration. Talent — the ability to treat life carefully, to make custom actions and it is relatively easy to achieve success.Possible negative transition: "Dark night of the soul", "crossing the abyss", "Chemicalization". Color —purple. Directly interacts with BINDU and SAHASRARA. Position — in a palm above the navel (solar plexus).

ANAHATA— The Human Heart(the sacred number 5) Private Private (Driving Force, the Soul). Intuition on the path of self-perfection ("the way of the Heart"). The possibility of vision causes, effects and consequences in the form of past, present, and future events. Holistic neurosomatic circuit. Control over guilt, resentment, bewilderment, emotions and bodily symptoms of the lower contours. The second birth (resurrection) of the body, regeneration, rejuvenation, bliss, ecstasy, rapture, sensory enrichment, joy of perception. Multiplication of primordial. Philosophical gold (the more you give, the more you get). Color —dark red (Magenta). Directly interacts with SAHASRARA and MULADHARA. Position — the middle of the sternum.

VISHUDDHA(the sacred number 3) Total Private (Driving Force, the Soul). The ability to pick up forms for the implementation of thought — the practical application in the material world obtained the knowledge (creation). Collective neurogenetic circuit. A true emotional center. The Akashic records (the phylogenetic unconscious, Noosphere). The memory of past lives, reincarnation, immortality. Synchronicity — meaningful coincidences. Survival of genetic memory from generation to generation. "I am he who was, is and will be". Color —bright red (scarlet). Directly interacts with MULADHARA and SWADHISTHANA. The position of the jugular fossa.

AJNA(the sacred number 1) Specific to General (Principle, Spirit). Information about the main direction of development of the soul in this life. The contour of metaprogramming — the command center. The "true intellectual center" (according to Gurdjieff). The brain is awakened to the consciousness of the self. "A mirror that reflects everything, but not attached to anything" it knows it can always reflect something else by changing the angle of reflection.. It is a "Creative Void." "Shiva-darshana" — the divine dance. Color —orange. Directly interacts with my manipura and SWADHISTHANA. Position — the middle of the forehead slightly above the eyebrows.

BINDU(sacred number 8) the Quotient in General (Principle of the Spirit). A sense of duty, the desire for freedom (through the understanding of relationships with the external and internal world) and responsible for its obligations. Non-local quantum circuit. Metaphysiological. Starts with extending beyond direct perception, which then dizzyingly quick turns in Association with the smallest and largest — the "Cosmic Consciousness". Unity with God — unity with "All". Color —yellow. Directly interacts with my manipura and GRIT. Position — for a palm width above Agni (inside the skull).

SAHASRARA(the sacred number of 6) Shared in Common (the Principle, Spirit). The ability of the bioenergy part of the individual to accumulate and to transform the energy necessary for creative activities. To the Divine Providence governing the evolution of life on Earth. Forming circuit makes a person — a man, a tree — a tree, a planet — planet. Color —Golden (yellow-green). Directly interacts with HRIT and ANAHATA. Position — about half of the palm above the Fontanelle (overhead).

Song Of Chakramov —sonic vibrations corresponding to the harmonious interaction of all the chakras. Harmonises the physical, intellectual and emotional spheres and eliminates the distortions arising from the overuse of meditation on a single chakra. In combination with the Solar Wind is a wonderful tool to maintain good physical, emotional and spiritual form.


The album is intended for listening in stereo headphones in combination with closely spaced stereo speakers.

Lie on the semi-rigid surface (the best — mattress on the floor), close your eyes, relax and start listening.

Second method: sitting or standing in front of closely spaced large speakers, plus headphones.

Optimal time: 16 to 18 hours, but not later than 4 hours before bedtime (to avoid problems with falling asleep).

Each chakra— starts with pure tones, corresponding chakra, which is gradually layered tones of the two conjugate chakras (creating a chord), and ends again with clean tone. Sounds of the chakras have diagnostic properties. Some of the sounds You may experience unpleasant pulling sensation in the area of the corresponding chakra. This may indicate the existence of certain problems, both physical and emotional, associated with this chakra. In this case, for energy balancing and harmonization advisable to go to the trackSong Of Chakramov,where in a specific sequence and ratio of interacting sounds of all the chakras. This track carries a powerful health-building effect by strengthening the humoral immune and energy systems. After 15 sessions with the track Song of Chakramov can get back to working with the chakras.

