Svetlitsa SUPER

Svetlitsa SUPER

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Svetlitsa enhances the adaptive capacity of the person, restoring its information links, removing conflict and tension.

The positive effect the chamber has on all levels of life, improving its quality. The action Room is multifaceted and holistic, and produces a healing effect on all the vital systems of the body.

Increase energy potential

The body doesn't waste resource for processing unnecessary information and does not generate any reactions to it. The saved resource is to restore the body's energy systems.

Svetlitsa improves all the indicators glow
Most people feel this light. They feel discomfort when dealing with people with low luminosity. At the same time, people with good glowattractivetheir notice, they pay attention. The concept of"bright people" is not a metaphor, and real people possessing high luminosity (energy), whicheasy and comfortable.

The normalization of the oppressed systems of the organism

Studies performed in different research institutes confirmed that the main effect of using a Chamber – normalization of the oppressed systems of the organism (immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc.). It is shown that if the controlled parameter is below normal, then it grows, if higher, then decreases.

That is, all systems of the body graduallyto approach the norm. In the normal baseline values, nothing happens. Therefore, the chamber can not harm the organism and has no negative side effects. However, it should be noted that the chamber is not a cure and does not replace prescribed treatment. It removes the oppression, which has not yet led to irreversible physiological changes in the body. The use of a Chamber in any therapy will allow you to recover faster.

Reduced fatigue, improved sleep. And self-confidence. Strengthening of psychological stability.

In the result restore information links users Svetlitsy are starting to get more complete information from the outside World.

They have enhanced intuition and improves the quality of decisions. The user opens the drawing rooms of the new qualities that had not previously been used, but there were hidden opportunities.

The integrity of the interactions reveals the fullness of life, filling it with new content, new connections and acquaintances. Previously impossible events become possible, thanks to the implementation of complex systemic relations.

The development of such a system is gradually and steadily manifesting itself in the events of unexpected luck and coincidence. Coincidences become commonplace, forming the backdrop of reality attainable.

In other words there is luck in business, relationships and health.

Ensuring the integrity of outer relationships allows to plan correctly and to realize its movement in space, avoiding locations where possible manifestation of the disaster or accident.

There is an increase of safety as a reduced likelihood of accidents and catastrophes.

Removing barriers of understanding

One of the brightest and most often noted effects of the use of a Chamber is to improve the understanding of people.Growing goodwilldecreases the level of aggression. Many businesses note that clients feel more connected, lighter and the contracts are signed.

Reduced conflict in families. Children begin to learn better and more appropriately behave.

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