As-5 "Humanity"

As-5 "Humanity"

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Artifact of humanity — exploitation of the principle of humanity, towards You. Extends the function at communicating with people, awakening in people more human and not just social programs that are associated with responsiveness.

Card Humanity used together with at or it can be used instead of at. Try this as to try sometimes in the company of other people, when the actions are only the reflection of our will and need. This does not negate the concepts of harmony and humanity, i.e., does not make us monsters or selfish, but otherwise handles blocks of society, almost totally reducing their weight, with the exception of a small number of reasonable points. And it not only changes us and our perception of the world, but generally all the work of our energy.

Version 1— a plastic card.

Version 2— sticker.

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System extensions 2.0 Ah 2.0 with a base at

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