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"Carmel" is associated with financial freedom.

This is a condition when finances are — "sticky" to person thing, as when there are problems "where to get/how to make money", but there is a feeling that money is simply a gift to the world (actually, of course, of system) naturally incrementing to person.

This is a relaxed state when the money could and should be spent on their creative processes, and not to bathe in sweat, without sleep, spending all his life and all the time in the day for the "process" of making them.

At the same time, "Carmel" is a label "I", typical for certain elite layer of the world. The presence of this label is one of the reasons (and quite important) relaxed and easy regeneration of the money supply. I'm sure many people know (at least heard or read), who in his biography have a point where "from rags to riches" without visible, like, reasons. Some "fortuitous circumstances".

Named after a small and very cozy-original-cute town on the Pacific coast of California, where it was created, and with lots of relaxed people coming to financial freedom it this way. Moreover, for many in this world, big money is just a total prisoner of the processes of your company/Corporation/business. In this case we are talking about the right of freedom, when people are actually outside the system of control, or minimal control, and are creative in your own condition.

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