Pure Toneis a kind of tuning fork and is designed for finding the specific location of the chakras and your own sensations. Shortly after the start You will feel a presence (weak pressure, heat, etc.) in a certain place. Remember this feeling and place. Initially, You may prevent a similar but weaker feeling in the connected chakras, but you must focus on just one.

Before my eyes closed so that they will appear and disappear multi-colored flashes from which to allocate the color that corresponds to the chakra, and try to distribute it evenly on the entire field of view (many this color appears immediately and independently fills the visual field).

This exercise gives a good rest and energize the brain, but not effective for the development of the chakras. The development of the chakras is always in interaction with two conjugate chakras (when I heard the chord).One of the most effective exercises iscukrovou breathwhen You inhale imagine that the flow of prana (the arrow going from one mating chakra) is included to walk You through the chakras (and accumulates in the area of the chakra you develop), and when you exhale you send it to another mating chakra. If this is too difficult, we can restrict the "breathing" through one chakra.

It is not recommended to exceed the time for one lesson is 45 minutes. It is necessary to deal either with the track "Song of Chakramov" or only with the chakras. The tracks "solar wind" may be added to the basic tracks (over 45 minutes), as needed: before — to prepare for the core tracks (if you have severe fatigue, or(and) emotional imbalance); then for "smoothing" effect from working with the chakras.

It is recommended immediately before and after class to drink a glass of clean water. Water plays a significant role in ensuring the conduction of nerve impulses. With our universal malnutrition very often the dehydration that can often be the cause of chronic headaches. The audio programs give a very intense load on the nervous system, so please don't neglect the rule of two glasses of water!

These programs are very powerful tool for the development of the chakras, which, of course, requires careful handling. Therefore it is best to study in a group with an experienced tutor.

As already mentioned, the sounds of the chakras have diagnostic properties: while listening in the location of any chakra (or the former site of the injury with the remaining energy unit) may have the unpleasant "pulling" sensations, until painful. Often these feelings arise in the area of the "third eye" (the overuse of modern video technology block the development of "internal video"). In these cases, is very good (relieves pain) following exercise: Imagine any glowing (preferably white, but not very significantly), elastic substance (thread) that you send from painful places forward in infinity (trying to throw it as far as possible). Substance flies there (send your inner volitional impulse), progressively elastically expanding and refining (to infinity, about the expense of 1,2,3) then comes back (almost instantly, and then you relax), due to the forces of elasticity and inertia flies ago (also at the expense of 1,2,3), customize your volitional impulse, then forward... And so on until you get tired. Do not forget to breathe. You can synchronize your breathing (as you prefer) the flight of the substance. After a short rest you can repeat (but not more than 15 minutes).

Chabrowy vocalization:Can anyone, absolutely not familiar with the chakras, to obtain (secure) real benefits from working with the disk of the solar wind? In order to minimise emotion while listening (just no time) and increase (or make specific and clear) positive effect, I suggest You to do "Acrovyn Vocalize".

The method is very simple. The result is the General improvement and development of beautiful, sonorous, powerful voice.

When it starts pure tone, you have to adjust in unison with his voice and propagate any vowel, for example, "AAAA" or "oooo", or something in between (that easier). When You get into resonance with the main tone, the voice begins to sound freely, strongly and flows easily as if by itself, and there is a pleasant feeling throughout the body. When there are other (coupled) sounds, give yourself a break.

When he begins to sound just a pure tone, continue vocalizing, only this time with a closed mouth. Again conformed in unison, singing the sound "MMMMMM", imagining that from the back of the sky forms a dome. Similarly, it is necessary to catch the feeling of resonance when there is pleasure, a voice flows as if by itself. Then starts to sound different clean tone, and You again start to adapt to it with an open mouth, singing a vowel, and so on...

Be sure to drink a glass of pure plain water before class and immediately after it. And in any case do not engage with only one tone (one chakra).

After three or four sessions You will be able to remedy. In the presence of any pain — select the tone that resonate with this area, and prophete his fifteen minutes (will feel when it's enough), all the while trying to stay in resonance (and resonance characteristics may change gradually).

Equipment FAQ is required standing or sitting with your back straight (imagine that all the vertebrae from the coccyx to the nape of the neck freely strung on one thread, stretching up to infinity). For those who want to improve their vocal skills, it is necessary to work out all the vowels (starting with "and").

We wish You success and health!

To pay and download the e-version (original .wav files)

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