Sticker "N1 stabilizer"


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Is stabization built on the shape effect.


N1 - a product number one in the series N.

N-is derived from the title interior line projects "N" series, which is a joint development of our team and our colleagues in the field of information water and other interesting things.

Nonetheless, water this product does not have any relationship. N1 is the stabilizer built in the shape effect. This product contains three levels of forms, representing protoform, i.e. certain basic forms existing in nature.

The first level is basic. It is fixed on the glass through three-dimensional laser engraving. The second level is tied to the base energy imprint made (modulated) cell technology. This level results in a phantom the same structures, but more volume and depth.
The third level is the "shadow" of the second level around the object interacts with the stabilizer N1.

For example, it may be bearing his statement.
The function of the product it is possible to explain so - protoform in the theory of tenacula shifted to the pole of uniformity (i.e., they are dominated by the principle of Homo), and they tend to remove any interference-distortion-chaos.

Multiple-invested their number is doing the same in a wide frequency range.
This can be compared with the broadband antenna system, absorbing the chaos in a wide range for themselves, and pereyzdachy ordered signal (since absorbed the chaos excites the structure).

Through the use of KO (cellular clouds, specially made for this specific product) is included in N1 the principle of adjustment of force of impact, authorization of the operator and the deployment area of the product, wider than the FOB.

Possible use - stabilization situations, the removal of distortions from the cocoon, an increase in private event mass (a light analogue of 2.6 in this regard), and the like.

Possible side effects since the product is governed by the impact of weaker than other products to our range, made on different principles, it is possible to direct manifestations of the pole order. In particular, it may affect a different feeling from the passage of time, delay of meeting etc (but it is not mandatory effects).

The N1 product effectively BUT is not integrated with other products of our production and poorly regulated power effects. In fact, it forms around You some kind of capsule with increasing degree of order. It is useful not always, for example, this may be useful when working with 2.5 influence techniques.

To remove the effect of N1 is very simple - you need to carry a key FOB for a few meters in front of me. It is also possible local use of the cocoon.

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