Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal NEPHRITE

Bioresonance modulator based on the crystal NEPHRITE


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The financial sector, career growth, starting and growing my business; protective sphere; the intention of beauty, maintenance of youth, skin tightening, improve hearing and vision; "the corrector of destinies", the luck; the sexual sphere, increase in libido, a good marriage, harmonization of relations; new beginnings, getting rid of old reflexes and habits, life with a clean slate.


Series: Amphiboly code



Color:shades of green, from Apple green to grass and dark green

Transparency:translucent, opaque

TVerdot:5.5 to 6.5

Frequency:130 Hz.

Density: A 2.95 - 3.4 g/cm3

Crystal structure:monoclinic


| 1 0 0 |

| 0 -1 0 |

| 0 0 1 |

Dominant perceiver channel:visual

Organization structure:positive

Maximum activity:from 17.00 to 19.00

Area of external influence:whole body

Body system:all systems of the body


Some areas of the intentions with which this type of BRM is running as efficiently as possible:

- financial sector, career growth, the beginning and the development of the business;

- the protective field;

- intentions of beauty, maintenance of youth, skin tightening, improve hearing and vision;

- "correction of destiny", the luck;

sexual sphere, increase libido, a good marriage, harmonization of relations;

- new beginnings, getting rid of old reflexes and habits, life with a clean slate.


A feature of the structure of Jade is a monoclinic crystal structure and its amphibology, or consisting of a mass of fine crystalline fibers or grains. Considering the jade under the microscope, you can see that dense mass of stone made up of countless superfine fiber, it is difficult intertwined like felt.

It also gives the jade its unusual property of viscosity, unique and unusual for stones at all. This makes the Jade is as close to the body and mind of man. In nature minerals like jade, the qualities closer to the man.

Jade is a 8-th order, or “ripe” jade can accumulate 9 types of energies, this is the maximum that can reach the human structure. We can say that Jade represents the energy high, which can reach people. These structural features determine several of its properties.


Very interesting, energetically active crystal. The main property of BRM Nephrite - accumulation of energy. It is an active, energy-intensive, the Yana, but at the same time balancing mineral. Jade is a unique, multi-faceted and multi-level stone (represents 9 types of energies). The structural properties define the maximum proximity to the body and mind of man.

Jade is important to humans, because the inside of the crystal occur all the same energy process that can capture the human body, consciousness and energy. That is why Jade is a cult different nationalities and cultures, it is admired since ancient times, considered sacred in China, he is a stone-heritage.

BRM Nephrite can be called a “corrector of fate”, especially clearly it manifests itself in the sphere of positive change, good luck and lucky coincidences. Long since this crystal was prized for its property to bring the owner luck, so it is especially valued card players and adventurers.

BRM Nephrite will be useful for all those who start life and a clean slate, wants to be cleansed from the mistakes of the past and start a strong start in the future. He is able to make man into a complete change of habits and behavior.

Another strong point of BRM Nephrite is the monetary sphere. In addition to the General protection failures and financial losses, the strength of Jade is to assist in professional Affairs, career ladder, gaining power, opening and development of the business. BRM Nephrite generally has the Yang energy and helps to achieve their goals in different areas, promotes wherever required determination, strength of personality, determination, intelligence.

Another strength of BRM Nephrite is sexual sphere. BRM Nephrite is perfect for intentions in the field of advanced sexuality, enhance libido. I'm sure many have heard of such expressions as “jade stem” and “jade cave”. In combination with the density of the mineral, BRM Nephrite can also be used effectively for a successful marriage, in the fields of strengthening marriage, the search for a life partner, strengthening and permanence of the relationship.

BRM Nephrite good manifests itself in the intentions of longevity and extension of youth and beauty. In China particularly common women's jewelry from jade. Still people who are engaged in the study of jade and its magical properties, I believe that the elixir of immortality there is a component of the powder of jade.

BRM Nephrite because of its structure and close human interaction is an individual Artifact, you should not entrust it into the hands of another person even after a reset. The operator should carefully monitor the condition of the crystal, which, having a strong relationship with the owner, may darken in the case of danger or dimmed in the case of committing mistakes or follow the wrong path.

Psychological properties
In the psychological sphere BRM Nephrite brightly manifests itself in the intentions of harmonization and balance. The most effective use of this type BRM to gain balance, peace, normalization of the emotional sphere. Helps to decrease impulsivity, aggressiveness, helps to reduce the temperature.

Can be used for the purposes of getting rid of anxiety, fears, depression, insomnia and nightmares. The hardness of the mineral determines one's strengths BRM Nephrite – the development of personal strength, firmness of character, firmness, inflexibility, determination, courage and other qualities.

Physiological properties
Jade is able to influence and strengthen all systems of the body. Since ancient times, the jade powder was used by healers and doctors.

Jade helps to normalize blood pressure, improves heart and circulatory system, has a beneficial effect on the liver, stomach and gastrointestinal tract, kidney, bladder, lungs. Recommended for women to normalize the female reproductive organs that can ease the condition during pregnancy, men are recommended to improve the potency and increase libido.

Jade is valuable for its rejuvenating properties, BRM Nephrite is ideal for the intentions of rejuvenating, preserving and restoring the beauty, vitality and energy, firmer skin, improve the condition of the skin, beauty of hair, prevents dryness of hair. Jade is valuable for its properties of improving brain blood circulation, relieving headaches, stress, fatigue, struggle with CFS.

Also BRM Nephrite can be used for the purposes of improving hearing and vision, virtually all spheres of improvement of physiological functions of the body.

Magical properties
Jade is one of the few stones, which are used in magical rituals in almost all cultures and nationalities. This stone is considered to be the conductor of energy of the Sky, gives harmony with yourself and the world around them, helps to get rid of illusions. Possesses powerful protective properties.Matrix

| 1 0 0 |

| 0 -1 0 |

| 0 0 1 |

“Language” (coding of information) of the crystal as close to the body and human consciousness. Responsive BRM Nrphrite part of a tight interaction with the person that allows to get a quick response, but it's quality determines the high requirements for proper formation of intentions. Dominant perceiving the channel is visual, the intention must be thoroughly and clearly presented.

Activation of BRMNephrite
The difficulty level of the activation 1, activation occurs automatically during the stay, BRM Nephrite in the field. Jade – crystal heat capacity, favorable for the activation of frequent tactile contact with the crystal.

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