Trainer for stretching the spine AIR NOBIUS

Trainer for stretching the spine AIR NOBIUS

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Short description

Training on the simulator "Air Nobius" are an excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease, to increase growth and will also help to correct posture.


The principle of operation

The simulator is intended for prophylactic stretching of the spine, which has a positive effect on health. The device allows you to treat your back and strengthen the muscle corset at home.

The comfort and ease of management

To control very simple, and for stretching the spine you can use one of 3 available modes. You can set the device to the individual characteristics of the organism, which makes physical therapy not only useful but also enjoyable. Compact switch is directly under the hand, so to change the modes without stopping the procedure.

Facilitate training for the back

Trainer for decompression of the spine helps to relieve stress and fatigue after a hard day, giving relief and ease. Regular stretching of the back muscles helps to enhance body tone, effectively relaxes the lower back and cervical spine, relieves pressure on nerve endings, and prevents a pinched nerve in the lower back.

The vessels will tell you "Thank you!"

Effective stretching of the back helps to restore the normal blood circulation, which leads to the improvement of the General condition of the body and blood vessels. The improved blood flow is a supply of blood to all body systems and nutrition of the cells, thereby normalize metabolic processes!

Get higher, catching up on Bestec Air Nobius

Regular stretching of the spine helps to restore the intervertebral discs, neutralizes back pain and fatigue. This leads to the formation of a perfect posture and a significant increase in growth.

Training on the simulator "Air Nobius" are an excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease, to increase growth and will also help to correct posture. Thanks to the traction adjusted the body lines and shape of the feet, reduces weight, rejuvenates the body.

When you stretch the body as if waking up. By increasing blood circulation improves the General health, ligaments become more elastic, eliminates muscle spasms and headaches.

The simulator is fully regulated under anthropometric parameters of the user, which increases the comfort level during a session and allows to distribute influence of the simulator on the spine evenly.

"Air Nobius" is also ideal for older people, due to the mild effects on the internal organs, improve metabolism and General well-being, elimination of stagnation of blood and enhancing skin regeneration.

Horizontal stretching is the safest and most effective way to achieve positive results. Due to the mild traction, "Air Nobius" removes the load from the legs and lumbosacral, which helps to eliminate pain and improve your health, improve functional abilities of the body.

Regular lessons on the simulator – it's a complete workout for the muscles of the back and legs. They contribute to the improvement of posture and coordination of movements, and will also help lengthen legs – just relaxing and enjoying the classes.

Simulator "Air Nobius" successfully blurs the stereotypes that keep good physical fitness, flexibility and back health is only one way – engaging in intensive physical activity. Now easy and fun You will be able to follow them through the tensile trainer "Air Nobius"!


The size of the simulator 34 x 35 x 120 cm
Weight 8.3 kg
Weight in packing 9.9 kg
Mains operation Two hundred twenty
Power simulator 15 In
The maximum height of a man 188 cm
The maximum weight of a person 150 kg
Extension sliding platinum up to 7 cm
Duration 15 minutes a day
Quality guarantee 1 year

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