Program - Meditation Life

Program - Meditation Life

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Software package for meditative States


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The principle of operation of the program can be described as helical drilling, absorption and assimilation of the productive forces of the universe in a personal field of a person. You can now long time to paint the manifestation of this force in all living things, from crystals to human, but it will be care, it is important to understand the principle: the force of life is one of the main and key to the human formative forces in our space.

This force, which exists in living form in our world, or force, which gives the continuity of the circulation of energy in the living form.

Manifestations of the operation of the program varied, this dissolution of blocks, energopodachi, creativity, attunement rhythms with the surrounding living world, but the most interesting is to adjust consciousness on the productive forces, which allows to cultivate a "live" or creatively active mind.

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