The path to the dream

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The listening in the headphones helps to immerse in deep sleep.


To pay and download the electronic version

price 300 RUB.

The disc contains one long track (80 minute), listening to stereo headphones which helps to immerse in deep sleep. The beginning will sound a voice of the user, giving your body relaxed and mind focused state.

Then they disappear, leaving only the audio signals of the "x-sync" that helps promote deep Delta sleep and then sustains it as strong and healthy sleep.

In the beginning it will be necessary to visualize special "box" or "chamber energy conversion". This thing need to fold back their everyday concerns that would otherwise be swirl in my head and distract from exercises. Unlike many exercises the "x-sync", this exercise requires maintaining awareness throughout its length.

Can disconnect, at least in the beginning, though at the end of it — the sooner, the better.

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