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Programs are created based on the ideas of the French otolaryngologist Tomatis, supplemented and developed by his students, plus precisely selected (using a unique modern electronic equipment) binaural beats to promote entry into the special meditative state.


Sound program, presented on a disk created based on the ideas of the French otolaryngologist Tomatis, supplemented and developed by his students, plus precisely selected (using a unique modern electronic equipment) binaural beats to promote entry into the special meditative state.

The program is built based on fractal mathematics, which prevents the physiological addiction. Each program can be listened to individually, but the best effect is still achieved when listening to the entire disc.

Program 1: "Earth" — interaction matrix of the Earth, Sun and Man. Designed to harmonize your energy with the contour of the interaction between the earth and the Sun. Also sinhroniziruete activities in bioelectrical activity of the hemispheres of the brain to reset your system to work with other programs on the disk. This program is not recommended to do more than 45 minutes.

2nd program "Star Flight" includes sounds corresponding to the entire range of sound perception. These sounds interact with each other according to the law of the Golden Section. The program "Space flight" is not only trains and stimulates the brain for productive activity, but also ensures optimal energy balance.
The sounds on the disc directly interact with specific areas of the brain, causing a biochemical response in the production of hormones and neuro-regulatory interface is peptides, resulting in significant improvements in the implementation of various functions of the brain and as a result — improvement of health. This program is not recommended to do more than 45 minutes.

The 3rd program "the New World" is designed to develop creative skills, removing mental blocks when thinking about any problem (if You stalled), charging the body and brain with new energy. This program is not recommended to do more than 45 minutes.

4-I program "solar Wind" is for configuration of the body at the natural frequency of the Earth, or rather, the Earth's ionosphere, which varies with specific frequencies (called resonant frequencies Schumann) under the action of the solar wind. This is a deeply meditative and healing sounds, allowing a very good rest after a heavy physical, emotional and mental stress.

Electromagnetic pollution (television, radio, microwave, electric wiring in walls of buildings) can knock down the human body with a natural rhythm. As a result, you may experience various cardiovascular disorders, low immunity, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. the Sounds of the program "Land" literally shield You from a variety of electromagnetic pollution of the surrounding space, because the body during the entire evolution tuned to this rhythm and quickly returns to him in the presence of even a weak pacemaker.

Athletes who listened to this track immediately after intense training or competition, noted the absence on the second day muscle pain and a state of "weakness". On the contrary, there is a high vitality and fun movements.
This program has no time limits, but we must bear in mind that while listening (and about 2 hours after) a few dull logical thinking (in the context of imaginative and creative thinking) and slightly reduced reaction rate (This program can be included in the background through the speakers for the harmonization of the surrounding space, for example, at night).

People who are regularly engaged with this drive for about a month, celebrated with the following changes:

improving the creative abilities;

— the ability to think faster than before;

— improve short and long term memory;

— improved ability to concentrate;

— improving ability to simultaneously perform different tasks;

— expansion of the range of sound perception;

— freedom from hypersensitivity to sounds;

— improved ability to learn and understanding foreign languages;

— increasing confidence, reducing anxiety and freedom from unreasonable fears;

— experience in managed dreams;

— improve fine motor skills and overall ability to control your body (professional musicians, dancers, martial arts, drivers of vehicles);

— increasing vigor and vitality during the day and sleep quality at night;

— the disappearance of ringing in the ears.

The most dramatic positive changes can be observed in children with the stigma "not teachable" (syndromes of hyperactivity and low attention, autism). There are few data for positive changes in down's syndrome and stroke.

However, it should immediately be noted that any improvement comes after a more or less short period of exacerbation of negative symptoms (generally speaking, this phenomenon is typical for all natural methods of healing).


Organize yourself as comfortable and calm conditions. Turn off the radio and the TV, unplug the phone (or maximum turn down the ringer volume). Ask your family not to distract You during lessons. It is highly recommended to remove it from the room of Pets (If during deep relaxation to your chest jump Your pet cat or next suddenly the dog barks, You will experience a very unpleasant feeling)!
Drink a glass of plain clean water. The second glass of water put next on the lesson and drink immediately after training. Water plays a huge role in our life. Improper diet leads to partial dehydration. The result is shifted to the intracellular potential, which prevents the normal passage of nerve impulses. This is a fairly common cause of headaches. Due to the strong polarity of the water molecule is able to form various structures. These structures will be complementary to electromagnetic, acoustic, thermal fields acting on the water. Please — for Your own good, always follow the rule of 2 glasses of water!

Starting position — lying on his back. Hands at your sides (palms down, fingers bent brush shalashikom) or crossed over your chest, hands under his armpits ("pull yourself together!"). The surface on which you lie should not be too soft because a soft surface is difficult to relax the muscles, and not too hard, because hard surface is much pressure on the muscle tissue (the best — mattress on the floor). Clothing should be free (especially in zone).

