Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal CHRYSOPRASE

Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal CHRYSOPRASE


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Short description

Powerful treatment, both the physical and on the mental level, elimination of depression, positive thinking, Getting and keeping of power, the extension in a particular area, powerful protection from negative energies.



Color: emerald-green, Apple-green
Transparency: cloudy, translucent
HardnessOf 6.5 – 7.0
The resonant frequency: 180 Hz.
Density: 2,6 g/cm3
System: trigonal
| - 1 0 0 |
| 0 -1 0 |
| 0 0 1 |
Dominant perceiving the channel: verbal
Organization structure: positive
The maximum activity of the: from 8.00 to 10.00
Area of external influence: Vishuddha (throat)
The systems of the body: A truncated body, body tension, Resonant body
Element: Water, Air

Some areas of the intentions with which this type of BRM is running as efficiently as possible:

• The monetary sphere, obtain and maintain well-being, handling of big sums of money
• Obtaining and retention of power, the extension in a particular area
• Powerful protection from negative energies, especially from direct psychic attacks (so-called "spoilage", etc.)
• Powerful cleaning, on both a physical and mental level
• Elimination of depression, positive thinking, calmness, serenity
• Finding partners, allies, friends; an active energy exchange with the surrounding space


A characteristic of chrysoprase is a "hidden" system, which is able to transform and nurture within ourselves a new structure that makes the stone one of its kind universal, but at the same time, very mixed, which determines its numerous spheres of action.
The spatial structure of Chrysoprase is a twisted space consisting of microcrystalline concentric structure.
Torsion of the fibers creates a certain tension. The helicity structure of the crystal determines the impact, which is reflected in the active energy of a crystal is a powerful protective and purifying properties of this mineral.


As noted above, Chrysoprase is one of the most versatile and multifaceted crystals because of its changeable porous internal structure. However, highlight some of the most strong sides.
One of the strengths of BRM Chrysoprase is a monetary sphere. This property of Chrysoprase used in the Middle ages. BRM Chrysoprase successfully interacts with the energies of success, luck, prosperity. Crystal Chrysoprase from ancient times used to obtain and retain power and wealth. BRM Chrysoprase will be a good helper for business people dealing with big sums of money. BRM Chrysoprase successfully resonates with the intentions of gaining power, of domination, distribution of power with any area.

The combination of properties of activity, energy, active energy and fast phases of recording the intentions of the translation makes BRM Chrysoprase indispensable operators of the professions that require activity, skill to communicate, skills of persuasion, making quick and sound decisions, such as Manager, lawyer, salesman, businessman, Manager etc., and creative professions such as writer, artist, actor, inventor, etc.

Another strong point of BRM Chrysoprase is the intention of finding allies, friends, surrounding yourself with the right people and gaining new connections. BRM Chrysoprase promotes formation of friendly relationship to the operator in any group.
Another area of use of BRM Chrysoprase – the protective field, especially from psychic attacks. BRM Chrysoprase exhibits protective properties in cases of direct mental attacks, psychological pressure, "energy vampirism", etc.

Effective BRM Chrysoprase for the purpose of purification from mental and energetic debris creating a network of multidirectional helical vortices powerful enough to clean manifested in the physical realm (see Physiological properties). This property is clearly evident as clear thinking, calm, finding balance, drink energy, the desire to create something new. Powerful protective properties help extend the favorable range of the variant lines, in other words, allow the operator to make risky steps to get quick results and achieve rapid success, but this property is not recommended.

BRM Chrysoprase effective in innovative and creative sectors, can help inventions and resonates with the intention of starting any new business. Most BRM Chrysoprase suitable for operators, personalities, looking for something new.

