AC2.2 "Clock"


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Implements the work of synchronism in society, regulates the time streams.


Works as an extension of at, i.e. the presence of at (not necessarily with me) —be sure.

Side effect of hours charged system 2.0, ie, become BJ.

As uses inside a new and unique technology of "top", which allows you to integrate it not only with products 2.0-2.x (via at), but also with bracelets 3.0 version (directly, through technology top).
Performance- sticker on the caseback, a single-layer laser engraving a multilayer pattern (obtained by overlaying layers on top of each other) on a special thin plastic with adhesive backing.

Basic functions:
— work with the idea of a society about time, timing, schedule, process synchronization time;
— work with private and public time as a quality;
— improved the setting on the past and the future, maintaining the basic settings with this;
— work with social groups on the principle of synchronization — either the loopback or connect himself to someone's process;
shielding of the object(or the operator) for different purposes due to the artificial out-of-sync time-streams;
— recovery chains of temporal connectivity in a cocoon of the person;
— formulation of stable relations with specific zones of the past, for example for their "remembering", working with incarnational memory.

Performance- sticker

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System extensions 2.0 Ah 2.0 with a base at

Watch artifact (expansion at). Observation