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Extension BJ on cell phone


The product "al" is one of integrating into 2.0 system products. But in fact it is notBJas such, in distinction from IIM, which is essentially a BJ in a fixed form.

The basis of at laid several principles of integration.

Group 1 of the principles of integration, integration TO the electronic device, specifically with a cell phone. There are no "converters" or "harmonizers" in this case is not laid, I think it is"Lad"and at is not relevant (already implemented).

The principle at the other. Cell phone is a transmitter in various frequency ranges up to the gigahertz (almost kWh, while for random noise and reflected waves and exactly what it is), and down to the lowest frequencies. Most of these radiation — parasitic, caused simply by the operation of the apparatus, will not be used and can be associated with certain "imperfections" of modern electronics.
Relatively speaking — but in the process of information transmission (e.g. conversation) cell greatse, this heat just PART of constantly throwing radiation.

Besides many other things not in the thermal spectrum emitted by electronics.

In addition, the battery of the phone there are constant processes with the structural and molecular transformations is very convenient for different techniques of info-transfer (relatively speaking).

Thus, considering the features and capabilities TO be used in 2.0 technology and other our products, any modern cell phone can be used as an additional source of energy (with conversion to the desired form) and, at the same time, the place of its storage (the battery of the phone himself). Thus the more complex the phone, the more its potential, in terms of at.

May I ask what is the meaning of the energy utilization of the phone disappearing "in vain" if BJ, IIM and other items have their own "inputs" to generate energy? The problem lies in the locality of the source. BJ on the hand works well. At a distance of your BJ also works with You (relationship), but somewhat weaker (static, partial loss of synchronization).

Same story with the IIM, amplifier and so on. broadcast signal can be very powerful, but always better localization of the source in the field of the cocoon of man (for example — a bracelet).

The phone is almost always in the field of the cocoon.
This first option (or rather option system at in it) — the accumulation of energy in different frequency bands, storing it via the options TO the energy storage and stream to BJ used by the operator. If necessary, the stream can go to other compatible devices (ISB, СК1М, Stabilizer, etc.). The accumulation of reserves allows a lump sum to free up some capacity at the washing of the operator.

2nd group of principles are inherent in the system at associated with those positive aspects, which reflect the view of society about historical and modern telephone and cellular communication. To a certain extent, the phone has become our replacement once the lost man of direct communication — telepathy.

We associate it with the ability to chat with friends, get advice, help, to call for help, call friends, make new connections, get information and much more.....

At operated, this view of society on cellular and telephone. In other words, using the phone, You are setting yourself up for the fact that it is a means of obtaining new information, the effects on event communication. At uses your "phone" connection in this way, only the energy-information plan.

This can produce funny stories — creating new or reviving old networks a casual acquaintance, and so on. And it is not necessarily related to telephony, just society... operated by the principle of mutual assistance within society and the principle of sharing, the right information, finding the right connections.

But the implementation of this at the event level can be any.
In other words, use the beneficial qualities of society and your relationships in a certain way linked to the phone, as a representation of your consciousness about relationships through in order to produce the desired favorable developments or increase their likelihood.

3 group principles laid down in al - a remote control interface system. Ie the ability to configure devices such as IC, Amplifier, through the information and files stored on the phone, which can be convenient for those who doubt their ability to direct mental influence on these devices, or for some other reason prefer a tight configuration.

Thus, at is a pocket-sized artifact that amplifies all of the BZ, which are worn by the operator and having a supply, NC, energy for emergency situations. This device is able to work with the principle of utility social relationships as source of experience (the module Explorer to the experience), involve useful links, random and mutual support.

In addition, it is a remote control to control the "entire system".

As mentioned above at consists oftwo stickersplaced on the phone's battery. One of them is glued by "the phone" IN other side "to cover" OUT.

Fully device aktiviziruyutsya in a few days (preferably, but not necessarily) after a cycle of almost-full charge battery-full charge. Active work is also visible on the additional activation of the BZ begins just after placing the stickers on the battery. When you change your phone or buy a new battery stickers can be moved, they will withstand peeling off (may need extra glue to apply them again).

G2.0AT - extension BJ on cell phone

System extensions 2.0 Ah 2.0 with a base at