Set of stickers "Cure-House"


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Performance -set of 50 stickers.

In addition to the basic program and the ability to switch modes on the hologram of the system caused the program a "harmonious house". The task of the whole system is to create a favorable atmosphere inside a certain space.

Recommendations for use: one sticker on each window sash into the top corner (left or right — does not matter). Under one sticker in the corner of the large mirrors in your home (the angle is not important, the point of attachment — from use, not from the back side, i.e. not, as in the case of the "mirror of ISIS").

One sticker on the front door. One sticker on the wall of the room opposite the window.
The remaining can be mounted on the water pipe or any other places according to their own feelings, including the bed.

Overall, according to our calculations, a set of 50 pieces, enough for 2-4 bedroom apartment or small office.

This kit does not conflict with the products of the "front room window" and implementing a different function. In "processed" in this way spaces it creates a special internal atmosphere in General we can say that this treatment is something similar to EP2, in the minimal version of activity without an external source of energy.

However, in this case as such, "active" shielding no, although indirectly, due to the dominance potential of energoactivity space over external space of interaction clearly vary. You can say that people living in this area tend to be.... more successful.

At home we spend a lot of time to attend to their homes ... Yes, it's significantly more powerful than the charging light matrix.

I would also recommend a couple of stickers to leave in the car (including the windshield and rear view mirror). The program there is suitable the same to create a space with the qualities of lowering external influence on the driver (and the car). Again, Economou are completely different things created for different purposes, not a hindrance, can help (the operator is in a higher energy density state).

Set "Cure House" is also perfectly suitable for the office, or may be divided between several rooms used by a single operator. In the basic mode, the operation of the "home" (or just "harmonic space"), combined with a basic regime of a panacea.

Because the programmability option of holographic labels increased, the switching from the basic mode panacea 2.9 maintaining the operation of the program "house" is easy to carry out mentally, even for a beginner. It can also be implemented by applying a switching matrix.

On the power of this product is slightly inferior to ISB-3 and creates zones with high energy saturation near the place of gluing. The highest efficiency on glass and mirrors. Gradually, all the space between the several labels will be harmonized.

The time of full activation of the system should not exceed 7 days after application to the object.

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