BRM Chrysoprase is one of the types of BRM, recommended for children – for rhythm and speed, he fits the fixed, active children, helps to reveal themselves, their intellectual and creative abilities, to find a sphere of self-realization, protects against negativity, can provide sympathy from peers, adapting to any environment.
BRM Chrysoprase successfully resonates with the intentions of positive change, new beginnings, a departure from the ordinary, the search for identity and his ways, realizing the potential, including the creative.
BRM Chrysoprase can be used to charge water. It's enough to put BRM on 4-5 hours in a container of water. Thus electrified water 10-15% has properties of BRM Chrysoprase.

Psychological properties

BRM Chrysoprase promotes relaxation of the nervous system that manifests as calmness, confidence, even serenity, encourage an open relationship with the world and active energy exchange. Helps get rid of depression, nightmares, promotes optimistic thinking and good mood. Aligns the sexual imbalance.

Physiological properties

Chrysoprase can positively affect brain activity and normalize the blood pressure. Crystal helps to eliminate toxins and relieve nervous tension. BRM Chrysoprase good to carry athletes, workaholics, in a word, all operator, whose daily activity is associated with considerable physical and nervous tension. This crystal is able to literally produce energy (projective YANG), napitia its operator. Chrysoprase is able to improve the metabolism and stimulating the activity of glands of internal secretion. This makes BRM Chrysoprase indispensable in the sphere of the intentions of the rejuvenation, slimming, maintain a good skin condition and General appearance.
Like many other green minerals, Chrysoprase facilitates meteodependency during magnetic storms. Let's admit BRM Chrysoprase in the intentions of improvement and correction. Also used to normalize sleep and get rid of insomnia.

Magical properties

BRM Chrysoprase exhibits a powerful protective properties. In the case of severe impending danger, the crystal will warn the operator in advance of the darkening and/or responses GAIP.

The complexity and exclusivity of BRM Chrysoprase that the crystal has a sliding, variable internal structure and is very dependent on the conditions of nucleation and crystal growth. Chrysoprase has a "floating" crystal structure from trigonal to aggregate. In suitable crystals. the horizontal projection should be stronger and a vertical tangent, then we obtain the desired unique energy-informational properties of Chrysoprase. By the way, it is therefore crystal is widely used in the modern pharmacy, only there are connections between ions, atoms and molecules, and BRM — force (density and direction) or energy of these compounds.

From the mass of available material, we found one almost perfect the properties of the crystal the desired color from the field in Australia — bright, but deep and rich green, translucent emerald green with transitions to Apple with hints of yellow. It's not just the aesthetic aspect, and certain energy and wave functions of the crystal. Since the stone was only one of the highest grade, that is cheap, was released on a limited batch of exclusive BRM Chrysoprase.

Chrysoprase is really exclusive crystal. Chrysoprase is a semi-precious stone, is a variety of quartz and chalcedony. On the growth process and crystal formation is especially affected by conditions in the external environment, namely the combined action of water and oxygen. Chrysoprase is a cryptocrystalline aggregate, consisting of invisible to the naked eye fine crystal grains that are visible only under the microscope. This feature of internal structure makes it special, "breathing" stone. Can be called Chrysoprase "alive"by the crystal: depending on the conditions inside the different coordination molecules, which creates a variety of geometric complexes inside. This can be seen even in the physical manifestations, it is enough to place the crystal in direct sunlight or damp earth, and it will change its color.

Chrysoprase has a distinctive ability of fast and high-quality recording intentions and their rapid translation due to a perfect energy exchange with the external environment. We can say that the BRM Chrysoprase literally absorbs (inhales) the intention of the operator, and quickly translates the intention to HEIP.
The unique properties of Chrysoprase has identified a particular interest in him on the part of influential people and prominent politicians. It was not just a popular crystal in Ancient Greece and Rome, he was part of the doctrine of Hermeticism. How was popular chrysoprase, is the fact that, according to legend, Alexander the great wore a chrysoprase buckle, believing that this talisman brings him luck on the battlefield. Used properties of chrysoprase Frederick the Great, even inlaid crystal Imperial crown.

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