Additional programs to the Stabilizer

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Freeeach stabilizer kit from25 programs:

- 12 PCs anchor
- 1 PCs eraser
- 12 PCs on the choice of the buyer from the range of (basic or additional).


5.the communication gap- allows you to create a disturbance of object relations, even aligned with each other on the frequency principle. the General mood and status.
7.control- mental control over the object (any), has a two way nature (in the sense there is a channel of reception and transmission). the status of a person or object.
9.stop магия1-2- a ban on the deformation of the world are not in material ways, temporarily suspends any external influences and /or other artifacts on the territory of the described stabilizer. Of course there's nothing absolute. But it's a working object.
10.through the looking glass- method to register the object status of vicoletti of the common processes to produce a strange place, etc.
11.the exclusion zone- anomalous area. It causes discomfort. Can be used to mentally (indirect) protection of the premises where there are no people (the psi-protection, generating the desire to leave the area). But also the anomalous zone, you can create a simple anchor position on the field...
12.pass- bypasses the effect of the stabilizer aimed at the creation of anomalous zones for the same object (e.g. person) may lie on the field (at anchor) or in the pocket of the person.
Removes the impact of stabilizer of any kind!
13.additional stabilization- just an additional stabilization of the object.

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