Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal BERYL

Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal BERYL

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The transformation of negative into positive energies, the development of vision and psychic ability, travel, structuring water, the rejuvenation of the body.


Noble beryl (Beryl, Beryl Noble, Aeroides)
Series:Beryl Code.

Field:Brazil, Colombia, France, Sweden, the Urals, Kola Peninsula.
Color:blue, different shades of green
Transparency:transparent, translucent
Hardness:7,5 - 8
Frequency:240 Hz
Density:2,6 – 2,7 g/cm3
Crystal structure:hexagonal (sixfold oxygen-silicon ring)
Matrix:| 1 0 0 |
| 0 -1 0 |
| 0 0 -1 |
Dominant perceiver channel:verbal
Organization structure:positive
Maximum activity:from 12 to 16 hours
Area of external influence:head: the head, the forehead
Body system:muscle, nervous
Element:the wind

Some areas of the intentions with which this type of BRM is running as efficiently as possible:

-the transformation of negative energy into positive; positive changes of the current situation
- harmonize the space and the biofield (including harmonization of psycho-emotional sphere)
- development of visions and psychic abilities (including the outputs of the astral body); predicting the future
- qualitative development of attention, memory, thinking
- search for new and interesting work career
- education, including language
- travel
- structuring of water
- rejuvenation of the body; improving muscle elasticity; blood purification

One of the most perfect crystals with a hexagonal crystal structure. The basis of the internal structure of beryl are sixfold oxygen-silicon rings, each of which consists of 18 of oxygen atoms and 6 silicon atoms. This structure determines the unique properties of beryl: it is energetically meaningful crystal with two dedicated areas and a helical twisting power. The main value of this orientation lies in the ability to positive transformation energy. In BRM uses natural Beryl rough crystals.

Beryl noble (Noble beryl) differs fromemeraldandaquamarineonly in the absence of ions of chromium, iron or vanadium. The interaction of this crystal man has an ancient history. In ancient times it was believed that beryl is configured to the human spirit and contributes to its improvement and strengthening. This crystal revered Petrarch, Plutarch, Maxwell.

Beryl has a structure that correlated with the divine. Initially, the beryl worshiped as a God, and only later to various deities began to ascribe the properties and strength of the structure of beryl. Interacting with BRM Beryl people are able to get extra "heaven" ionization.

Due to its frequency and perfect internal structure of the BRM Beryl works brilliantly with the desire to improve the internal structure of the resonance of the body (nervous system): improve memory, focus, mental abilities; development of three-dimensional (non-linear) thinking; the development of intuition, visions and psychic abilities. May stimulate the right thoughts at the right time and finding the operator in the right place at the right time. Able several times to increase the quality and speed of perception and information processing, particularly in language learning.

BRM Beryl qualitatively manifests itself in the sphere of education, work and career. Will contribute to the need of Dating, finding new and interesting work and fast career growth. BRM Beryl in any team is able to take your carrier to the leaders and help to occupy a high position without tiring of competition.

Field characteristics of BRM Beryl determine its ability to structure water. To do this, the modulator needs a few hours to put next to the container of water. Water structured in this way, 10% contains structural properties and quality of BRM Beryl and can be used as a weak crystalline essence of beryl.

Due to the densities and refractive BRM Beryl is one of the best harmonizers as space and the human bio-field. Cleanses and regulates the biofield. Due to the ability of energy transformation, the operator frees large amounts of free energy that previously spent and burned the negative in psychic-energy processes. This can manifest as improved mood, clarity of thinking, harmonization of psycho-emotional sphere. Harmonization of personal space can manifest itself as improved sleep and quality rest, increase efficiency, improve family relationships, with others and etc. to the extent that former enemies become friends.

BRM Berуl quickly and efficiently work with the desire to increase the openness and sociability, helps to find approach to any person. It gives the ability to resist deception, in particular may contribute to a favorable decision in litigation and legal matters. Responses BRM Beryl intuitively suggest how best to proceed in a given situation.

The element of beryl determines such properties as the activity, lightness, the maximum expression of positive organization structure and mobility. These qualities perfectly resonate with the desires positive change in all areas, expansion and mobility of consciousness, change of residence, wishes to travel. In journeys and travels BRM Beryl guides, and protects us, especially in the water element.

The occurrence of beryl is approaching the highest value that can accept people, but not everyone can reach this frequency, and even more to operate it. For successful perception of vysokochastotnom BRM Beryl it is recommended to use it together with the crystalline essence.

Psychological effect
The main psychological effect of BRM Beryl is a total harmonization of psycho-emotional processes, stress and nervous tension. Recommended as a melancholic and overly emotional and prone to dramatic mood swings of people. BRM Beryl works effectively with the desires clear, positive thinking, activity and getting rid of laziness, determination and sociability, self-control and the development of will, self-confidence and openness. Strengths BRM Beryl is the ability to resist deception.

Physiological effect
BRM Beryl affects the human condition, increase the adaptive reserves. Cleanses and regulates the biofield. Has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immunostimulating effect, is a powerful biostimulant. Able to strengthen the structure of blood and lymph. BRM Beryl quickly and efficiently works with the intention of rejuvenation.
It is recommended to use BRM Beryl for the purposes of:

  • rejuvenation
  • strengthening muscle elasticity
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve vision
  • strengthen the liver
  • supply of the spinal cord
  • common mental and emotional equilibrium

Magical properties
Beryl is associated with the increased vision and psychic abilities. Can promote lucid dreaming and the exit of the astral body. Density, transparency and refraction allow us to predict the future and to perceive images of the future with a quality resonance. BRM Beryl can be used to find places, people, things. Monarchs and rulers were instructed to have beryls in one form or another. Beryl is associated with the planet Jupiter influencing the destiny of man. In Andean cosmology the beryl is associated with the Southern cross.


| 1 0 0 |
| 0 -1 0 |
| 0 0 -1 |

The structure of the language BRM Beryl is very thin and has a soft algorithm broadcast. Dominant perceiver channel – verbal, and emotional. The shape of the flow stream characteristic crystals of the hexagonal system - multi-level ring, with three vertical cylindrical flows, the nature of the broadcast stream is constant. For the best resonance interaction when working with BRM Beryl it is recommended to take crystal essence emerald or Beryl BRM structured water.

Activation of BRMBeryl
The difficulty level of activation – 4. It is recommended to carry out the procedure for activation for better resonance tuning of the palm, folded according to instructions, can be placed in the occipital region. Automatic activation occurs through 72-84 hrs under the condition of high mental control. The first reactions appear quickly, a few hours after activation.

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