Bracelet of life 2.71 (ebony)

Bracelet of life 2.71 (ebony)

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Version 2.7, matches the quality Neutro - stay in the creative harmony between variability and constancy (Homo and heterosexual). This quality marks the sea of vital energy. Bearing 2.7 gets a huge boost. This affects the General tone and Affairs. People are drawn to him. Especially it is noticeable by the opposite sex. Often the reaction is not logical, not explainable, not understandable.Version 2.7 take those who have to work under high load, physical or mental. She teaches (trains) the quality of vigor, able to lead the team and break through the wall. Version 2.7 creates a state of harmonious balance, with a minimum of conflict, despite the vehement (or violent) move forward.

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The difference between the versions 2.7 and 2.8

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