The Mental Game

The Mental Game

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Games controlled by thought.


"Mental Games" analyzes the subtle changes in the electrical resistivity of your skin (galvanic skin response — GSR) and displays them on the computer display in real-time.

"Mental Games" is based on the principle of biological feedback.

Method of biological feedback (biofeedback) is the person an additional, not stipulated by the nature of the information about the state of his organs and systems in an accessible and visual form.

Based on this information people are able to include mechanisms of self-regulation and purposeful use of the wealth of functional possibilities of organism with the aim of maintaining and strengthening your health.

How is the method of biological feedback.

Fingers worn sensor, which transmits the information to a bio feedback device, and then displays it on the computer screen.

Датчик ментальные игры

Changes in electrical resistance of the skin is converted into light (the amplitude of the light column on the screen) and audible (tone) signals. Now, seeing and hearing your condition, you can begin to manage them.

"The Mental Game"specially designed to achieve the following objectives:

- quick and effective transitions between States of deep relaxation and to maximum physical and mental concentration and back.
- "fine tuning" capabilities of maximum concentration.
to remain calm in extremely stressful and difficult situations.
- achieve continuous state of the crystal clarity of consciousness.
Plus much more!

"The Mental Game"consist of two levels.

1  игра The first level is physiological. This is a group of routine feedback. Here you can move objects on the screen using relax the body and focus the mind. A level has four different stages, each subsequent is more complex than the previous one.
2 игра The first task of the game is to land the balloon on the platform. To control the balloon you can only through the sensor on the fingers. The sensor shows the level of your relaxation. Any change in your condition will affect the position of the ball. If you tense up, the balloon is removed from the platform, focus, approaches her.
3 игра On the second level you have to land the balloon for some time, and at the third level in a specific point of the screen.
On the fourth, most difficult, level you need to hold the ball through the clouds, you need to learn to change its state from relaxed to tense, and Vice versa.

The second level sensorimotor. Designed to actively train your responses.

While the first level was designed to train your ability to manage your galvanic skin response, the second level is designed to exercise a more subtle set of skills.

The purpose of these games is to achieve an optimal state of consciousness that allows you to score the maximum points. The total score will include how sensory-motor and mental skills.

Sample games from the second level:

"Numbers"- you need to click on the numbers (in the sequence: 1,2...), which are randomly distributed on the screen. You need to do it as quickly as possible (for a limited time), while remaining calm. Your reactions will be measured and recorded.
"Mandala"you mentally control the direction and speed of rotation of multiple objects. The game is designed for meditation, improve wakefulness and to induce trance States.
The "musical diagram"- control music through their thoughts and feelings by tracking their symbolic reflection on the display in real time. This module is ideal for practicing deep relaxation.

Using a combination of multimedia technology with biofeedback opens a new dimension of personal growth trainings. Playing"The Mental Game"you can effectively change your old behavior in learning, concentration and relaxation.

After a short time you may notice that you become more able to react calmly to all the vicissitudes of life and can afford longer concentration on his work, but without "burnout." You will learn new strategies of interaction, ability to kept and developing the necessary internal resources.

System requirements: Windows 98, XP, VISTA, 7.

Warranty: 1 year.

- Mind Reflection device;
- sensor biofeedback;
- the Usb cord;
flash card Usb;
- 2 PCs of AA battery;

User manual "the Mental game" (in the format .doc)

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