Weakly compressive soft bandage on my forehead and around the head (preferably pure wool — for example, ski cap), on the contrary, improves the perception. If You prefer sitting, make sure that Your feet fully rested on the floor with your arms lying on his knees. These recommendations facilitate the necessary conditions and more complete and rapid effect.

The greatest effect is evident when using stereo headphones in combination with the closely spaced speakers. You can listen to just the headphones, and children — through the speakers (with good high frequency reproduction) in the background (during games and activities), setting acceptable (comfortable) volume level. A direct correlation between volume and efficiency, so always choose the volume level based on comfort.

Take the initial position (try — always the same). Highly recommended for all classes to pay attention to the fact that Your language was the most relaxed. Eyes closed, you can direct look to the eyebrows (if it is not causing You unpleasant tension of the eye muscles). If during class You suddenly have an uncomfortable status because You, as You seem too entered another reality (identified with it), remember that You are in control of the situation, and in Your power to stop the effect of being in another reality. Without Your consent nothing can possess You. You and only You create this effect — a product of Your brain.
Tell yourself firmly: "I wish to go back to reality, I return to the familiar surroundings". Several times with the power squeeze and release the fingers, open your eyes slowly. Intensely (painfully) massage the area between the eyebrows, between the nose and the upper lip between thumb and forefinger. But, remembering that You're completely safe, it is better to "win" (survive) the situation through and try to find a way out of it (even the most fantastic — like a dream), because otherwise it will return (this is Your internal problem, requiring a solution that does not depend on listening to You drive or not).

Being fully conscious, You might find that it is not able to move hand or foot. It triggered a defense mechanism that keeps us from walking in their sleep and provides deep relaxation to the body. You can just wait for a while, enjoying the rest — the ability to move will soon be restored. If You are in a hurry, say to yourself confidently: "Now I stand, I stand, I got up(and)". You suddenly find that You have stood up. Continue to act according to the situation.

Some people suddenly find that their minds are as if separated from the body and watching his own body from the outside, hanging under the ceiling or above the floor of the room in which they started to do. It's a natural feeling for deep relaxation — you should think about your own body and try to move, you immediately go back to its usual state.

Brief description of the technology

In 50-e years has been the development of a method of electroencephalography (EEG), which allows to record and study the electrical potentials of the brain. It was also established that the brain is able to synchronize the frequency of their bioelectric potentials with a frequency different rhythmic stimuli, for example, pulses in excess of a weak electric current, light flashes and audible clicks, if frequency of stimuli is within the natural frequency range of the electrical potentials of the brain — 0.5-42Гц (cycles per second). This discovery allowed to create effective system of brain training to achieve the necessary conditions.

One of the most effective ways of organizing the electric oscillations of the brain (and related psycho-physiological conditions), while providing a high synchronization of both hemispheres are binaural beats.
While listening to the sounds of close frequencies in different channels (left and right), one feels the so-called binaural beats, or binaural beats.

For example, when one ear hears a pure tone with a frequency of 330 cycles per second and the other pure tone with a frequency of 340 vibrations per second, the human brain hemisphere start working together, and as a result he "hears" runout with frequency 340-330=10 oscillations per second, but it is not real external sound, but "phantom". He is born in the human brain only the addition of electromagnetic waves coming from two synchronously working hemispheres of the brain (this effect is used for centuries in Church singing).
Neuroscientists have discovered that applying binaural beats on top of each other in several layers, you can generate rhythmic activity of the brain in the right direction, and to cause the person desired picture EEG (i.e., the pattern of electrical oscillations in the brain), and with it the state of consciousness, which is characterized by this picture.

Another interesting category of sounds has opened in his studies of the French otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis. He was the first to systematically investigate the influence on the human psyche sounds of high frequencies (above 5000 cycles per second).
Tomatis discovered that the ear is not just "hears", but the vibrations perceived by it, stimulates the nerves of the inner ear where these vibrations are converted into electrical impulses in various ways within the brain. Some go to hearing centers, and we perceive them as sounds. Others create an electrical potential in the cerebellum, which controls complex movements and balance. From there they go to the limbic system, the supervisor of our emotions and release of various biochemical substances, including hormones, affect our entire body. The electric potential generated by sound, is also transmitted to the cerebral cortex, head of the higher functions of consciousness. Thus, the high frequency sound stimulates the brain, and with it the whole body.

Another discovery of the Tomatis was a direct relationship between the range of auditory perception range of the vibrations of his voice and his level of health. Tomatis has developed a special recording process called "electronic ear".
In the process of ordinary sound alternately cut the high frequency, low frequency component. When one listens to this record, the muscles of his ear trained by alternately tension and relaxation; this extends the range of auditory perception, and as a consequence, many disorders disappear.
There are many documented studies showing in particular that the application of this method is enhanced creativity, improved memory and ability to concentrate greatly improves coordination.

It should be noted that currently these technologies are implemented and used successfully in virtually all major academic centers around the world.

Stay healthy and happy!

Attention:This program is not intended to replace any treatment. The program can cause unpredictable effects on a background of reception of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs. In no case do not listen to this CD while driving and while operating other potentially dangerous machinery.

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