Bracelet of life 2.51 (ebony)

Bracelet of life 2.51 (ebony)

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The manifestation of quality variation (heterosexual), allows you to search for new solutions, new ideas, contacts, something completely new that could not even come to your mind. This variability often awakens a long time and intact relationships (friendship, business, etc.), creates some strange situations, unlikely, but possible with 2.5 and goes to the benefit of the operator.

Version easily perceived using it and others. But he is significantly more powerful than the 2.4, although the course is not important, but it was his "personal" features. 2.5 extremely useful when you have unknown way is unlikely to achieve or when You do not know the way at all or if you find something (You may not even know exactly what, just have a feeling, direction, vector). This is important in personal and business applications.

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