Svetlitsa LEADER AU. New leadership opportunities

Svetlitsa LEADER AU. New leadership opportunities

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Allows developing informal leadership skills.


Svetlitsa Leader AURUM allows you to implement the scenario of generating additional life time through the development of leadership qualities. You can often find trainings and various literature, where leadership qualities are considered and taught how to develop them. Svetlitsa Leader AURUM is a tool that allows you to pump leadership qualities much more efficiently with less time.

It contributes to the strengthening and disclosure of the following basic personality traits necessary for a leader:


The structure of the Svetlitsa will allow you to manifest, use and repeatedly strengthen new opportunities for leadership and the use of Personal Power:

  • Synthesis of a higher level goal will lift you above the ordinary.
  • Creating conditions for the implementation of macro interactions will facilitate the achievement of your goals.
  • The manifestation of multidimensional fantasy in solving problems will make you a generator of the most original ideas.
  • Creation of conditions for the formation of new informational connections in everyday life, business, in sports, in creativity will expand the range of interests.
  • Increasing the possibility of a holistic perception of reality through a new level of the conceptual apparatus and generalization of knowledge will allow finding unexpected solutions in the daily sequence of events.
  • The manifestation of the life time creator qualities that complement the user's life time resource, increasing the life time and quality of life.
  • The inclusion of new characteristics in the structure of luminosity opens up the possibility of transforming the luminous qualities of objects, events, people in the direction of mutual agreement, which will bring you peace.

One gets the impression that being a leader is easy if you can easily learn it. It immediately seems as if you can follow some formal rules and then you will certainly become a leader. However, the real Leader is the one who is ahead and others follow. And this applies not only to production activities, but also to social and family activities. In any relationship, someone becomes a leader, and someone remains a follower.

Svetlitsa Leader AURUM will help to develop leadership qualities informally, through the development of Light characteristics. The leader can go where others will not. They won't even go, because they consider it impossible (unpromising). Many people may not go if they don't see the goal. In this context, the Leader is the master of movement. He creates conditions for others, sets goals, sets direction and is an example. The leader is an emitter, burns with an idea, a dream, can ignite others. Therefore, the Leader must have appropriate light characteristics. Svetlitsa Leader AURUM helps to change these qualities of Light in the user.

Increase in glow power

The leader is more flamboyant. If he lives an interesting, luscious life, then his light can be perceived by the liquid crystal of other people, then there will be interaction with information through light, bypassing the verbal channel. That is, the light of the owner of the Svetlitsa Leader AURUM will help cleanse the structures of the liquid crystal of other people, which will increase their expert capabilities. The Leader himself will have the opportunity to exchange qualities through the Light, and this will lead to a new level of competence and additional self-confidence. This is the Light to which people are drawn. The attractiveness and charisma of the Leader increases.

Growth of dimensionality of light (difficulty)

Each person has their own glow. This Light has its own characteristics - brightness, fractality, area, frequency, etc. A leader can only be a person with such characteristics of luminescence that could unite people with whom he interacts, uniting them into one whole, into a team. That is, the Leader can have a universal light compared to others.

As an example, consider the arithmetic operation of adding fractions. Suppose the characteristics of the glow of one person can be expressed as a fraction of 1/5, and another 1/7 (as a part of something more whole). Then they will have a common denominator 35, significantly exceeding 5 and 7. Similarly, the Leader's dimensional characteristics of the glow should be universal in comparison with other members of the team. Only in this case can he be a unifying principle. Svetlitsa Leader AURUM allows the owner to gradually change the characteristics of their glow towards universality, which creates conditions for life creation.

The Leader's multidimensionality gives him the opportunity to receive and process information not only from the past, but also from the future; a vision of perspective, flexibility of behavior and sensitivity to the situation develops. The Leader's multidimensional universal light allows him to easily inspire the team to solve new problems. The Leader gains additional faith in his own strength and in his righteousness, based on a multidimensional vision of the situation and the ability to combine different views into new goals, new ways of solving, new opportunities.

The emergence of a life-creating principle in the owner of the Svetlitsa Leader AURUM makes it possible to form living time in the structure of the user's liquid crystal. This time fills him with a new quality of life-creation, like the ability to create life. This ability to create living systems begins to gradually manifest itself in all human affairs. Ordinary inanimate systems have a feature of decreasing reliability with an increase in the number of system elements. Living systems that have additional connections through light-time increase reliability with an increase in the number of system elements, increasing mutual assistance and mutual support between parts of living systems. The user of the Svetlitsa Leader AURUM, involved in the creation or maintenance of an inanimate system, will breathe a piece of life into it and increase both the reliability of this system and the quality of its functioning.

In such a living system as a collective, the user of the Svetlitsa Leader AURUM will be able to support colleagues in difficult times with his light, strengthening his fortitude, and will find the right words. His sociability will grow, as he will have a living word that is necessary at the moment and capable of uniting and strengthening people.

New living connections are united into a network, which begins to help the Leader in solving new problems that open up to the Leader. His Light reveals the zone of inactivity of the personality, which was previously inaccessible. This zone begins to activate and goes into the zone of action, where the personal potentials of the Leader are revealed, which he did not mean or thought about. The influence of various interference reduces the efficiency of using this resource and reduces the life of a person. Therefore, the gold series helps to further improve the efficiency of using the life time.

A new opportunity when using the AURUM Leader is the generation of an additional lifetime in critical situations of its complete exhaustion. A person's life time is not a certain volume from which he can be spent before devastation. This is a special structure that provides a transition from the world of structures to reality (manifestation). This transition can be smooth and continuous, or it can be discrete. In continuous manifestation, the illusion of a resource that we are wasting arises. However, it is not. Our lifetime is associated with the lifetime of the entire Universe through a system of coordination of time structures. In the organism itself, the lifetimes of organs must also be coordinated with each other. This coordination takes place at the level of structures, as a possibility of mutual manifestation.

Live light connections, networked together, ensure the formation of stable collectives (teams), creating a team spirit. Such teams are able to solve problems that are inaccessible to one person, which creates the prerequisites for increasing the effectiveness of the team (firm, family, social group).

A natural question arises: if several users of Svetlitsa Leader AURUM appear in the same group, will this not lead to competition and rivalry between them? Of course not. There will be no rivalry. Each person has their own strengths. Everyone is a leader in something. The use of Svetlitsa Leader AURUM will strengthen these strengths and create opportunities for complementarity and mutual reinforcement of the strengths of the group members. The ability to find additional compromises that does not weaken, but leads to a win for everyone will increase. Leadership qualities will be manifested in the generation of ideas, in additional motivation, in the success of self-realization. The use of the Svetlitsa Leader AURUM by the group members will reduce internal rivalry in the team.

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