Massage Cape US MEDICA Sensation NE

Massage Cape US MEDICA Sensation NE

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Cape is equipped with latest machinery to conduct a massage in the neck area and shoulders.


Cape Sensation can be called a true breakthrough for healing the body and recuperation. Cape is equipped with latest machinery to conduct a massage in the neck area and shoulders. It is lightweight and soft, and high functionality that distinguish it in the eyes of consumers. Any buyer will be able to assess its benefits and features.

Every person who, in connection with special work, spends a lot of time in a sitting position, notice how tired the shoulders, which then leads to headaches. The only desire that arises is to relax your body, removing tension. If this fails, the voltage increases and leads to various diseases. Effective solution, in this case, could be a good massage with Sensation NE.

Such effects lead to increased blood flow in the vertebral Department, improvement of the psycho-physical condition, normalization of the nervous system and, ultimately, to the overall improvement. A real pleasure secured when you press on the remote control to activate the massage.

Features capes:

  • new Rolling mode, which when activated, the rollers rolled along the spine;
  • Cape normalizes the blood supply of the cervical region, two rollers for massage;
  • rollers are adjustable to suit the height and personal preference for the most effective massage;
  • Autonomous session management: separately massaging my shoulders or neck, as well as the work on these two areas simultaneously;
  • four rollers for kneading of the back, which carefully studied the sacral and thoracic divisions, lower back, shoulder blades;
  • mode far infrared, based on the stone-therapy. This leads to improved health, emotional state and inner balance that allows complete relaxation;
  • with the help of two mitigating capes adjustable massage intensity;
  • wrap suitable for use regardless of the place due to the presence on it of recording that allows you to mount it anywhere;
  • mode of vibration massage for buttocks with 3 degrees of intensity;
  • massage one of the suggested areas: upper back, lower back with lower back or whole back;
  • the Demo mode allows you to test the cloak and show its benefits to friends and acquaintances.


  • The Rolling mode, which provides for the passage of the rollers along the spine. In this mode, the option to adjust their width.
  • Massaging the area of shoulders and neck. The result of dysfunction of blood vessels and the constant stress are back pain and headache, nervousness and irritability. Cape Sensation NE is equipped with special rollers that effectively massage the neck, stimulating the blood circulation, thus relieving discomfort and tension.
  • Shiatsu. Cape Sensation NE offers mode kneading with rolls. This effect is also called passive gymnastics, due to the significant effect. Kneading stimulates the flow of oxygen activation of tissue nutrition and regeneration at the cellular level and excretion of toxins.
  • Vibratory massage. This effect is particularly effective for those individuals who wish to always have a wonderful mood and excellent physical training. Systematic sessions vibratory lead to stimulation of blood circulation and lymph flow, increase productivity, integrated relaxation. By means of a mechanical oscillation occurs a positive effect on the nervous system, muscle tissue, blood vessels. In addition, the improves metabolism and accelerate regeneration processes.
  • Massage all areas of the back. Massage Cape Sensation NE has such modes of back massage: Full Back - whole back, Upper Back - the upper region to enhance the oxygen supply to the brain, Lower Back - the lumbar region to eliminate discomfort and relieve tension after a sedentary work day.


Segmental areas Working on site massage rollers
Massage of the upper back
  • Shoulder belt;
  • Thoracic;
  • Intercostal spaces;
  • Costal arch.
Massage the lower back
  • The lumbar;
  • The upper part of the lumbosacral;
  • Long muscles of the back (from the sacrum to the lower corners of the blades);
Massage the whole back
  • Area blades;
  • Thoracic;
  • The lumbar;
  • The upper part of the lumbosacral;
  • Intercostal spaces;
  • The upper part of the lumbosacral.


Product name Massage Cape
Model name SENSATION
Article LMC-070
Voltage Two hundred twenty
Power 60 W
Frequency 50 Hz
The weight 6.3 kg
Gross weight 9.7 kg
Manufacturer US MEDICA LLC, USA


Backrest height 79 cm
Back width 43 cm
The thickness of the back 8 cm
Seat length 41 cm
Seat width 41 cm
The thickness of the seat 4 cm
Box dimensions, D×W×h, cm 83×49×22

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