Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal SCHORL

Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal SCHORL


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Short description

Strengthening mental power of the operator, protection from compulsion and psychic-Atak, search of people and objects, the development of the direct vision (“vision of the brain”).


Density:3 – 3,25 g/cm3
Maximum activity:on the waning moon

Some areas of intention, in addition to GeneralTourmaline codewhich BRM Schorl effectively works:

  • strengthening mental power of the operator;
  • power and dominance, the expansion of spheres of influence;
  • protection, suggestions and psychic attacks;
  • search for people and objects;
  • the development of the direct vision ("the vision of the brain").

BRM with black tourmaline (schorl) containing iron ions.

One of the most powerful crystals. Able to enhance the tension (force) of the human bio-field. Puts certain requirements on the operator – it is not recommended to use insecure, doubting people or unsteadily standing on his feet. BRM Schorl is able to enhance the psychic power of man. Excels in working with the desires of the gaining and retention of power, of domination, expanding their capabilities and spheres of influence.

BRM Schorl is able to create favorable circumstances, can be used for a quick exit from a difficult and challenging situations and create a favorable external conditions. BRM Schorl forms around the operator a powerful protection against any psychic attacks, one of the best for protection from negativity of any kind. Has the ability to absorb and transform negative energy.

BRM Schorl can be used to search (people, objects). Successfully supplemented BRM Topaz, which enhances all active current challenges BRM Schorl. Special force BRM Schorl has on the waning moon.

Psychological effect:
Schorl BRM works well with the intentions of gaining the qualities of the earth: stability, strength and power, practicality, confidence, control emotions. BRM Schorl can dissipate obsessions, including brought in from outside. For the purposes of gaining clarity and objectivity of perception, reduces the suggestibility of the operator.

Magical properties:
Black tourmaline was once considered a stone of witches. Works well with the aim of anticipating and opening direct vision ("the vision of the brain"). Able to amplify the magical abilities of the operator. It is known that black tourmaline was used in the activities of Benjamin Franklin.

Physiological properties:

BRM Schorl helps rebuild the structural aspects of the body. Traditionally used for prevention of SARS and influenza. Increases vitality. Contributes to the opening of the meridians of the hands and feet, stimulates the sensitivity of your hands.

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